CANDi Theme Promotion - All Devices - 25 Free Copies!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Sep 2009 01:13 pm EDT

Our friend Wayne D is back with his vibrant CANDi theme for BlackBerry Smartphones. This time around he's got a sweet promo vid (check it out above) and is now offering the theme for basically every BlackBerry device model, including the 8700, Pearl 8100 and even the 7100?!!

He has also given us another 25 free copies to give away to members of, so just leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free copy of CANDi. Entry ends Sunday at Midnight PST. Don't blame us if you get a cavity. And if you don't want to leave it to chance, you can grab a copy of CANDi today for your BlackBerry for $3.99.

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CANDi Theme Promotion - All Devices - 25 Free Copies!



love the win 7theme, heard this won was really good, so how about let me see if this one is good!!!!!1111oneoneoneone

New to the Blackberry world, but I love your site.... the funny thing is my carrier's representative is the one who told me about you! gotta love it... I would love to try out the CANDI Theme, looks yummy!

Have had a sweet tooth all my life. I wonder what u been lookin at to inspire you to turn out something soooooo sweet??

I'd like to win because there are few themes that are made for the 8220. Either paid or free, it's hard to find a good one.

Hello all..just got myself a new Pearl flip 8220 and am excited about it... Hope to customise the views with some colour as am from a land of colours :) - India..


I got this theme a few days ago and can't help but love it. I have become a theme-o-holic and this is one of the top three ever.

i have like over a zillion themes for my blackberry and i dont find anything particularly great about this theme!
i am a fan of elicite themes
i will appreciate if i get a copy of this theme and really lemme check it out! :) and see if m wrong!

I am a convert from an iphne to blackberry 8900 curve,only becase I got tired of sliding my finger on the iphone screen and it's bulki frame.
Curve 8900 sits quietly in my pocket and doesn't not bother me.Candi theme is going to be my first ever thir party theme if I get it gratis.

I don't use much of a theme now. Nothing seems to provide what I want. My screen is almost black and white now so some color would be nice.