Can't wait to get your hands on a BlackBerry Q10? Check out these demos!

By Bla1ze on 12 Apr 2013 06:54 pm EDT

Although many folks jumped at the chance to pick up BlackBerry Z10 smartphone there is just as many, if not more, holding out for the BlackBerry Q10. The first QWERTY BlackBerry 10 device to hit the market will be landing in the coming weeks with many retailers already taking preorders for the device.

If the BlackBerry Q10 will be your first BlackBerry 10 device, then there is plenty to learn. We've done an extensive amount of guides for the Z10 and we'll be repeating that process for the Q10 as well when it arrives but just in case you're looking to get ahead of the game, BlackBerry has some great walkthroughs posted on the BlackBerry Q10 demo site. Fancy a look? Hit the link to check it out.

View the BlackBerry Q10 demo walkthroughs

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Can't wait to get your hands on a BlackBerry Q10? Check out these demos!


It doesn't work on my device and who the hell cares what's worse. But I'll get it again for the third time

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Maybe it is on my side I'll keep trying. My apologies to motor. Read your post wrong. I'm thinking about buying the Q10 for my wife as her 9650 is on its last leg

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If you reload the software with apploader (using /nojvm) and restore with blackberry protect, it won't be "on it's last legs" anymore. It needs to be cleaned out, that's all. Did the same with my 9900 yesterday.

The BBM Video demo is pretty good, but I'm concerned about the thumbnail size. I hope they let you make it smaller, or get rid of it completely. It should be noted that the video being used in the chat is exactly the same as the Z10 video, so maybe it will look a little less silly with actual live video?

Also, if you look at the keyboard video you see a popup symbols frame for a few seconds. It looks exactly like the digital keyboard on the Z10.

i guess my one of my kids is gonna have to give up their upgrade at the end of the year... i love the Z10 but watching this video makes me breathless ;)

So cashing out a customer in Toronto, Ontario Canada and noticed their phone said that looks an awful lot like the new Q10, she replied that she doesn't know what I'm talking about with a smile, asked if it's a great phone to wait for she smiled again. I told her I'm happy with my new Z10 she said we're happy your happy. Honestly looking at the phone up close, it's a phone you want to wait for. It looks great and is designed very well. If you want that keyboard just keep holding on its gonna be worth the wait.

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(grin) this is exactly what I've been thinking. I should have outgrown this by now but damn those videos were so enticing, I know I'll be getting the Q10 too.

I stuck on the fact that the video said the phone will go into bedside mode automatically when charging. I would love for my Z10 to do that.

Hello everyone ! I bought the Z10 to see if i would like the new operating system on the BB devise,and i have to say that i love it,To answer your question about the Z10 going into sleep mode when you put it on charge! IT does, i know mine did and i didn't do anything for it to go into sleep mode !

hmmmm for some reason these videos reviews dnt work on ur reg blackberry.. crackberry need to do something bout tht! dont fuh get bout us 9930 users n older addicts!!!

I hope the U.S. carriers don't drag their feet on the Q10. I am patiently waiting with $199.99 in my account and an electronic signature for a two year agreement for whichever one of them can get the Q10 in my hands the quickest. Any takers Verizon or AT&T?? I'm talking to you guys. Let's show Blackberry some love and all will be well. Just please don't make me wait until June.

I definitely would have gotten a Z10 on Day 1, but my VZW upgrade isn't until 4/23 so I opted to wait and not pay $400 extra for off-contract. Now that the launch day excitement has worn off a bit, I really think I will wait for the Q10. I've never had a QWERTY BB (Storm 1 > Torch 9850) and never thought I'd even want one. But when I saw the characters on Netflix's "House of Cards" using their Blackberrys for very covert (and evil) communications, I realized that nothing else looks like a BlackBerry physical keyboard phone. (That was a great series btw!) It is unmistakeably a BlackBerry from any distance or angle and the Q10 seems to be the best of both worlds. I might even get a Z10 off contract later just to have the Z10 experience as well. So hard to wait to jump to BB OS10!

