Cannot contact the server due to database maintenance. Please retry in 900 minutes.

900 Minutes. WTF?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Oct 2011 08:20 pm EDT

* Update: RIM reached out to me today following up last night's rant with a response:

As a follow up to your article we wanted to let you know that the ‘900 minutes' shown in the error code was a mistake and should have read 15 minutes. We are working at implementing a fix for this that will be included in the next version of BBM software. 

Thanks for the update. 15 minutes sounds a LOT better. *

So here's a BBM error message I've never seen before on a BlackBerry....

Cannot contact the server due to database maintenance. Please retry in 900 minutes. 

I ran into issues today with reloading the OS on my bricked BlackBerry Bold 9900 (not sure what the scoop is but my normal process for reloading the OS is not working), so I decided to turn a negative into a postive and take this as a chance to rock another BlackBerry for the week.

I tossed my SIM card into a brand new BlackBerry Curve 9360 I had sitting on my desk. I signed in with my BlackBerry ID, and within a minute had all my email accounts setup. Then I opened up BlackBerry Messenger. I always back up my contacts to an email address, which typically makes it easy to reload the contacts into BBM via the on device restore function. But this time after trying to restore BBM with the email address tied to the device, I got 900 minute error message.

I couldn't help but laugh when it popped up. NINE HUNDRED MINUTES? Where the heck did RIM pick that number from? And couldn't they make it a little easier and put that into hours for me?  Seriously. Ok... well this post killed a little time.... only 877 minutes before I have BBM again! :/

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Cannot contact the server due to database maintenance. Please retry in 900 minutes.


Kevin doesn't stop to amaze us with his never ending patience with Blackberry. Maybe he has an iphone4s as backup phone. =P

But he can't just seem to pull the plug on CB. It's like he's been dating this BB for over 10 years now and over the past couple of years it's been taking advantage of him. BB's starting to get lazy, stay in bed till noon, watches tv and drinks beer all day. Who can put up with THAT forever when you work with miss America (iphone) or Jillian Michaels (Android) all day?

I'm usually positive, but all these software issues with the new BB7, I'm really worried about what the first few months of BBX is gonna be like. Luckily I'll be deployed, so hopefully it'll fixed by the time I get back.

Kevin, I smell Apple sabotage. You were just titled the "mobile nations" chief which gets you to experience ALL OS's, so Apple wants you now to be their true lover and a BB true hater.

Can't wonder but laugh.

I am leaning towards the people responding in your other blog. I think you have a faulty sim card or micro card. I"m leaning more towards your sim card.

Man this sucks *ss. RIM have shot themselves in the foot so often over the last 12 months it's a wonder they have anything keeping them upright at all.

A bad memory card will destroy a BB....went thru 3 Pearls before i figured out it was the SD lol^

I've been utilizing the SD that was given by VZ when I purchased my 9550 (Storm2) and I have to admit it bricked on me many times with the 9550. I've had BBM restore issues on it as well.

The same has occurred with my 9930 from VZ and after the initial white screen I said screw this $h!t and mad an attempt to get the 4s from VZ, but they told me I was just one day over my 14 day trial. I took it as a sign that I should ride out the bricked on me again this week - smh. WTH? I'll invest in a new SD and see if that remedies the issue.

Any suggestions on brand/storage capacity for a new SD? Anyone?

Ouch! We all know Kevin has more BB devices to switch to than both of the Co-CEOs combined, so very little impact I guess. lol.

At least Kevin uncovers such silly error messages

1) How terribly would this effect a user with a single device?
2) 900 minutes is quite a while. Where are the whiners stating that you should get additional free apps for your secondary outage?
3) I searched for this issue, and came up with nothing. Why don't you start a thread about your issue in the 9360 forums?

You will get more answers there. lol.

Wow - that message totally sucks. And 900 minutes is FAR too long for server maintenance checking given the recent uptime issues RIM has had.

That plus the random bricking of the other phone does sound like SIM card issues to me. Take it to Rogers and get another one.

Are you sure this isn't just happening because you tried to restore too many times on multiple devices? At any rate, I'm pretty sure Kevin isn't the average user as I don't see too many people complaining about 'bricked' phones but I'm not a heavy user, so I don't know.

These are just another reason they need to get the BBX phones out the door. Hopefully, they don't think they have the luxury of playing it safe and go for something that is game changing. Android is trying to become the MS of the mobile space and I don't really like the idea of having to use a device that is constantly in a beta test.

More than a month now with my 9900 on bell, no issues, hangups, brickage or anything of the sort... Every leak installed (not that there's been many)... All beta zone apps installed... I guess I got lucky??

"this post killed a little time" means 23 minutes? that's more scary than the fact that it's telling you to wait 900 minutes.

Wtf Rim, now you even have your chief BB fanboy ragging on you and twice in a day!
I better sell my RIM shares tommorrow before its too late ...


I'm totally dissatisfied with your latest posts. Yes I understand that we're all disappointed with RIM lately. But I come to this site to read the good blackberry news, not retarded blog posts like this one, or your last one about the bricked berry. If I wanted to read this kind of crap I would go to bgr or brg or what ever the hell its called.... I feel that not only am I being let down by RIM, but also by crackberry - and I'm also curious on your summer blog post that claimed we have an update coming that would make us say sweet??? What the heck Kevin... That was months ago now... I'm actually seriously doubting you even saw anything so spectacular... Blah blah blah... Ok I'm done my rant - but too many more posts like this and you'll lose your faithful following.

By any chance, are your glasses rose coloured?

Sarcasm aside, Kevin's post is an informative and interesting read. Why? Because it's an error message that appeared on a Blackberry phone that most people, I would argue, have never seen or heard from. Actually, I'd be suprised if RIM's own technicians have heard or seen this. Therefore, it's a news story that is worthy of a post here.

Right. My apologies. I am a little choked at rim right now..... I guess its not Kevin's fault that RIM hasn't given him anything good to report on lately. Sorry Kev, keep up the good work - hopefully the future holds some exciting news for us.

Kevin's reporting what is what. No one wears glasses with more rose colour than Kevin. But the truth is the truth, and everyone's gotta accept that. The fact he can even remain slightly enthusiastic about the PlayBook after the push back of OS 2 to feb is proof that he's still plugging along carrying the BlackBerry flag. Go Kev!

Sounds to me like it's a message from your email server not Rim, your blackberry tried to access the email account to retrieve an email that has your bbm backup. The server is in some database maintenance.

This is not a Rim problem, it's a Email Server problem.

Thank you lol, Kevin, I love you but you are falling in the trap of blaming Rim for every single problem. I see it all the time, carrier network problems? People immediately blame Rim for "outage". Not you too.

It's starting to look like anytime there is a network loss of signal in the middle of delivering an email, when you have your Playbook email client open, a file can be corrupted on either the Playbook or the Blackberry causing either the Playbook email client to fail or the Blackberry to "brick" itself. This can happen whether or not you are using broadband or WiFi.

This blog post should really have been a posted in one of the forums on CB, not a main page diatribe. If this was a common/frequent issue among many BB users, I could understand posting it on the main page. However, it seems that whenever YOU have a beef with RIM lately, it's your own personal way of getting speedy resolution that the rest of us cannot get. If there are enough of these kinds of posts, people will start to leave CB. It looks as if the cracks are starting to show in 'Crack'-Berry. I don't know if you can see it or not, but YOU are becoming part of the negativity around RIM. It's really sad to see.

I also agree, this is a pointless post. I stopped reading BGR due to the negativity and this site is on the chopping block. One more arrogant pointless negative rant and I swing.