Capture It! - Gone but not forgotten (and maybe not gone)

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By Joseph Holder on 7 Jul 2011 11:42 am EDT
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Capture It? Can't find.

A few weeks ago, I found - to my detriment - that BlackBerry Protect works really well. Not only does it help me find my phone at least once every week, but the remote wipe features are top notch. I'm still recovering from that help article and am slowly reinstalling apps as I need them. To my disappointment, I find my favorite screen capture program, Capture It, can no longer be found in BlackBerry App World or the CrackBerry AppStore.

There are many reasons to grab a screenshot, an image capture of your BlackBerry's screen. You may want to prove a high score, show an error to technical support, or even post particularly interesting BBM conversations on Facebook. For me, I use it to capture apps; menus; and games in action, so I can include them in articles.

Capture It worked perfectly. Assigned to my Convenience key, all I needed to do is press the key for a screen capture. This is one app where I appreciated the lack of options. Capture It didn't ask you where to send the picture, what to call the picture, or where to store the picture. It just worked - and did so well.

These days, Capture It - that wonderful application for many BlackBerry models and OS versions - has become much more difficult to find, disappearing from where it once thrived. Still, the internet has a long memory. Things once forgotten have a way of showing up. You need only to look in the right places.

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Capture It! - Gone but not forgotten (and maybe not gone)


Hey! i agree this app at the time was probably te best of its kind, now there're apps such as ZonaSnap and CaptureNux that are amazing and let you do tons of stuff with the ScreenCapture.

And no, they arent heavy apps that will slow down your phone, they are both light and runs smoothly, and there are several others too aswell.

A quick Google search will yield many OTA links that are still active.
It's THE best screen capture client I've ever had, shame it's being faded out :(

A handy thing to protect all your apps is to use one of the great apps Crackberry mentions many times, such BBSAK or MCP, to save all your CODs. You can keep all your apps this way, as it seems quite often a handy app will disappear. Yes, searching the web may yield the result, but can be time consuming.

Not only was it simple, but the screencaptures were very high quality. Free with no watermarks. What I loved about it was that it just felt like it was part of the OS like on the iphone.

It is a great app, but I wish RIM would incorporate a screen capture right into the OS. Kinde of like the iPhone, press two keys at the same time and voila!

I keep the CaptureIt .jad and corresoinding .cod file in a folder on my SD card to ensure I always have a working OTA :)

How do I get this file to open? all I get on my screen os open or save . after you save it you get the same prompt over, and over agin, save or open but it just saves it but will not open it. downloaded it to my phone, unsupported?? any help.?

Sweet I thought I was the only one who still used Capture It. Hate that app that adds that "munched" tag or whatever to the bottom of the picture >_>

I was just looking for this app and you have already make a post many thanks Mate.

I remember earlier on it appears in techMongul site until it was decomm.

am having this little apps that i love.. it was a bit hard to find, but managed to get it and its staying with me...

This works great on my Torch! Just have to follow instructions above and under Application Mgmt set Interactions to "Custom" and "Allow"for everything else.

BBSAK actually does an excellent job at doing screen captures while you're on the computer if you're working on writing up an article while in front of the PC. I do however at the same time love and use Capture It on a regular basis whenever I'm away from my PC :-D