Canadian Minister of Industry 'keeping a close eye on the situation' at BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 22 Aug 2013 02:49 pm EDT

When it comes to speaking about BlackBerry and their current 'situation' Canadian Government officials don't often have a whole lot to say. Stepping ever so slightly out of that realm in speaking to Reuters, Canada's Minister of Industry, James Moore did drop a few comments on the matter that are worth noting. 

I know that they’re facing their challenges and they’re adjusting their firm internally in the way that best suits their interests," he said. "And all I can say is, we wish them well, and we’re keeping a close eye on the situation.

Additionally, when asked if the Canadian Government wanted BlackBerry to remain as a Canadian company he offered the following:

We want them to do well, keep employing Canadians, keeping putting out innovative technologies and platforms, and we’re paying close attention.

Canada has a history of denying foreign bids on Canadian companies but have recently relaxed some of those rulings when and where they see fit and especially when it comes to telecom companies. So it's not entirely out of the question that if it came down to it, they would allow BlackBerry to move operations but as of now they have nothing to share on that matter. As a Canadian, I'd like think they'd not let BlackBerry go elsewhere if it really came down to it but what do you all think?

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Canadian Minister of Industry 'keeping a close eye on the situation' at BlackBerry


we have the highest cell rates in the world so letting an american provider will divert competition and viola lower prices= profit?

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We do not have the highest rates. That is a myth. We have very high rates if you are a dumb phone user. Our smart phone rates are in line with the US but our network is superior. Further, why does anyone believe Verizon will come into Canada and offer more or even the same for less. Really, they're in it to make money. They'll simply dilute what's here. Prices will stay the same and quality will go down. Look at target.

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well we still want lower prices. i mean walk out down the streets asking the people residing here, you find a lot of answers to be let verizon in. i mean i dont really want verizon in here, and i was just setting another example for the post above

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In February I signed a 3 year deal and paid $150 for a z10. My bill is $85 per month for 200 min day time min, free evening and weekends, 3 voice mail, 1 Gb of data and favorite 10 numbers nation wide. What American company offered a 3 year deal with those features and prices? None! By law they are now 2 year plans. As for the network they paid for, I am old enough that I remember paying a system access fee every month, a fee that the government let them charge every customer to pay for the construction and expansion of the cell networks in Canada.

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You're get ting ripped off paying CAD85.00 each month for 200 daytime minutes, voice mail, circle of 10 friends in Canada, and 1 GB data on a 3-year contact. I pay CAD100.00 per month for unlimited any time calls within Canada, voice mail, and 5 GB data.

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dude i signed my deal in feb received the z10 for 129.99 plus a $70 bill credit. unlimited canada wide calling unlimited text voice mail call display 1 gig data $60 bucks a month 3 year deal. picked up my phone at future shop and received $100 off the phone and a $50 gift card when i picked up my unlimited extended warranted. there is no way the US phone companies will be able to beat this deal.

Try your "unlimited " text to all your friends in other countries and see how "unlimited " it is. BBM ftw.

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I think both US and Canadians are ripped off. I'm in Italy and pay 26 Canadian for 200 mins and 1 gb. No contract.

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Totally getting riped. ḭ got my z10 for free with Fido with ɱƴ Fido dollars.
And for 60 $ /month ḭ get:
Unlimited calls ţǫ Canada and USA
Unlimited text pic or vid ţǫ USA and Canada.
3gb of datta .

Waiting call, voicemail, etc all the little things

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Name me one of these American companies that came to Canada and give us American price? Target, Walmart not even amazon online website does. so don't hold your breath about cheaper prices. it never happens.Only thing will happen is job lost. all rogers customer service employee are in Brampton, with Verizon coming to stay competitive and keep bay street happy rogers is going to cut cost by sending all their call center jobs over seas. This was the reason why i supported rogers. because they keep jobs in Canada unlike bell.

There's a good article in this month's "Canadian Business" that says that Verizon is after the upscale market (in which there's NO room for growth) and will do nothing for most cell users.
I say don't let them in.

