CANDi Theme Promotion - All Devices - 25 Free Copies!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Sep 2009 01:13 pm EDT

Our friend Wayne D is back with his vibrant CANDi theme for BlackBerry Smartphones. This time around he's got a sweet promo vid (check it out above) and is now offering the theme for basically every BlackBerry device model, including the 8700, Pearl 8100 and even the 7100?!!

He has also given us another 25 free copies to give away to members of, so just leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free copy of CANDi. Entry ends Sunday at Midnight PST. Don't blame us if you get a cavity. And if you don't want to leave it to chance, you can grab a copy of CANDi today for your BlackBerry for $3.99.

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CANDi Theme Promotion - All Devices - 25 Free Copies!



I like this theme. I'm still using the verizon default on my storm. I would love to put this on my storm.

I love the bold bright colors of the icons! It's nice to see a rainbow of colors and not have all the icons the same color.

I am getting my first BlackBerry next week (9000 Bold) and this will be one of my first BB software. That would be great :-)

I have yet to find a theme that I liked. This is one that I really like. I haven't customized my Storm yet because all the themes seemed... eh... not any better than what I have.. but this one looks COOL! :) I hope I win, I hope I win....

Till this very day i have never found a single theme that is simple for any blackberry ive ever used from 8703 to curve not even the tour. If this is the so called claimed theme to use daily, please pick me. :-)

I had prev left a comment on this theme and I won I owned and used a a tour at that time. Well I recieved word that I won the theme. Then you emailed and told me I didnt win that it was only for the storm. So do I get a free copy of this them for the tour?

What a nice theme! A good mix of color and black.
In between the IPhony and the lonely black theme.
Must have!
Keep up the good work,

I just watched an earlier vid of his in the themes forum also and this theme has got to be the best for functionality and looks. Good luck everyone! Including myself....