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Canadian Tire chooses BlackBerry 10 for corporate team members

By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2013 12:00 pm EDT

The Canadian Tire Corporation has announced that they will be using BlackBerry 10 devices as their official smartphone for corporate team members across Canada. Beginning in April, all Canadian Tire companies will deploy a mix of BlackBerry Z10s and Q10s to their corporate teams that will number in the thousands. 

“We are thrilled to work with Canadian Tire to bring innovations to its employees and customers across the country,” said Andrew MacLeod, Managing Director for Canada at BlackBerry. “BlackBerry is committed to being a leader in mobile computing and expanding mobility in the business world and by supporting companies like Canadian Tire with our carrier and other partners to bring innovative solutions to market.”

This is a great announcement on behalf of both companies and we hope to see more partnerships like this in the very near future. 

While Canadian Tire has no BlackBerry 10 app just yet, we reached out to them and were told they are currently "looking into it." There is a mobile app available for legacy devices as well.

Press Release

TORONTO, April 19, 2013 – Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited (CTC.A, CTC) announced today that it has selected BlackBerry® as its official smartphone for its corporate team across Canada. Beginning at the end of April, employees from across its Family of Companies – including Canadian Tire, Financial Services, Mark’s and FGL Sports (Sport Chek, Sports Experts, National Sports and Atmosphere) – will use BlackBerry 10 smartphones as their primary business device. The Company is deploying several thousand units in the coming months, comprised of a mix of BlackBerry® Z10 and BlackBerry® Q10 smartphones.

The new BlackBerry®10 platform will provide Canadian Tire’s employees with a faster, smarter and secure experience and will create a shared platform for the Company that will increase efficiencies and drive innovation.

“With 90 years of history serving Canadians in communities from coast-to-coast, it’s fitting that we’re partnering with another great Canadian company to support our business,” said Eugene Roman, Chief Technology Officer, Canadian Tire Corporation.

“We are thrilled to work with Canadian Tire to bring innovations to its employees and customers across the country,” said Andrew MacLeod, Managing Director for Canada at BlackBerry. “BlackBerry is committed to being a leader in mobile computing and expanding mobility in the business world and by supporting companies like Canadian Tire with our carrier and other partners to bring innovative solutions to market.”

Canadian Tire’s first mobile app for BlackBerry launched three years ago and quickly became one of Canada's most popular mobile applications. The free application enables customers to browse products on, create shopping lists, access Canadian Tire’s digital flyers, locate store details and hours as well as check product availability by store. Customers can also use their BlackBerry smartphones to scan barcodes in-store to access detailed product information, reviews and pricing. Last year alone, the Company had over 20 million mobile visits through Canadian Tire’s Mobile App and mobile optimized site.

Today’s announcement follows Canadian Tire’s announcement in March that it has become the first retail partner in Communitech with the official opening of its new digital development lab, just down the road from BlackBerry's headquarters. Canadian Tire now has a dedicated space within the Communitech ‘hub’ to build new applications to improve the shopping experience online and in-store for customers using ‘next in class’ advancements in digital technology.




First on CB site! :-))

Good choice for this company ;-)


Nice! Another company on board for BB10!


It only makes sense. What else would they use? ;)

Posted via CB10


Alright, good for them


Ctire is poison to technology. That store has been trying to get a handle on their inventory system for 15 yrs. Maybe bbry will help them.

Posted via CB10


...this is probably an individual store problem, all seems fine now

Source: work at one of the most successful locations of the area

R Field

Great to see Canadian companies backing BlackBerry hopefully the first of many. Suck it Home Depot.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


I wonder how many phones this means? I know when we lost home Depot it was about 10k. Hope this makes up for it.

Posted via CB10


I'm pretty sure this means more than three thousand as the press release said they are

"deploying several thousand units in the coming months, comprised of a mix of BlackBerry® Z10 and BlackBerry® Q10 smartphones."

Three = a few thousand, not "several"...


very cool to see this support makes me happy :)

nick canada

I plan to support Canadian Tire more now. Thanks ct

Posted via CB10


The Canadian Tire App was great. I really miss some of the features that it offered. Hopefully they will develop a fully native app that uses BB10 to its full potential.

Posted Via CB10 -Jack!!



Where is the crappytire, er uh, I mean Canadian Tire App for BB10? Your peeps will be using a device with no company app on it?

