No Candy Crush for BlackBerry? Check out Candy Crusher!

... or don't. It's up to you.

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jul 2013 02:03 pm EDT

If you're like many of other mobile gaming geeks in the world, you've no doubt heard of Candy Crush. While an official Candy Crush for BlackBerry isn't yet available, you can always sideload the official version using the debug token method, and we also know that the Android version is up and running on OS 10.2 as well. 

Thankfully those of you looking to satiate your candy addiction do have an alternative however in the form of Candy Crusher. The Android-ported game is a Candy Crush clone but it should appease those of you that absolutely need to have Candy Crush on BlackBerry.

The basis is to line up 3 or more like pieces by dragging them into the same row. Once you do they disappear and drop in a new set. Pop as many as you can before times runs out. If you've played Candy Crush before on other platforms then you should know how things work.

Playing around with it a bit the game is kind of fun but it still needs a huge amount of work and a bit of polish - but I doubt much will come of it. It's way laggy and definitely not the prettiest game I've seen. I've never played Candy Crush so I actually had to have Kevin show me how to play, and even after that I had a hard time doing much at all. The fact that it's $1.99 means I can't really recommend it as you'd essentially just be throwing the money away (though there is a free version available). It's not often that I come across a game that I delete a few minutes after buying - but this one takes the record for sure. 

What's crazy too is that the game goes by the name Candy Crush World in BlackBerry World (for search reasons I'm sure) but is actually called Candy Crusher. And on top of that the icon reads Candy Crush. Insane. 

Long story short - if you're desperate for some Candy Crush on your BlackBerry (and I mean realllllly desperate) this is it.

Candy Crusher is available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10, PlayBook and a handful of legacy devices for $1.99.

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Reader comments

No Candy Crush for BlackBerry? Check out Candy Crusher!


To answer your first statement. No I haven't heard of Candy Crusher and I am a mobile gamer :p

Posted via CB10

Does it allow you to connect to your friends that are playing Candy Crush?

I don't play it myself, by my wife does all the time and she is always asking for or sending stuff to people. I don't think it the game that is as important as the "social" aspect of the game.

Doubt it, but you can sideload Candy Crush Saga using the debug token method, and it let's you connect to Facebook, share lives, etc. Only thing you can't do is connect to the store.

Posted via CB10

Just bought it. Definitely not making into CrackBerry's Best of BlackBerry 10 app gallery.

It works. It's just really really bad game play. The lack of any sort of motion animation when you're moving candy around makes it hard to play. At least the noises when you get three or more in a row or kinda funny (at first). 

Going to leave it installed though as the icon on the homescreen at a glance is passable as Candy Crush :p

I know your trying to be nice Kev but even for free I wouldn't keep it.

Posted via CB10 on Z10_10.1.0.4633

I love that crackberry Kevin pic with the topless hottie. Had it on my Z10 and my Facebook page. Worked perfect for me, seeing my name is Kevin also.

Seriously this is no comparison to Candy Crush Saga. There is a reason why it is one of the most downloaded games. (stuck on level 350)

I can only say nice attempt on making a cool candy game but it's only worth a 3 stars and do not think this replaces CCS...

Posted via CB10 on Z10_10.1.0.4633

Ha I went yo download it and it asked me for permission into everything. Got deleted faster than down loaded

Posted via CB10

Oh great! Nothing like another knockoff to get the masses to just ship over to BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

The real candy crush runs great on my z10. I don't know why this game is even being brought up here.

Posted via CB10

I'm shocked, stunned, and lost for words that you'd actually mention this knockoff sorry excuse for a game.

This very game is the reason why some people who bought a blackberry (after having an iPhone) hate their phone - in Australia you can't return the handset unless it's faulty. The game is using a recognisable name to sell itself (which should be either trademark infringement or fraud) and is everything that is wrong with the app situation on blackberry:

1. Lacking big name apps
2. Lacking quality apps
3. Allowing really poor apps through

You should now either side load, or download on your ios/android device the REAL version, and see the difference.

Shame crackberry. Shame.

Posted via CB10

From what I've read 49 million people are playing this game on mobile devices.
Having this game searchable in BlackBerry World would be great. No sideloading stuff. I'm considering the average person who just picked up a BlackBerry. The goal is to increase market share in the US. Without having the most popular apps on the other platforms easily available on BlackBerry World, I don't see how this is going to happen. I don't know how it works, but can't someone from BlackBerry marketing or whoever does app analysis get hooked up at and do whatever it takes to get the popular apps Built for BlackBerry? Sure the new hardware and OS10 is in place, but if someone can't get simple access to the most popular apps, where is the incentive to switch? Yes BlackBerry has a loyal following, but to realize an increase in market share, they have to remove all the reasons people don't want to switch. Even the playing field for the consumer.


Get tired of those that say quality over quantity, and yet these knock off apps that are terrible make it in.

Posted via CB10

If you don't feel like sideloading... just play Candy Crush Saga in your browser!

Works perfectly on my Q10!


As an Android user (I miss my Bold) I will tell you that Candy Crush is not all that. Matter of fact it does more battery damage than some of my more intense games. On a side note: August 20th will be my return back to Blackberry!!!!

This game was for free until a few days ago. And not even for free it was worth the time.
(btw why do I have to pay for a game that was free and now has a price tag, if I already downloaded it for free?? Makes no sense, on ios and android it will be for free forever, once you "owned" it)

Posted via CB10 on Q10

In a nutshell this is what BB10 is lacking a good app eco system. It's not the app but the principle, sure Bb appworld has 100,000 apps but this knock off is a fine example of what you'll find there. BB10 seriously needs good developer support which it's seriously lacking.

It was said that there are already 50 Million users playing Candy Crush... and obviously, some people here, including myself, are still not on that number...

But if BlackBerry will keep listening to us i.e. that's a lame game, they will probably going to, either, not convert some of that 50 Million users to become BB10 users or disappointed other BB10 users who are waiting for that game to be natively available on their mobile...

No matter how lame or no-brainer the game or application is, once it becomes popular, BlackBerry shouldn't listen to guys like us, but compete with popularity... it will make them relevant... and "relevancy" is important in staying with the market...

Posted via Z10

I don't know about the rest of you but I play Candy Crush Saga on my Z10 all the time. The Android port works with out a single issue.

Posted via CB10

This should never have been an article.

Either that or it should been titled "WAITING: Do not purchase candy crusher"

Posted via CB10

i am so sick and tired of these knock off apps. blackberry really needs to stop messing with us with these and give us the real deal.

I've got it side loaded works perfectly, it even connects to Facebook and everything... only thing that doesn't work is the store!

Posted via CB10

To satisfy our hunger for Candy Crush we must eat the almost same price app knock-off, Candy Crusher. It's almost like the time I gave my son a dollar to buy me a can of coke from the grocery store. I told him he can keep the change if he bought me one. He comes back 15 minutes later and gave me a store brand soda. I was upset but not mad because the soda tasted the same and my son probably gained another 10 cents off the trip to the grocery store. Side story, I never let him buy soda for me again.