Canadian Walmarts offering deep discounts on the BlackBerry PlayBook over the next week

BlackBerry PlayBook on sale
By Michelle Haag on 15 Nov 2011 02:20 pm EST

Some of the sales lately on the BlackBerry PlayBook have been great, bringing the price down to $249/299 for the 16GB. Now that we're fast approaching Christmas and the holiday season, you can likely expect to see prices dip down even further in the coming weeks. One such deal has already popped up, at Walmart in Canada.

Word has it if you're in Quebec you can snatch up a 16GB PlayBook for just $198 from November 16-22nd with the rest of Canada following suite from November 18-24th. And if 16GB just won't cut it for you, why not grab a 32GB for $298 or 64GB for $398? Seen any other upcoming, smoking deals on the PlayBook? Drop a comment below and let us know. Thanks Raj!

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Canadian Walmarts offering deep discounts on the BlackBerry PlayBook over the next week


I didn't see it in the (U.S.) Walmart Black Friday ad circular, so if that's true, they're certainly not promoting it. They are promoting the Kindle Fire and the 8GB iPod Touch in the circular, however, even though they are selling both at their regular price.

Just replying here so that people see it, though I'm sure it's been mentioned. Staples in Canada (or stOOpleS - OOS) is also selling it for $199/299/399 between Nov. 18-Dec. 1

Just sold my 64GB to my brother overseas who had no idea about the power of the PB, only after a short sales pitch and a full demo, he had to keep it!! Lol! Friends tell me I should get a sales job at RIM.... Hmm tempting...

Anyways, feeling so empty without my PB, hoping to see some great Black Friday discounts @ USA next week so I can get mine back ASAP!!

What do you do in your sales pitch? Other then Bridge, browsing the web and showing off a few games. I don't know what else to show people who ask about my PB.

Here's why the Playbook is awesome:

1. Olympus E-PL2 with PenPal Bluetooth accessory
2. Connect to Playbook
3. Take picture and push to Playbook
4. Edit image on Playbook
5. Upload to wherever (Facebook, Flickr, etc.)
6. If WiFi not available, tether to Blackberry phone

The iPad doesn't support this Bluetooth connection and Olympus makes it so easy. This saves so much time when doing proper photography.

Office Depot's BF ad shows the 16GB at $199.
That and Staples here in the US are the only ads I've seen. If there are more, please share.

The links say that Staples will have the Playbook for $199. They don't say anything about other locations having it at that price. (Although, one of the pages does state that Sears will price match other stores' BF deals)

Staples in Canada is offering the Playbook at $300 off the reg price, so $199 for the 16 GB. Starts Friday .

Interesting chat about Fire at Cnet:$500-tablet

A comment from one of the readers really caught my eye, and I think it puts the PlayBook vs iPad vs Fire in perspective:

"I would bet that 95% of tablet users, including iPad users, don't need all the extras and would be more than satisfied with the Fire. The other 5% that need more wouldn't be. Until now, there hasn't been a tablet at a good price point that could satisfy (and market too) the there is." Posted by cpearlm November 13, 2011 11:02 AM (PST) on same site as article.

We are the other 5% - I think we should let the PlayBook be what it is and can be, and not _expect_ it to compete. It has a place, and it may not be ubiquitous.

Take advantage of these deal Canadians. I got my Playbook on day one and love it. My wife and I VideoChat frequently, our relatives get to see and chat with the kids, it is just very nice.

Since I have a BB it has saved me $50.00 / mo vs. equivalent 3g version (the cheaper data plans just crush you with low limits). From that perspective, it will pay off in four months via the Bride app's savings at $198.00.

Some say that it is an unfinished product. But I say there is always room for improvement but it does everything I need it do right now.

The Tablet itself has great specs, better than the iPad2. The speakers face you and there are two of them, the processor is faster, the cameras are better and the size is awesome.

