Capture your BlackBerry screen with Screen Muncher - 50 copies up for grabs!

By Adam Zeis on 8 Jul 2010 12:35 pm EDT

Screen captures from your device can be super handy. For the Crack Team we often use screenshots in reviews and posts, but there are loads of other uses. With Screen Muncher you can grab captures of BBM conversations, emails, Brickbreaker scores, homescreen layouts and tons more. Screen Muncher lets you do all that with ease and has a sweet munch sound to let you know its working. Just choose Munch Screen from your BlackBerry menu and then you can save or send off you image in an instant. The free version of Screen Muncher watermarks your images, but a full-version (that is watermark-free) is also available.

Contest: We have 50 free copies of the full-version of Screen Muncher to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.
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Capture your BlackBerry screen with Screen Muncher - 50 copies up for grabs!



yes, id DEFINITELY like one of these copies, i like to capture my homescreens, and sometimes SMS/BBM convos all the time.... this'd definitely be put to good use.

I have a 9700, so does my sister and mother. They are always asking me how to do things on the bold so instead of talking them through it, screen captures would be ideal!

'Capture It' is a free app that captures ANY screen no matter what. I have it assigned to my left convenience key. Oh and along from also being available through the native menu, and you can set it to vibrate when the screen image has been successfully captured. Oh, and did I mention it is completely free??

Yup, any sane CBer's first reaction has to be, "uh DUH, isn't Capture It FREE?????"


Ok Crackberry, after praising you and adoring you hopefully this time you will provide me with a winning ticket this time. I choose this one.

I work for a non-profit, we have 33 BlackBerry's currently and this would help tremendously in getting informational guides created to help our users!

I definitely want this!!!! Its TOO cool! :D roflrofl :) I would love to take pics of my BBM convos and send it to people instead of reiterating myself (which I loathe) haha :))

oh god, i've been wanting something to help me take screen captures for a long time ! it's silly that it isn't a native function in the phone already.

If anyone is looking for screen capture capabilities and willing to spend a few dollars, then go for QuickLaunch. It does screen capture and a whole lot more.

Munch a bunch of... screen shots!

Would love this on my Berry!

Thanks for keeping it interesting by offereing swag on this awesome site!

I couldn't even search for a FREE screen grabber on my App world, possibly because my mobile carrier isn't included. Oh well I do hope I can get this since it's my first time trying, maybe there's a beginner's luck? *Shrugs*

This would be awesome for me I lost the other app I used to use for this screen capture stuff

Hehehe, actually we could do with the basic capture program, but improved convenience is always welcomed! Want it too please :)

That BB Vuvuzela Overkill video on the playlist above was hilarious. I got the screen capture of Quicklaunch and that works great, but the Screen Muncher looks like a cooler way to snap screen shots. Especially like the sound effect of swallowing the shot, hope that wasn't just for the video.

I support several BlackBerry users. This is one thing that is missing from my arsenal of tools. I could definitely use a copy.

Frankly, if I were one the users you are supporting, I would fire you because you don't know that Capture It does the same thing and is free.

Ohh this would be so useful for me as I always have to send screen shots of my screen...please please please with a cherry on top!!!!

I could really use this app. I could easily create steps for doing blackberry functions for work and tech support of Blackberry.

I would like a copy of this so that i wouldnt have to always worry about my free trial of snapshot expiring haha! PLEASE PICK ME! Thanks!

This would be very helpful when trying to show someone that I have on my screen instead of having to describe it.

Looks like a great app. Definitely been looking for something with some versatility for screen grabs. Crossing fingers.

Gimme gimme I need I neeeeeeed!
I do.

And because my mother raised me right, I will ask politely as well.

Please may I have a copy oh keepers of the berry nation?

Quicklaunch seems more useful, and zonasnap seems to have better functionality (and be a better price), but what the heck, I'll take a free copy.