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We all need to settle down and remember it's a big corporation whose number one goal is profits.. not you or me and certainly not this country!

They one of the biggest tax loop artist in the states so you can be sure they'll be doing the same in Canada.

Give the smaller Canadian carriers the ability to compete and grow, that will help drive prices down over time.

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Just another US company that will come here to "show us hos it's done" and then either leave with its tail between its legs or just carry on with the pre-existing business and no change, other than our money goes cross-border.

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Sooooo not a good thing. It will NOT lower rates long term, nor will it make the technology used any better. If you want to jump to Verizon when they come up and NOT get updates to your BBRY in a timely manner then so be it, but just remember, Wally's World and Tarjey have not done anything to lower prices or bring in new products since coming here.
Oh ya, let's not forget that even though Canada technically speaking has made Lobbying illegal, you can rest assured, that the almighty power of the Verizon political arm will be smoozing the powers that be regularly.
ROBELLUS does just fine and doesn't need big red stepping in.
If anything, Harper needs to help Wind and Mobilicity grow and NOT let them be taken over.

I agree with most of the comments you made with the exception of letting Verizon come to Canada. It's ok if US companies like Verizon want to try their luck in Canadian markets, it breeds companion and potential for better consumer pricing. But.....and it's a big BUT! They must do so under the same governing standards set in place for the Canadian big 3. This is why Bell, Telus and Rogers are all in support of commissioning the Canadian government to close the loopholes on bigger companies coming in under the same benefits set for smaller telecom companies.

Have everyone compete on a level playing field otherwise the consumer loses.....I guarantee it!

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

I wouldn't say it's a good thing. Their smartphone prices are higher than Canadian. And it's going to kill any rural expansion. So if you don't live in a major city....

Liberals are no angel that's forsure! But when you look in the past with all the companies that went down, bought off or etc it was thanks to the conservatives! Biggest example in Canadian history was with the avro airplane.

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And don't forget the Ontario PC's selling off the 407 toll route to a Spanish company... but they're all the same because the Ontario liberals were well on the way to selling of the OLG interests to off shore gaming companies.

We need none of the above on ballots to get a voice for change. Until then we're just voting on the best of the worst!

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The Liberals in Ontario have it bas because of the Harris\Eves government which was done in by Rae. It's cyclical lol

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No doubt. In my province we have the best man running this place Brad Wall, he stopped the takeover of our potash.

Brad Wall for PM

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I agree that PM Harper and the CDN conservative government would allow Blackberry to be sold. The conservative government does not care about canadian people just their own interests and being reelected next term is their prime objective.

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Exactly!!! If they can provide money to GM which is an American company which just has assembly plants here in Canada they can do the same for BlackBerry. A company which is Canadian, created the smartphone market with its innovations, has done a lot for the Waterloo university and community and Oh ya put Canada on the map!

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While in general I don't agree with a lot that is written on this site, this is something that I have no problem agreeing with at all.

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You are dead right! Harper will agree to sell any Canadian company and loose all the jobs in the process. I don't why he can't see what he is doing to Canada's economy in the long run.

Guys, uf you want to feel better about your prices... Just have a look at the pricing in switzerland... The biggest carrier Swisscom charges 169 CHF (or 180USD) a month for 4G and unlimited everything... and with a 2year contract you still pay 99 bucks upfront for a Z10...

Orange as an example charges 8bucks per MB roaming... you read well 9USD per MEGABYTE whe. you're abroad...

Do you still think you're ripped off???

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I agree with you Blaze, if need be they will come to rescue just like US did for GM, Ford, Goldman Sachs, Cities, BAC....etc etc....BB is one of the very best companies Canada has and I don't think they will let it go down...
But with 3 B in cash, money is not the issue here.

