Canadian Tire CTO, Eugene Roman, impressed with BlackBerry 10 smartphones

By Bla1ze on 7 May 2013 10:02 pm EDT


Earlier this year it was announced that Canadian Tire would be purchasing BlackBerry 10 smartphones to issue to their corporate team. Now that the devices have made their way onto the network, Computer World has caught up with Eugene Roman, Chief Technology Officer, Canadian Tire Corporation and gathered his thoughts on newly released smartphones and how they're working out for his organization. Unsurprisingly, there was nothing but praise for them, especially the BlackBerry Q10:

With 10 to 12 hours of battery life, that's double of every other device we've tried," he said. It's efficient on the network and still has good security. The battery life is the winner. I have a couple of iPhones, but I can't live on them.

Canadian Tire is also making use of BlackBerry Balance, the service that allows your personal life and work life to be separated on BlackBerry devices, and that's been a key point for Roman noting:

It's quite interesting how it keeps your life simple. Everybody has a personal email, so my kids can send me messages there. I got insurance for my car and don't want that email going to my work email. So Balance makes things nice and clean.

Roman is clearly enjoying his BlackBerry Q10 but I'm still a bit perplexed, I keep going from my BlackBerry Z10 to my BlackBerry Q10 and trying to decide which I like more. As of now, I'm still on the fence. They both need a good workout.

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Canadian Tire CTO, Eugene Roman, impressed with BlackBerry 10 smartphones


I would assume this exec would be spending many hours a day talking on the his phone which would account for the battery figure that he quoted. I doubt many of us talk anywhere near as much as a high level exec on the phone each day.

Posted via CB10 is pretty good. Doesn't have the On Sale feature (your can view the flyer) or barcode scanning though. I suspect the App will be available in the near future considering a couple thousand CT Execs will have BB10 soon. I look forward to getting the app as well.

Doesn't surprise me hear this. We all know how good the new BB 10 OS is especially the balance feature for businesses.

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Pardon this question if it seems obvious, but I haven't seen the Q10 battery yet. Will it fit into a Z10?

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Need the Canadian tire app. What's the holdup? Last I heard, they wanted to wait to see how the new platform was recieved.

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10-12 hours? Yeah right. I've got the display to the lowest point, wifi, blue tooth, nfc are off, gesture to unlock off, no social apps and I get at best 6 hours.

At best this is the same I get from my iPhone.

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I get 10 easy with LTE and brightness up. With BBM and foursquare running in the background.

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I don't know, I unplugged my Z10 at 7am this morning and I still have 25%. I leave NFC and Wifi on. The only things I've changed are screen brightness and I switched LTE off.

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Check to see your email accounts aren't syncing every 30 mind or hour. Also make sure your phones not sending info to BlackBerry, both of those use a lot of battery I went from 7 to 12(14 hours because of the email syncing.

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I'm up at 6AM and stream an hour of music at the gym. I use my phone through out the day and when I go to bed at 10PM I still have 30%+ left over. I don't use LTE and I'm on WiFi 90% of my day. Screen brightness is mid-way. I get on average 100 emails per day, several Facebook notifications/posts. BBM & Whatsapp like crazy.

EDIT: I've got the Z10

If the battery was so good the second battery pack accessory would not be such a popular accessory.

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I can easily get 12+ hrs from my battery on my Z10. Turned off NFC, Bluetooth, LTE and turned down my brightness. Even with constant use I still have juice by the end of my day.

Yeah. I loved the Canadian tie App, especially the watch list for stuff going on sale. Hey I'm a guy and we're talking about Canadian tire need I say more? :)

Steve, Posted via CB10

Initially prior to. 85 release I was getting 6 -12hours and had to use my extra battery some days to get through the full day.

I have 6 email accounts but all support push email be it EAS or IMAP push. I get updates typically within 6-10 seconds on all 6 accounts.

I have NFC disabled, wifi and BT always enabled, screen brightness about 80%,swipe gesture to turn on disabled. I am definitely an above average user compared to my coworkers.