It was cool watching Kevin Spacey tap out texts on his BB on House of Cards! Great series, although bummed they killed off my favorite character. (would love to see Don Draper sporting a BB, but probably won't happen soon!) You'll love the qwerty BB - the keyboard shortcuts are awesome.

Well then, "welcome" (when your day comes) to the world and experience of BBRY!

First, I'd say get the device YOU find delivers the functionality and expoerience YOU want and need, whether Z10 or Q10.
DON'T let some store-jockey at the store distract and push you in some direction with über-enthusiasm or FUD about this and that or something else.
Research YOUR device purchase (sounds like you have ... "right?") and stick to your decision in-store.
I've had guys try to push me to a specific device, so I stopped them mid-word and said "WHAT THE .."X".. ?!?! ... do you REALLY NOT want my purchase? <"Yes, of course I do"> So why are you NOT listenting to what I'm telling you I WANT to buy right now?"

Now, each device will deliver a different set of benefits and qualities (even potential drawbacks?) vs. the other and also vs. your current device, whatever that may be. They will be different. Plain. Simple.

Still, BB10's interface works differently to deliver an enhanced/better usability & (i.e. true multi-tasking!) functionality. So there will be a little rethink & learning-curve. Be patient and stay the course and it'll pay off handsomely - it's not rocket science as much as 'some' might make it sound.

Finally get the SDHC card and store ALL your media/files on IT, not in the device's memory. Just make sure it's a Class 10 (or faster - NOT a Class 6 or even 4!) and go for the 64 Gb - you WILL use it.

Welcome to the Family; don't forget there's a whole lot of info & support for you ... just ask.

Thanks for the recommendation on the SD card. I'll have that ordered and waiting. I've been glued to since the first Z10 announcement! Don't plan to do the "in-store" thing, even though my local store recognizes me as a dedicated BlackBerry user. When the time comes, I will order online. I prefer to be the one who opens the box and does the setup. My last in-store purchase made me cringe watching the store rep pressing around in the wrong place with his thumbnail trying to get the back off.

I've had lots of practice with two replacement 9850's in the last 18 months, two Playbooks, Kindle Fire HD, and my sister's replacement Samsung Fascinate all mailed directly to me. I have a Note 2 also on a second line. Yes, I'm a phone/gadget junkie! Can't wait! I do need to add that I have been extremely happy with my Torch 9850, and will miss it! (For a few minutes anyway!)

Its been some years since I had a physical keyboard but I'm feeling this Q10. I have the Z10 but I will get this one when my agreement is up and I will have both. I'm greedy like that because I love my Z10

Did anyone else notice when the settings pane was brought down from the top there is no lock rotation button. This makes me wonder if there is no acelerometer on the Q10, this may impact on some games.

I think they'd still have an accelerometer for the compass though. There's just no reason why you'd want to have the screen rotate (that I can think of) since the screen is perfectly square.

Wait. I'm wrong! Look at the calendar demo. Totally new calendar that works differently than the z10. And loving the black theme on it. Checking out more videos to see what's new with 10.1. Odd mix of light theme and dark theme on the demos..

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I have a z10 and though I love the full screen experience, and find the phone itself is sexy, the Q10 looks another type of sexy I just can't explain, but I love it.

The Z10 is the party girl that lays it all out there for you to see.
The Q10 is like a hot girl in a suit with glasses.
Unwrapped, they're both a night to remember!

(For the gals, make the appropriate substitutions)

The link did not work for me (from my laptop) when I loaded it with Google Chrome...worked fine with Internet Explorer. I'd say try a couple of different browsers if you encounter a non-functional link.

The Q10 is sick no need having a laptop . Just having the on demand keyboard is worth it. Loving my z10 but I may have to make a switch.

Judging on how quickly the price for the Z10 dropped I may wait until the price drops for the q10 as well and enjoy my z10 in the process.

Keep Moving BB10

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I waited so long for the Blackberry devices to come out and now I was swooped away by the HTC One Reviews. I hope I did not make a bad choice. The HTC one seems to offer that much more as far as quality of the build. Only time will tell :)

Cheers, my fellow blackberry users. I think I hung up my hat.