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Ford didn't need, want, or accept any US Government funds. Ford was turned around by Ford!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Actually, Ford had secured a huge government loan which they are still paying back right before the others went bankrupt.

actually ford did secure money but not from the government which aloud them to stay afloat and continue current and new models of their vehicles. after that GM, and Chrysler could no longer get loans and needed the governments in both the US and Canada to give them loans NOT A BAILOUT. don't know about GM but I Know Chrysler has paid back the loans in gull to both governments and earlier then scheduled. (I think GM has too). The auto industry is vital for the economy in both countries.

not on to BlackBerry. it would be a real shame to lose another big tech company like we (Canada) did with Nortel.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

Had GM and Chrysler gone down, so would have a huge portion of the supply chain. Ford would have been in deep doodoo never mind the fact that 100s of 1000s thrown out of work would have contributed greatly to the deflationary death spiral that was setting up. Ford had acquired financing just before the shit hit the fan when all lending almost completely stopped.

Wish we would have let GM and Chrysler go under. Would have been better for everyone. Can't stand liberals and or unions.

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Ford's credit arm took money under the TARP program as a financial institution. Also ford secured a lot of alternative energy grants from the government that GM and Chrysler where not eligible because of their chapter 11 filings.

Not to mention GM was actually in better financial shape than Ford. Only Ford got the means to restructure before the financial crisis. Nobody could lend GM money because nobody had money.

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I remember the same concerns about Nortel, but there was no government action/intervention.

Nortel was sold off in pieces to various companies, there is probably still resentment by former employees on how it was handled and the Canadian Government's lack of action and involvement.

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Yes that was very sad! Nortel was the leader in LTE and had many patents to it, maybe the most compared to the rest who were working on it.

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The difference was Nortel went bankrupt after dodgy accounting, and the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund law suit sucked the last drops of blood from it.

With the amount of BlackBerrys throughout the PMO, GOV, DND and every other department, it's in the government's interest for BlackBerry to survive. I work in a unit of less than 200 and there's more than 20 bbs in it alone. As well its a low level unit. The higher you go in the food chain the higher concentration of bbs.

So of course they keeping a close eye and will step in if it is not in the best interest of the country.

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Now only if we would upgrade... I'm attached to a Curve 9300 running OS 6, sigh...

Even better would be to enable Balance for my Z10

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I agree that there is a niche where a BlackBerry fits very well. But we are talking about a very small niche. I bet a good portion of Gov devices don't require a very high level of security - at least not higher than what iOS and Android with most any MDM system can provide. It is only a few departments that require BlackBerry level security - not enough to keep the current company going.

But that is the beauty of BES10.1. The most secure levels require BlackBerry from start to finish, maybe even with secu smart added to encrypt calls, while the rest of the less security requiring phones can be managed, with varying levels of security added or not at all. These could be Berries or they could be any old other brand, and BlackBerry still makes money off their use and connection to the system. They just lowered the CAL for BlackBerry 10 phones to $19/ year to, I assume, to provide cost incentive to purchase and deploy BB10 phones so they'll hopefully sell more hardware. I believe the prices for other services remained the same, but I could be wrong.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

It's actually in the best interests of many governments who rely on BlackBerry's secure platform. I wonder if those governments have a contingency plan in place?

When the US government bailed out AIG, people didn't know that the government was one of their clients. Also, AIG insured so many things that no other insurance company could insure for the same premiums.
This is the industry I work in and AIG is our biggest carrier. So I agree, that the government has other interest in BB.

I have my suspicions that if BlackBerry is really looking to be sold, the US government will buy it up, like they did with Iridium when it went belly up.

You are dreaming if you think the government is going to save BBRY. This is what's called 'jumping the shark'.

Crackberry applauding the notion that BBRY can only compete with government intervention ... why not just sell more of those high end Porsche phones?

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I've been commenting on this topic here for a while now, and I'll say it again: There's NO WAY IN HELL the Canadian gov't is going to let BB go foreign. Why? Simple, Western governments rely on BB for secure comms, and Certicom's ECC crypto is too valuable to give away. As well, I don't see how selling to a foreign firm would pass the "net benefit to Canada" test in the Investment Act, which Blackberry falls under, being valued over $400M. They've shown a willingness to block tech drain before:

I still could see the CPPIB buying into a much larger stake. They've shown savviness in tech before with their buying and selling of Skype.