Come on CT, get with it. There are TONS of loyal BBRY users who shop at CT all the time, show some love and get that App built. (it's been almost 3 months since release)


The canadian tire app is great, I have it on my 9900.


This has got to be the worst picture one can use to showcase the bond. An empty parking lot! It seems like the company is going down.


The parking lot is behind the photo, do you expect people so park in front of the doors?


Mostly parking lot is at front, so consumers don't have to travel much. But that's not the point, perhaps they could have clicked with some people at least, This place just looks deserted. I want the phone to fight for its place, but to show a message which is $$$ for BB, they could have at least chosen one with human beings.


can you and mrfreeze SOMEHOW not tell that those tiny little 2x2 foot boxes are not parking spaces for cars?? unless they're parking lot only allows smart cars, i thiiink those are probly for carts or even bikes? ah, yes, that would be much more logical...

OK, carry on.


For sure.. Look at the guard rails that are bent and broken. The lights are all off and there are random shopping carts sitting around.. I'm from the US and the first thing I thought before reading the article was: "what is this cruddy podunk place?"


>>I'm from the US and the first thing I thought before reading the article was: "what is this cruddy podunk place?"<<

For the benefit of our refined Canadian friends - Urban dictionary: By being spread through word of mouth, many people lost the true meaning of podunk and did not even realize it was originally used and first created for Poughkeepsie.


It is a retail store and a good one. Been in a Wal-Mart lately......


Exactly. Their are some really crappy Walmarts, but their are some really nice ones. I honestly have no idea what this place is, I was just agreeing that there has to be one that would have better curb appeal. There was no offense intended.

Posted via CB10


If you look at the reflection, the parking lot is indeed quite full in this shot.

Posted via CB10


And there is a Tims, too...

Posted via CB10


Hmmm. If you've actually been to Canadian Tire you will know that the comment you just made is weak.


Canadian Tire is big. It means a lot to my neighbors in the north. Much more then Home Depot to US.


Where I live there is a Home Depot right next to a Canadian Tire. More often than not, I got to Home Depot.


May be you also like iPhone over BB10 then. After Home Depot dumped Blackberry, I just don't like going there. I wouldn't say that I am BB fan but I prefer Blackberry over Apple any day.


Actually I've never owned an iPhone. My Z10 is my 7th Blackberry. I'm all for CT having BBs as a shareholder, but that doesn't mean their customer service is any good.


Good news, and I hope this will encourage them to get busy with making native app for BB10. I have to agree about the photo though, seems like a 'quick and dirty' shot, without much thought for making it 'alive'.

Johnny Crack

It's a no brainer for business' to bond with blackberry... easy communication off bbm, safe and secure platform... many work applications that are similar to working on a computer.

Great news but not surprised!

Posted via CB10 powered by BB10


Home Depot sucks. Boycott haha

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10


Our garbage disposal broke and I instinctively went to Home Depot since it was on my way home from work to pick up a new one to install last weekend. Once I got in the store, I remembered that they dumped BlackBerry. I used my Z10 to scan the barcode on the disposal I wanted and found it on for over $75 cheaper (yes I'm not kidding - $249 at Home Depot; $172 at Amazon). I clicked "Buy" and left the store empty handed. Suck it Home Depot. Thank you BlackBerry (and Amazon).


What bar code scanner app did you use? Thanks.

Post via CB Z10


Shopathon was the scanner app I used. Finds items in seconds on Amazon.


Cool app, I just got it +1000000


AWESOME!! As consumers its the only leverage we have. Well done!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D



BlackBerry Z10-Go Leafs Go


Rickkel, you are my new hero for what you did :)

I hope your garbage disposal is working well.

BlackBerry Z10-Go Leafs Go


Haha, yes got the disposal in 2 days, installed it that night without a problem. Next time I won't even bother going into Home Depot.


The Canadian Tire app was nice on my 9800, I'm hoping for a BB10 app.


Woot! Way to support another Canadian company.
I'm guessing we will see a Canadian Tire app on BB10 soon!

Posted via CB10


Wow. How many employees is that?

Posted via CB10


They have 58,000 employees. About 2500 at corporate office in Ontario. Revenue is around $9 billion.
It's impossible to guess how many Z10's and Q10's they will deploy. They also own Partsource, Mark's Work Wearhouse and The Forzani Group Ltd.

I also hope their BB10 app is ready soon. I suspect their employees would like it when they get their new BB10's issued to them.


