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Capture images and video at the same time with Dual Camera for BlackBerry

Dual Camera BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 31 Aug 2012 03:35 pm EDT

Lots of times when you're recording a video from your phone camera there are moments when you wish you could just snap a photo instead. Thankfully, Dual Camera for BlackBerry can do just that. With the easy to use app you can start recording video and snap photos without a hitch. Dual Camera features three modes to satisfy all your media-loving needs. Camera Mode for snappng still photos, Video Mode for recording videos and Dual Mode for grabbing stills while you shoot video. The video and photos are stored right on your memory card and can also be easily viewed from within the app. The UI is simple to use so you'll have no problems becoming a media master. Grab it free from the link below.

More information/Download Dual Camera  



Nifty. Gonna give this a try.


.... Weird. The link is taking me to playbook app world.

Tater Tots

Delete the s in the https it should take you to the app on your device.


I once had an Android but now I'm back.

PlayBook's appworld here also.


The camera mode is just a screenshot, with the bottom icons all in the captured photo, nonetheless, for a free app, it does what it states

Ruslan Botsyurko

Yep, I can confirm it too, just tested the app and it only takes screenshots that are like 640x300something on my Bold 9900, so yeah, it's free, but still, I personally wouldn't recommend it.


i see this feature marketed in the advertisements for samsungs galaxy s3, so im not surprised to see a knockoff showing up for bbos. i guess i never saw the appeal, because it seems to me like common sense that one could easily capture a screen shot, or a still, from whichever movie is being shot in the first place?i guess it comes down to the camera resolution and how it compares to the video resolution.


After installing it, I started getting popup ads on my handheld. Ads in an app - if it is free - is fine, but ads that overlay every app is unacceptable.