Government should help BlackBerry go private. BlackBerry is still the gold standard to companies, military and governments who still hold security as a top priority. They would get their money back in time as BlackBerry has a product to compete and really no competition in that area. Especially since their BES 10.1 software can manage iOS and Android devices in this Bring your own device trend.

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And I think publicly buying into it via the CPPIB is a great way to do it. As they are arms length from the politicians, the Minister can rightly say "we're not propping them up". And in the process hopefully screw the short sellers, and make a wad of cash over time. That's how you BB!

I think our elected government officials have the wisdom to know going private kills BB immediately, using a killer pill paid by Canadians - there is a word for it - suicide.

Yesterday it was reported that the industry minister said blackberry is on its own to turn the company around. Implying that they will sink or swim with no help from the government. I see this no where in the transcript.

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The Conservative will do whatever is most politically advantageous to them. That's how they roll.

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Keep in mind lots of government agencies are using BlackBerry's. They will certainly be watching who buys what pieces of this company if and when it comes to that.

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Looks like blackberry has a lot of eyes on them. didn't the Indian government purchase a large order of blackberry s earlier this year?

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just like many before them. to be honest, it's always the same crap regardless who's in power. I just don't get the reason they do some of the things they do and also am disappointed they don't do the things they need to do. #tariffsonimports

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

BB is THE smartphone for the GoC, and likely will remain that way, even with MDM for iOS and Android. Why?
1) Gov't IT is pretty risk adverse. We have to be, we are guarding Canadians' personal information, and we take that DEAD seriously.
2) BB is Canadian. What are the political optics in Canada of using foreign tech?
3) Shared Services Canada is amalgamating all e-mail servers, so there will be one MDM solution as well. I know of NO OTHER current MDM solution in the Canadian gov't other than BES.

Correction, the obama did not bail out FORD.

They made it back with their own money not the tax payers. and look at how strong they are doing now verses GM and Chrysler.

Alan Mulally volunteered to take $1 / year salary before he turned Ford around. He had 100% confidence that he will turn Ford around.

Look at what TH is doing - bonus, increased salary, plus a golden parachute. I am not against TH. I think he is a super smart man although I am not sure whether he is in control (given the chaotic BB10 OS releases and the Map update fiasco). I am scared of the difference between Mr. Mulally and Mr. Heins as regard to their confidence in the company they need to turn around.

Mr. Heins compensation package, assuming he negotiated it for himself, shows he has no confidence in turning BB around - This is the most scary thing for BB now.

@texn84 you have no idea what you are talking about. ford did not do it with their own money. they were able to secure a loan just prior to GM and Chrysler getting a loan from governments ( Canada and US). ford is doing well but implying that GM and Chrysler are not is incorrect. Chrysler's market share in N.A. is growing monthly. they are doing well enough that they have paid back the loans in full way earlier then the due date.

now let's hope BlackBerry can come back strong too.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

If you think this current government is bad for BlackBerry, think about how bad Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau would be.

He tweeted “OK, now I officially hate this Blackberry. Stupid ineffective touch screen mislaunching tweets. Plus I can't multitask, apparently.. "

Not a very good defender of an iconic Canadian business IMHO. Nothing wrong with people not liking BlackBerry but a public official slamming it on Tweeter, no good.

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You are probably right, I'm sure there are many public officials who are equal frustrated with BlackBerry. The difference is being in his position and bashing the product of a struggling Canadian company on a public forum. This is not constructive criticism!

I never understood why this guy in particular is handled with kid gloves. Can't image Harper or Mulcair bashing a Bombardier product, Tim Horton's coffee or Roots clothing and getting away with it politically especially if the company was struggling.

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He couldn't get it to work because he most likely was high! That pot smoking politician wanna be....

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If a US company wants to buy it, the Conservatives will let it happen. It will protect it from say a Chinese, Indian, or Russian interest.

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The feds don't need to rescue BB directly.

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Fund has already stated an interest in buying into a newly-private BB. For Americans, this is the equivalent to Social Security investing its fund.