Top video works however, the link at the bottom doesn't work on my Z10, well redirects but just a white page with a loading bar at the bottom but nothing comes when loading bar complete just stays a white page.

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Interesting, so they've slightly altered the way you access the hub by just making it a swipe right. I wonder if this translates to the Z10 (not that it matters really). Only downside I see to this phone, is now I don't know whether to get the Z10 or Q10 lol.

The link works fine. Is it me or does it 100% look like the 9900. I know if was a very good phone but i would expect it to look a little different.

But for those of you that love the classic blackberry look thid is the phone for you!!

My sister is waiting for this, she will not give up the qwerty which I sympathize with.

Still loving my Z10 though - glad I gave it a shot.

Awesome. ! ..... But I am loving the Z10
Maybe I should ask Detwiler if I should buy one.
Has BlackBerry sued them yet?
My friend said that he is planning to spam them as much as possible.

Loved my Bold 9900, because of the best keyboard, but with the new OS 10 I'm glad to have my full touch Z10, with the best virtual keyboard and a great screen.

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Now what BB need to release is something that has the same effect as the Asus Padfone - a lightweight 10 or 12 inch screen to display video and sound from a Q10 (or anything else BB10). It wouldn't need a touchscreen, just a good quality 1080p LCD and the streaming circuitry along with the same ports as a Playbook.I'd even settle for 1280 by 800 in the Mk 1.
That really would enable me to dispense with a laptop most of the time. The combination would be lighter, simpler and cheaper than an iPhone + iPad, and fulfil exactly the same roles.

Link isn't working on my z10 either. Where can I find the video?? I love my Z10 as I've loved all my BlackBerry phones (maybe not the storm:) and now I really want the Q10!

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The link would not work for me, however if you high light it and open from the menu it will work. To be honest I did it by mistake lol.

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I'm like many others waiting for the Q10 with bated breath and anticipation. I can't remember the last time I looked so forward to a new BB device. I was a little disappointed that the Q10 wasn't released at the same time as the Z10 here in Australia (and everywhere else it seems). Thorsten Heins has apparently indicated that Blackberry already "owns" the keyboard market and wanted to make in roads into the touchscreen arena.

I did purchase the Z10 and have been reasonably happy with the new gadget. I must admit it is a far far better phone than previous Blackberry touchscreen efforts such as the Torch. I was, nevertheless, underwhelmed specially when I look back at what was genuine joy when playing with the first iPhone.

The hardware is solid, the Hub and the keyboard are standout feature. Having said that, I really hope the Q10 with possibly an upgraded software release (10.1?) may address what I kinda miss when I think Blackberry. These aren't huge deal breakers but wonder why Blackberry saw it fit to exclude them. After all we have come to expect them and love them. Examples include:

1. Entering bedside mode on charge
2. The flip clock
3. Font selection
4. The green signal LED
5. Notification profiles
6. Set notification settings for different email accounts

Other more general issues I hope will be looked at

1. Poor battery (despite fiddling with obvious power save strategies)
2. BB link doesn't synchronise contacts (just bizarre)
3. Notification LED is only active for about 10 minutes and can't be changed.
4. The device resets itself every now and then for no apparent reason

Did i say I miss the flip clock?

You must be on verizon then. They're withholding the updates to improve things. Either switch or stay, it's up to you. I wouldn't stay with a carrier that doesn't allow updates.

I think I mentioned I'm in Australia and when I last looked there was no sign of Verizon down under. On a more serious note - I really don't think 10.1 will resolve many of the shortcomings (or call it a wish list) listed. I could be wrong and it would be great to be corrected.

I'm noticing now that the rotation lock keeps reverting back to its default "rotation" mode and requires the user to re-lock it every 2nd day or so.

Waiting ever so patiently for the Q10 to arrive at wind and them... Waiting for the tab to be cleared before I get it. This is gonna be a BLAST!! :)

Oh and I cleaned out my 9900. Super smooth again. Shame on google for messing up videos.

I really want the Q10. As good as the Z10 is...the Q10 feels more blackberry. + bigger battery and lower power usage due to LED backlights and finish all that off with a smaller screen. Should be some impressive phone. I'm planning on getting this! So long Lumia. Its been real.