For Work:
1. it comes with free Docs To Go (other platforms have to pay 15.00 bucks or so)
2. it has BlackBerry security so you can open accounts with security. You won't be able to find security breaches on this tablet like you would on competitors.
3. it is fast and multi-tasking. You can get info from the web and paste to your worksheet.
4. it is a great presentation tool for conference and individual client meetings.

For Play:
1. My wife likes the various websites to watch ABC News, CBS, etc.
2. Great integration with Facebook. The Scrapbook app allows you to quickly put something cute together for posting directly from the app.
3. There are several games that are just awesome. My kid and I play them all the time.

Some will say that it lacks apps but although you won't be able to play Angry Birds on it from day one, there are quite a few apps that are just awesome.

For that price you could buy three Playbooks for 1 iPad2 3g.

The only thing I would suggest is get the convertible case so you can protect it. I've had no issues but I keep looking at my wife's naked (she just like the way it looks) Playbook and then I look at my three kids and think what normally happens with three year old boys and technology. A case is a good investment.

Always wonder how different things would have been if RIM had just started the pricing at say $299 and made a big splash back in the spring.

Great deal though, Playbook will put a $200 Kindle Fire to shame!

Im in the u.s and i noticed my local walmart no longer had the playbook in the display case. So i asked the guy at the counter what happened to the Blackberry playbook and he informed me that Rim had recalled the playbook and this is why it is no longer available in this particular walmart. I told him that Rim in no way recalled the playbook and they actually are readying the release of a updated os for it. he looked at me as if i was smoking something and again informed me that the playbook had indeed been recalled.Wtf!? Rim should have representatives frequenting the retailers to make sure everything is on the up and up...i dont even want to go into what happened when i asked to use the demo playbook at my local bestbuy.

Agreed, I had pretty well the same experience when browsing 5-6 weeks ago at Best Buy in the DC area... fortunately for me I made up my own mind.

Unfortunately, is only for US and they won't ship to Canada. I already looked into it and it's very unfortunate I can't use their website. They have lots of great deals :(

Does anyone else see this as RIM further alienating those of us who already have Playbooks? Or as another hint that the Playbook won't exist in 12 months? I'm getting a bit nervous.

I know RIM doesn't have to give me anything for buying the PB when it got to market at full price... but I feel kind of stupid when my 500+ USD worth is now as low as 199.99.

With my 3DS at least nintendo gave me 10 games free and 10 more are coming, RIM should think about lowering by and official statement and give a couple of games/apps to original buyers (Like Nintendo's 3DS Ambassadors), because Kindle Fire are shipping, A lot of Android Tablets are getting better (Still I don't like them) and sure need a boost.

I love my PB, but from where i'm standing, RIM has neglected the PB so long and so much that it isn't even a choice for the 95% of the consumer market. The only ones that actually buy a PB (or bought) are us that know the power of it and its possibilities...

Blah... thanks god we have Crackberry to bitch, RIM does not listen to us but at least you guys do.

Keep up the good work.

Unless you bought your PB from, RIM got no share of the retail markup from your 500+ USD purchase and owes you sweet nothing but the software updates that they already give you. If you DID buy from go nuts and bitch to them: OR 1-877-644-8405

I'm sure RIM appreciates your purchase regardless of where you got the PB from, but if you're angry about price depreciation, buy the stock instead. At this price it's a bargain that'll have you laughing (and maybe retiring?) by this time next year. Think about that one.


This is a sweet deal that I plan on cashing in on.

Also, you tricky f*ckers at I see that you're using my cookies to advertise on exactly what I was just browsing on your site!

No thanks. Could of had a PB and went with the Ipad 2. Glad I did. Hate the PB. It's pretty bad when you look at the sales of the PB being so lousy and now they have to reduce prices just to clear them out.

This isn't fair for the people who paid the playbook full price. :@
I bought my playbook about 10 months ago when it came out and i got the 32 gb model for 599.99$ canadian @ sears.
And nothing changed about the playbook since then and now it is at 198.99$ for the 16gb model and 298.99 for the 32gb model respectively.

How is this at all fair.
Does nobody else feel the same way?
These are not just small discounts but they are major discounts.