This kind of news sends yet another negative message about BB. Can someone please hire some ad agencies and start a real propaganda machine that spreads good news instead? We all love the BB10 devices. We want them to succeed.

I love blackberry for 2 reasons:
1. Their innovative software.
2. its CANADIAN!!!
I would hate to see the downfall for blackberry as a Canadian company and fall to the hands of foreign companies.

Great comments everyone....well mostly everyone...;)

the good thing for BlackBerry is they have money in the bank and are not forced into bankruptcy. I don't think anything will happen right away. there is still some time to look at all options and they will do what they think is best for them. I'm with many of you and hope BlackBerry stays in Canada and also that it stays whole and not sold in pieces.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

If we can pump millions of dollars in to saving foreign auto makers (Chrysler and GM), then we better be prepared to do something for our Canadian tech... I'm still believe people are shorting the stock to drive down BlackBerry so it can be sold off for its Patons.. that's what it's all about these days. The more Patons some has the more they can make in fees and litigation.

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The media doesn't seem too concerned with this bit of news today... it's mostly about the HK Developer who owns 1/3 of BBRY world app catalogue.

Is that particular ecosystem strategy by BBRY part of your conspiracy as well?.

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I started my loyalty for BlackBerry based on the Canadian Flag being attached to it, worldwide. If they sell foreign, not only will my heart be broken, but I'd sell every blackberry item I've been loyal to.

When we have such a brilliant company, loved internationally, we need to cherish it. With blackberry on the outs, and my inbox full of "I told you so", I feel badly for front line Canadian business. This company should be the #1 company in Canada. Os7 or Os10. Where's that Canadian pride? It's very disappointing.

Thanks for reading. LoL

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I'm proud to support BlackBerry bec it's Canadian. Even if it was American I support it 100% bec I like the way their OS works and etc!

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I don't think the Canadian government gives a flying *#/* what happens to Canadian jobs anymore. - just saying -

As a proud Canadian, and not one to shy away from the truth while respecting the niceties of polite society, I say with full earnest and the respect it deserves.... The 'current' Canadian government can go Frak itself! They are the LEAST competent on the subject of what is or is not in the best interest of Blackberry and Canadians.

I can of course ex-sponge a fair bit more on the subject but there is enough verbal diarrhea coming out of this government and I would not want to add too much to the flow.

That said, I have full confidence in Blackberry, the staff and management, to continue to turn things around and do what is best for the company and the millions of users around the world; and I wish them all the best.

I just woish the Cdn Gov would support BB buy authorizing the BB10 OS. Right now Z10 and Q10 are STILL pending. Besides the sales #s themselves (hundreds of thousands per year) they also would get the phones in peoples hands and allow people to see how great they are and start spreading the good word of mouth about them !!!

Come on Harper ... approve these phones and get them in our hands already !!!

Not necessary so. BB 10 is quality/stability is lower than old BB. But I think BB 10 can quickly catch up with the right leadership. Although I like TH, I started doubling the executive team's ability of running this company. I feel BB is currently like a ship drifting without a captain. I think any experienced executive can control the quality better than the current one because the hardest work has been done the OS core is solid.

I don't know whether to take any comfort from this kind of statement from that kind of source or not. At face value, it sounds like a positive, but in the world of realpolitik, it could merely be a safe political response to a question. As "concerned" and "well-intentioned" as they are, they could be all the same quite prepared to watch BlackBerry get picked apart by turkey vultures. That said, my focus is remaining alive and growing as a viable entity, and to hell with the vultures. And, as much as "balloons" indicating that large funds would have an interest in taking the company private, and how that has an upward impact on stock, I still have a fundamental problem with the idea of big money coming in and "buying" everyone out at reduced prices so that they can reap the windfall somewhere down the road. While the rest of us lose on our original investments. Friends, I don't care what the critics say. We have a good product on our hands. I know because I own one. And I want to stay on for the ride!!

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Oh...... a political debate.....what fun. Here's my input.....even though Canada is the best country in the world....our government breeds BS. Doesn't matter which party you like. They all have sour grapes.