After upgrading to. 85 I now am one of the fortunate ones getting 20+ hours on average and on days of lower usage over 30 hours. There are a number of us getting decent battery life at work.

This on a Z10. I wouldn't be surprised if some users on the Q10 get 20-50% longer.

Before anyone spouts off I definitely use my phone a fair bit and have posted many times on the excellent battery life I have been getting.

There definitely are those getting poor battery life. I have a coworker that just yesterday started experiencing poor battery life again. Having wiped and reinstalled the os, she now is back to 13+ hours like before but it has only been 1 day.

I only know about 6 folks with a Z10 and she was the first with very poor battery life of less than 4 hours. Now everyone else I personally know with a Z10 get 12+ hours. I am the only one consistently getting between 18 - 24 and of course consider myself very fortunate.

Z10 + PB 64GB = Keep Moving. Posted using CB10 App

I am also one of the lucky Z10 owners in getting 15-20 hours before it shuts down. After installing WhatsApp my battery time went down to 12-15 hours which is still impressive. Mind you I have 13 very active groups with over 30 members each.
I have 11 email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
LTE, WiFi, bluetooth, and NFC always on. Screen swipe ON.
I burn through an average of 250MB of network data a day not mentioning WiFi data. Over an hour on the phone.

One thing I did notice was I normally use my PlayBook charger to charge my Z10. The other day I used a regular charger and barely got 8 hours. Not sure what affect that has.

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I have found that my PlayBook charger does not fully charge the battery and some times does not even charge it at all.

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Your USB connection must not be functioning nominally. My PlayBook charger works perfectly on my Z. I see 12 hours of battery life using pretty much default settings and moderate to heavy use on Verizon.

I've never gone the whole day without re charging in the middle of the day until I turn off all the notification. Too many emails too many accounts.

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I have 5 EAS email accounts and 3 IMAPs with 2 hr sync time, all social accounts are active and i keep checking in myself on 4sq and sometimes posting instagram pics, BBM and whatsapp, along with 30% of screen brightness and 5 mins lock out time and i keep checking my phone for new messages every 10 mins or so. But my battery life is stable, hovering at around 12-15 hrs a day. LTE off, NFC off, HSPA on, bluetooth always on when driving. 50/50 on wifi and cellular.

I'm on the 10.822 OS build.

Sent from my Z10 posted using the CB10.

Go Canadian Tire! I'm there buying stuff every weekend with their great flyer deals, so I'm glad to support a great Canadian company that supports a great Canadian product.

Great to hear, good for a Canadian company to support another Canadian company for once.

I'm also waiting for a CT app hope it comes soon.

As for the battery mine usually last all day with everything turned on when I use it normally, it could be better but look at it this way, it still last 10 more hours then my laptop and if there was a u torrent app I would put my laptop away lol

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10 - 12 hours battery life on Z10? Someone please show me how. I can probably get 6 hours then I'm in need of a charge. And judging by what I've read here, I'm not a heavy user.

Sent from my Z10!

12 hours. Of battery life. Of the device which is called "mobile".
Hey, what is a definition of mobility today? We got rid of phone cables only to get tied to electricity sockets.
Ah, yes, and we pay 900 USD for this privilege...

I was only getting about 8 hours a day until I uninstalled the eBay app. I now get a full day 17 hours and still have about 25% left...

I am a moderate user of a Z10. I have yet to turn NFC off and have a wide variety of social apps, emails and forums syncing on my phone throughout the day as well as a fair amount of sms/mms and BBM messaging. Unless I put in some serious time streaming videos or playing high performance games, my phone easily lasts 14 hours with some gas left in the tank. I haven't bothered to turn off the LTE either as I don't spend a whole lot of time in an area where there is availability. I am still on the software release.

All of this discussion of battery life should take place in the forums! What does that have to do with a Canadian Tire executive being satisfied with his phone?

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It is so cool to see this company in CB news. I work at Step 2 and see Canadian Tire from time to time on out going bills. This company helps keep me working and supports BlackBerry! Doesn't get much better than that! It also shows that they recognize high quality products!

I get the same average or more on battery life with my 9900. :)

Haven't felt the need to let go of this baby. :D