RIM has no choice. Sucks to pay full price but this is risk of owning device first. Same can be said about PS3 users who payed $700 for original PS3 and now one can get for $249 with more hd space. I paid for my TV almost $3k few years back and today it is worth $0. Enjoy your Playbook. This fire sale means more owners, more apps, better support etc. etc. etc.

If you guys need one I suggest you buy it now at full price and when the price goes down Walmart will give you the difference. So on the day of the sale you're not running around trying to find one.

Good Luck

I just returned 16GB to BB and I am so getting 32GB. Personally I am happy that RIM came to its senses and have dropped the price. This will push a lot of these devices and Playbook will be officially second after Ipad. My experience with Playbook is great. Super device. Works really well especially with my blackberry phone. It is actually funny that many Playbook reviews are negative and yet if you go or or other sites actual reviews from users are positive.

is it only me, or does anyone else stop to wonder at posters -- earliest buyers, expectin a rebate when item is discounted later in its lifecycle or for holiday season sales? i paid full price for my bb bold 9650 in summer 2010 (less sprint discount); only a year later in summer 2011 it was old, and not even available in sprint stores anymore,. same with most laptops, etc. price comes down as newer models appear @ full price.
but don't let reality stop anyone -- try to start a movement: original kindle owners also will want a discount now that fire is out and older kindle costs less -- they shouldn't be penalized! B&N nook owners... Dell and apple notebook owners. its not fair!!! i bought my outfit at full retail price, wore it everywhere all winter long and now my outfit is marked down. macys should give me back the difference in cost!!

How do you guys find out these price drops before they happen - I want to grab a Playbook at $198, before they sell out, just wonder if the prices posted are accurate.

Just looked at the Staples Black Friday ad and is showing the PB 16gb for $199. and the 32gb for $249., sweeeeeet!!!

Just FYI, I'm sure it's been mentioned. Staples in Canada (or stOOpleS - OOS) is also selling it for $199/299/399 between Nov. 18-Dec. 1

Same prices here in Quebec at Bureau en Gros flyer this week.
Gut felling it's going to be this price for a long time.Most of the big stores have price match Guaranteed plus 10% the difference so if a big box store is closer to you can get it for a few bucks cheaper.

What I want to know is how is everyone getting this info on walmart and staples in Canada because I have looked at the websites and it still says full price

Go to staples websites, click on view flyer, enter postal code I'm in Quebec so will be on page 2 of flyer. Walmart flyer I believe is on page 9

Flyer states it starts Nov.18-Dec.1 in store and online. Futureshop and Bestbuys flyer starts also on Friday so maybe they will have them on sale also or they'll be giving a lot of lowest price guaranteed honors.

Quick note to everyone. Walmart in Montreal are all out of the playbooks, and the sale does not start until the 18th. So, unless it's Quebec CITY that has the 16th, i believe everyone is putting the sale at the same time, on the 18th.

Tried buying a 64 gig online at walmart but it's in store only the sale. Told me over the phone won't match the price online. Phone Walmart in Kirkland Quebec were out of stock of 16, had 2 @ 32 and 3 @ 64 now only have 1 @ 64 since the guy in front bought one also.
Lady told me they been selling like hotcakes.
Get home to find the weekly flyers to find out Futureshop and Bestbuy as them on sale starting Friday at the sale price. lol
Now try telling me the big stores aren't in cahoots like the oil refineries.
Anyway saved a $1.99 plus tax buying at Wamart so it paid for my gas to get

After making a few phone calls, it seems that in my area, businesses have been buying them up like crazy. All the 16gb at Staples (which aren't on sale yet) are on hold for a business to pick up Friday morning. There is another shipment coming in, but they won't hold unless you are a business buying in bulk. My next step is to price match at Future Shop.

Why would you buy the playbook from Walmart or Staples???? Go to best buy or Future Shop and let them price match it. The price difference is 300.00 so 10% of the difference is 30 bucks off 199/299/399. Imagine a 16GB playbook for 169.99?!?!?!?