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I'm Dutch and really like using a non usa os driven phone. So BlackBerry should stay Canadian. Besides bb10 is my best smartphone experience! Never owned a BlackBerry phone before only playbook. And that actually did the task to convince me

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Thank you for your knowledgeable and kind praise on BB 10. It is a superior mobile OS. It is a generation ahead of the competition. However, in Canada, we do have a problem - labor shortage. This is why I commented many times to urge the Canadian government to do something about this. I also urge BB to expand globally in other countries. I think the current CEO TH is doing this. But he has to do it carefully since not every Canadian is as open minded.

I think that Canadian federal government, should make more effort to keep this company a Canadian company, and be proud to say BlackBerry is Canadian,

I am proud that BlackBerry is Canadian and I support them!

Go blackberry Go

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Yep. Some of the harshest anti BlackBerry people I know are Canadians.

When stories about a possible BlackBerry sale came out, many of my Canadian friends posted Facebook statuses with "Lol" and talked about how people should just get an iPhone.

Grrrrr :)

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So true

Two people I work with go out of their way to send me every negative article about BlackBerry. They also mock, and slam BlackBerry on twitter and Facebook (both from Waterloo)! I don't understand it, if they are happy with the iphones they have great but why take pleasure in BlackBerry's woes?

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So true, I've had plenty of guffaws from my Apple toting family about my BlackBerry. However they shut up when I mention the number of jobs at stake and the need to become more than exporters of our natural resources to the world.

As far as the government is concerned, put their money where their mouths are and announce buying support for BlackBerry 10 devices. Make it public and loud.

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That's a shame considering KW is what it is today, thanks to BlackBerry.

I'm down the road in Mississauga and will always support BlackBerry by buying it's products (6 phones to date, 2 playbooks) and owning stock.

My kids are 11 and 12 and they have already been informed that I will buy and pay for the cell phones, providing they're Blackberry's. Otherwise they are more then welcome to fund their own options. If they want an Ithingy, they can continue to use their ipods..

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The Canadian government could add their support by having all Government Departments and Crown Corporations, go with BlackBerry Enterprise Server and commit to a certain number of phones. It is a joke not to think that all other countries don't support their home industries in this fashion. A case in point is the airplane manufacturing industry in Brazil, United States and European Union and how their defense purchases subsidize their home companies Embraer, Boeing and Airbus.
It would help the Canadian tax payer, as the departments would be using the most sophisticated security for cell use.

They should support them by buying some freaking devices for the government. Harper doesn't care about selling us out to foreign interests.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10 -

"Canada has a history of denying foreign bids on Canadian companies". That statement is a bit strong. It's the same for most countries. It has to be a net benefit for Canada and what that means is left vague for various reasons.

If they allowed BlackBerry to be sold to foreign companies or company, I will will definitely never by canadian again for much of anything.

The gov can not allow BlackBerry to be sold period and for that matter ever to foreign interests.

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Of course dissertation on Blackberry around a scotch and cigar at a Ottawa club with CRTC and industry members and the lot, will deeply help decision making. In upgrading the money printing machine operated by the Big Four. The one is related to the others!

Kevin K2b

The current Canadian Government (Conservatives) has a political interest in the Waterloo region (home of BlackBerry). Traditionally, the Conservatives have not had a base in the Province of Ontario. And, without Ontario and Quebec it is very difficult to form a Majority government. Hence, it is a political mistake of the first order to dismiss a high value employer in this politically important area.

However, that is a long way from coming to BlackBerry's aid. The Canadian Conservatives seem to be modeling themselves on a veriion of the US right (Republicans). That means that they are a pro-business, ANTI-government-intervention group.

This sets up a typical political dilemma. Do we do what is good for the country or what is good for our political posture?

Fortunately, for BlackBerry fans, in this case the possible decisions may align. Helping BlackBerry may help the Conservatives.

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Keep it here at all costs.

If we can invest in GM when the chips were down we can invest in something homegrown.

In 5 years time (or less) BlackBerry could again be all the rage - in spite of what the media numb skulls think - give in now and it's over.