That's bigger than I thought. That's a decent set of BB10 devices. Even if 30% get BlackBerrys that's 20,000 Z10s and Q10s.

jojo beaconsfield

only 3,000,but better than nothing.


Another great company on board, more devices sold = another BlackBerry win!

Swiped On My Zed10 Via CB10


Good for CT and BB.

Posted via CB10


Nice, still waiting for your BB10 app Canadian Tire!

Posted via CB10


All Canadian companies should get on board.

I applaud Canadian Tire for supporting local businesses.

Via my Commodore Vic 20


And all levels of Government. Really the easiest decision a government IT guy can make in Canada.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D


Good for you C Tire. Excellent choice by management. Unfortunately Home Depot's management are isheep. Soon they will realize the mistake they made.

Posted via CB10


Crappy Tire is now officially more Canadian then the Canadian Government. Gather round children, and let me tell you a story

Brian Persaud

I used the app on the legacy device before I upgraded. It was very useful.

Posted via CB10


For this reason I will shop at Canadian Tire more often =). Haven't done any shopping at Home Depot since they dropped 10,000 BlackBerry devices ;)

Posted via CB10


I am curious of the CrackBerry community's opinion on news like this vis-a-vis consumer perception. Agreements like this seems to cement the idea that BlackBerry is still relevant and very much alive, to the contrary of many reports. Do you guys think that corporate signings like this have a consumer impact?

jojo beaconsfield

they sure do ,but keep your eyes and ears open on the 25th, that,s when the US DOD makes thier choice and award a new contract for 600,000 mobile units .This will be the most important impact on the company going forward,you will see the stock surge or tank.God bless bb.


What does a "tire app" do. Is it for purchasing? Tracking wear and tear or mileage? Just curious.


Kelly65. Go to their website.You will see its not just a tier store. It's the best store in the world :)

Posted via CB10


Yes but again what does the app do?


Like any other retailer shows locations of nearest store, current sales/specials in your location, etc. Canadian Tire (CTC) and Tim Horton's are the 2 most iconic brands in Canada. CTC owns pretty much all the sporting goods businesses in the country (other than independents) plus full service auto repair/Tires (hence the name), hardware/elect suppliers and a gas bar. They are also a banking service with their own MasterCard.


OK so it's just an info app. No direct purchases or NFC. Gotcha.


I also liked the bar code scanner for checking prices and the garage feature which saved my car model and made it easy for me to find parts for it quickly.


As a Canadian. I always support Canadian business. So does Canadian Tire! Keep going!

Posted via CB10 on my adorable Z10

John Pawling

Where is the OS10 CT app like I had in OS7?

Come on CT!

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed10


Hi. My bb app world is not opening since yesterday morning on my z10. The circle thing keeps spinning and nothing for minutes. Need help here.


Posted via CB10


This will help.
Ps. Wrong place to post for this.

Via my Commodore Vic 20


Good show Canadian Tire. We should be buying Canadian. I just bought some stuff there yesterday. Let's hope more Canadian companies get on board.

Posted via CB10


We need RONA on board the BlackBerry bus to complete a trifecta!

Posted via CB10


These initial deals are so important to raise awareness and confidence - congrats on the win!

Posted via CB10


Well done Canadian Tire!!! now we need a native app for the Z10.

Posted via CB10


Glad to see it! CIBC app is now available too, but we need NFC payment - I want to see CT money on my screen!


Canadian Tire is like a huge General Store, they sell Tires, Auto parts, home and garden. Camping lifestyle, sporting goods, appliances, electrical, plumbing, etc. They also own the national chain Marks which sells clothing some specifically for th work environment as well as casual clothes. Parts source is specifically automotive, and the Forzani group is outdoor gear, sporting goods active lifestyle stuff, they are a very big player in the Canadian Retail marketplace with a presence virtually everywhere, this is a big deal and should be actually broadcast to the analysts as a very positive deal, as someone else said next up Rona, they are the Canadian equivalent of Home Depot, and everybody forgets that Home Hardware is larger than any of these companies in Canada with over 10 billion in sales, they should be targeted as well

From the Zed of Rockivy


I keep trying to post and get nothing

From the Zed of Rockivy


What devices were they using before?

Posted via CB10


2 Great Canadian companies. Gotta love it!

Posted via CB10


Nice! As a BlackBerry share holder I will now use Canadian more regularly.