The company should also consider recruiting that young Asian kid who did the "Why I Hate My Z10" You Tube videos for TV spots, those videos were brilliant, and they target the crucial youth market which it's obvious there is still interest out there so the best advise is to strike while you still can.

We will thank ourselves for it in the end for keeping it in Canada.

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I am very sure the government would step in, BlackBerry is just to valuable of a Canadian company for them to let it slip away.

Posted via my love powered Q10

I think the biggest issue is really general lack of support all around,especially from the carriers, i.e. primus whom is now owned by rogers doesn't even carry the bb10 phone, yet on their website they are proud to be all Canadian. Look at the airtime rogers pushes to bbry devices in comparison to the others, it's very sad. The problem with Canada is that it lacks the unity that it used to have, multiculturalism is great for a variety of good food but not for unity. Look at another example kijiji,why the heck would the government sponsor a USA based company giving them the edge in something that should cleary be Canadian, yet it us the people who let it all happen. We are the ones to blame, until everything great in canada heads south then it will be to late, yet we let it happen. A lot of great stuff comes from Canada, even msft enterprise sql server is out of waterloo.
Php, from a prof at uft, ect.
Rd: bbry I think something positive will come of it.

Anyway. Just my 2 cents.

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Easy way out:

Google scoops up BlackBerry.
BlackBerry allowed to fully manage from Waterloo (ala Motorola). Jobs secured.
Motorola will make BlackBerry phones.
Licensing deal struck with Lenovo or Sony.
Wild new QNX/Android highbrids.
Samsung gets kicked to the curb.

Oh ya, my stock hits the man on the moon!

Ok. Do we want free markets or not. Right now across nearly all business in Canada we have monopolies. Basically they can charge us whatever the hell they want.

I say let them in but allowed to bid for either spectrum or small players on same footing as the 3.

In fact I would like to see Open Skies for Airlines & for Television and a shuttering of the CRTC w/their nonsense of Canadian content.

Let us truly see an OPEN & fair playing field for all.

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

Do not agree. The foreign competitors that would come in would be coming in with their own government support. It would be unfair playing field for Canadian based industry. If you really want that, then we could go all the way, pack up and ask the US take over and we can shut down the Parliament buildings in Ottawa. It would definitely lower taxes so we could do a lot more shopping at Walmart and Target and pay yo live in our gated communities, but we can throw out many of the services we get.

Keep blackberry as a canadian company. Oh and don't let windmobile, mobilicity or public mobile get taken over!! Merge all three, or just two of them. KEEP COMPETITION SOLID AND FREELY AVAILABLE!! I left Telus, won't join RoBelUs again for wireless. Cannot beat $40/month unlimited everything within the wind home zone, since it mimicks cityfido. :)

The conservatives inherited a mess which the liberals left, God forbid the ndp ever gets in.

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Screw Robellus, as they been screwing us for years. And jobs lost, what a joke! Telus has call centres in the Philippines and Bell is in India. Rogers will soon be moving to India if it hasn't done so already. Koodo is in South America. Canadians are being duped by the Robellus marketing machine. Let the market decide if we want an American giant coming to Canada. Not Robellus and their shareholders.

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Keep BlackBerry Canadian! Especially with the security capability of BlackBerry, I wouldn't trust it in any other hands.

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@ DuexNoir, I agree, keeping BB in Canada is a security issue. There is a requirement to keep gov't data traffic in Canada as much as possible, and that would be tougher without BB. As well, Certicom's (BB's) ECC crypto may supplant 3 DES in the near future. What's the global value of licensing that?

I think if it's for the best, then why not? I'm an Indonesian, and we love our bb. I think we're still the biggest market for BlackBerry (I may be wrong). That being said, I think we also see BlackBerry as part of the Indonesian way. When we travel abroad, if you see any Asian looking people busy typing in their bb, most probably he or she is an indonesian :)

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BlackBerry is one of the best Canadian companies in Canada should be protect and support .

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Canada should reach out to Canadian companies &help to build a strong base in your own country so jobs will stay here ....

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