Posted via CB10

El Platanero

I would love to see some of this love in the states. Non the less still good news

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55

R Field

The Canadian government should make a big BlackBerry 10 order maybe they're waiting for the q10

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Speedy McKrash

This is amazing news! Occasionally I shop at CT. I will make a conscious effort to shop there more often. I do miss the CT app from my Bold 9700 though. Congratulations BlackBerry! Keep up the great work!

Posted via CB10


I'm ashamed to admit it but i can't walk into Canadian Tire without buying something.

its a horrible addiction.

Princess Auto is Heroin.


I'd like to support CT, but the problem is their customer service sucks! I get skates sharpened there, though.


+1 go Can Tire! :D Guess this means their app will be coming to Z10 too haha


boycott homedepot.

i have not been to homedepot for two years. i chose lowes.

Posted via CB10


Great news. I'm guessing Canadian Tire employees will be pleasantly surprised at what a step up these devices really are.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Z10


Canadians backing Canadians? I like it, and remember to buy Canadian!


Thank you Canadian Tire. For that, I will do my next oil change at your store.

That's how I roll.

Posted via CB10


Well, looks like another great reason to support Canadian Tire!!!

(Like I needed another reason!!!)

Posted via CB10


Random question... what do you farm in your urban environment

Posted via CB10


Anyone know what platform they used before if any. It's always nice to take from someone else.

Posted via CB10


Test post

From the Zed of Rockivy


This is great news for bb. I'm curious if they use blackberry now or if they are switching from perhaps Iphone

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10

Lian Bao

I think Canadian is closed when the picture is taken. The lights are off.


Let's email Canadian tire and congratulate them. I will try to use cad tire more now. I hope someone can hack home Depot since they chose itoy :) and teach them a lesson. We Canadian need to support our companies more.


Great partnership! CTC is smart to choose BBRY!


Looking into it? What the hell is there to look into? Build the app already!

Posted via CB10


Wow this is great news!


Thanks for the stock boost (•_•)



Good news. Go BlackBerry 10 go!

Posted via CB10


I have never been in HD since their announcement to drop BB. Hope BlackBerry employees are going to Lowes and Rona now.
CT was sold on Z10 by Kevin Oleary

Posted via CB10


Congrats CT... now where is an awesome CT app for BlackBerry 10 :)

Posted via CB10


They just did a spot on CTV news about this. More good Z10 publicity reaching large numbers :)

Posted using CB10 via BB10 on a BB Z10


I thought I was the only person who had a sudden distaste for Home Depot and was now doing all my hardware shopping at Canadian tire! I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone. It's great that people love their BlackBerry so much.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


That is great news.

Posted via CB10


Congratulations to both GREAT Canadian companies

Posted via CB10


This is great news! This isn't just a company announcement that BlackBerry can be happy about. It's basically an endorsement... it's Canadian Tire saying that they believe that BlackBerry is here to stay for the long run and they can trust their communications to them. Awesome!

Posted via CB10


All I have to say is that this is great news for BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


Good for them. 2 brands I already support and enjoy.

Posted via CB10


It's great to see a Canadian company backing another!! My question is who's next???


Praise God for the collaboration of two Canadian icons.


Yes I will try to shop and support cad tire more now. Should we all deck to boycott home Depot. What do you guys think?


Loving this!

Looks like BlackBerry, the underdog, had some serious bite (!) and a lot of partners are remembering or realizing just how secure and powerful its products and services truly are and putting their money where their mouths are!

The future for BlackBerry is brighter each day.

Posted via CB10


Great and wise decision! It makes me prefer CT over Home Depot.

Posted via CB10


According to several articles, the numbers of units ordered is 3000. This includes a mix of both Zs and Qs.


It would've cool if we could sink with the individual story through QNX Interface (bluetooth) as can be done with some vehicles. App
would be good but----- just sayin


Love Canadian Tire. They support BlackBerry and I will support them. Period.

Posted via CB10


Go Canada! Canadian companies must support their Canadian products!

Posted via CB10


Does anyone know what happened to the news articles about this on the TMX and yahoo sites? It has seemingly disappeared.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


I'm very glad to here about canadian tire. Even though I don't shop at very many of these big name stores, it feels great knowing they're supporting blackberry. :)


Good on ya Cdn Tire! It's nice to see some of that home support other companies enjoy in their home country. Now if we could get Ron a on board too...

Posted via CB10


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Wireless Gadget

Where is the Canadian Tire app got the Z10?