Canadian Grand Prix CrackBerry Meetup Update!

CrackBerry Grand Prix!
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 May 2014 09:25 am EDT

We're just over a week away from the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, and our plans to have some CrackBerry fun and spread the BlackBerry love all weekend in Montreal are coming together nicely.

If you love CrackBerry, love Formula 1 and are going to be in Montreal the weekend of June 6th, 7th and 8th, you'll definitely want to read this post. And if you by chance missed our earlier post outlining our Canadian Grand Prix ambitions, be sure to read that too so you're fully up to speed.

Ok, time for the game plan. Here's where things are at as of right now!

Subscribe to our CrackBerry Grand Prix BBM Channel for Updates Throughout the Weekend!

I just setup a BBM Channel (C0040222B) that we will put to use during the Grand Prix weekend in Montreal. Wherever we are at and whatever or whoever we are doing, it'll get posted to this BBM Channel. So if you're Montreal that weekend and want to meet up and hangout with the CrackBerry team, this is where you'll be able to check in and always find us. Subscribe to it here:

We're going to keep it as an open BBM channel, so even if you're not in Montreal but want to see what we're up to you are welcome to subscribe and follow along and take part in the fun. We just ask that when we're using the BBM Channel for coordination among those actually there (replying back and forth in the comments to try and locate people on the scene, etc.) that you limit your participation to just observation on those posts. But when we're posting fun pics and stuff, you're welcome to join in. Thanks for the understanding!

You'll be able to spot us in our CrackBerry Racing Tees!

Formula 1 clothing is always technical and awesome. So we wanted to do up something super special that would be classy and get recognized while we're roaming the streets of Montreal and in the grand stands at Sunday's race. Enter the CrackBerry Racing Tee. It. Is. DOPE!!! We'll have a limited number of these with us, but a few of you will be table to walk away from the weekend with one of these bad boys. We'll also save one to be a prize in a CrackBerry giveaway here on the site.

CrackBerry Events Planned for the Weekend

We're still filling this up a bit, but here's where things are at as of now.

FRIDAY, June 6th - 6pm Kart Racing at Action500

Since it's a race weekend, we're going to start things off with some racing action!! Montreal has an awesome in-door karting track at a place called Action500. Check out for the location and details (we'll be at the Montreal location).

We've reserved the track for a Championship format race for 10 cars (we can go up to 16) for Friday evening. We need to be there by 6pm. Racing starts at 6:45pm. Even if you're not into racing, but just want to come out and watch the action, you definitely should (you can take photos and videos and put together a wicked Story Maker recap!). From there we'll find a place to go for food and drinks after (open to suggestions).

RSVP: Since the numbers are not unlimited on this one, be sure to send an email to if you're planning on attending and RACING. It'll be fun, so I hope you do!

And... ask Adam - I'm pretty damn fast when it comes to karting, so I'm totally down for taking bets on the racing. If you beat me, you'll definitely have earned yourself one of those kick-ass limited edition CrackBerry Racing Tees. Or heck, maybe I'll raise the stakes. Beat me on the track and win first in the championship and you'll earn yourself a BlackBerry Classic or Windermere. Your choice. Good luck! :p

SATURDAY, June 7th - Open Day

As of now we have no formal plans booked for Saturday. Though, since it's going to be #MobileFit month I will need to hit a gym at some point or go for a jog.

Saturday is usually a great night for parties and walking the streets, so I'm sure we'll find a good place to get in some trouble at. Be sure to stay tuned to the BBM Channel for the details here.

SUNDAY, June 8th - RACE

For Sunday's race, we'll be sitting in "Grandstand Popular" aka "Tribune Populaire" which was formerly known as Grandstand 22. We booked our tickets late so this is first come first serve seating. We'll be aiming to get their fairly early, but that will all depend of course on how Saturday night goes.

If you're still looking for tickets though to attend, you can check out that Grandstand and we'll see you there.


It's always crazy leaving the track once the race is over. So we're going to avoid that mess by taking the short walk into the Montreal Casino. Normally they have some pretty solid lunch buffets on F1 weekend, so the plan will be to head there and find a place to eat and drink before leaving the island back for downtown.

Again, keep it locked to the BBM Channel for final details, but that's the plan.


Phoenix is in Montreal Sunday night, and the tickets are cheap (like $25). I saw them in concert a few years back in NYC (awesome show - Daft Punk even showed up and joined Phoenix on stage half way into the show).

We picked up tickets for the concert, and there's still some left. So if you want join in for the fun, buy your ticket from StubHub.

Depending how late dinner goes, it may be a little tight on time for making it to the concert. We'll figure it out though. Tickets are cheap, so even if we're late or whatever, it's all good. Again, keep it locked to the BBM Channel for more details!

See you in Montreal!!!

I love it when a plan comes together!! If you're in Montreal for the race weekend, I hope to see you there. We'll do one more update before the race weekend hits, but in the meantime, be sure to get your calendar booked in.

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Canadian Grand Prix CrackBerry Meetup Update!


Lol. Love that's the first comment...

Every now and then I like to toss something uhh... funny in like that, just to see if people are actually reading. You win! :)

LOL.. kev, any possible to toast in the CB F1 shirt to this Malaysian guy?

Posted via Astro on Z30STA100-2/

No, that won't be happening. These are one offs, definitely not for sale.

On the other hand, we've been talking internally about doing a better job for getting some CrackBerry & Mobile Nations gear into the stores. Will come up with some cool ideas for that. But these are just hand-made creations for us the weekend.

You could tweek it for the non participating crackheads and sell it in the store, guessing have to remove the mecedes logo and name. I really love the shirt though, nice job as always.

The design is right there for you to grab, do I need to say more?

Visit GTR Lifestyle @ [URL="bbmc:C001247FA"]C001247FA[/URL]

Duuuude! I don't even follow F1 but would love to have one of those shirts! Very jealous of all the lucky fans that will get the chance to strut around in those!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Bummer, the Popular Grandstand is now sold out for Sunday. Do you know what time you will be heading to the casino for dinner?

Hmm, saw the crackberry and blackberry team last year at the F1 street events and scored some nice swag.. will prob drop by again this year!

Posted from my Z10/Q10/Z30

Just realized and my suggestion would be to put the BBM group PIN in actual text, as it makes it difficult for those of us who are reading this via the CB app. (I'm luckily at my computer, so can open up the website, when realizing I can't add from the app)

Posted from my Z10/Q10/Z30

Why not make the PIN a clickable URI? It will invoke the BBM Card if you do it this way.

Posted via CB10

Awesome planning. I really want to make the drive from Québec City for the race. I would only be there Sunday and I am afraid I might not find you in the big crowd.

So that's where the 10 in BlackBerry 10 is on the back of the t-shirts but not on the back cover of the devices or the start up sequence .

BlackBerry symbol to the power of 10©

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

Posted via CB10

Have fun guys, Summer should be on its way. Hope for a double Merc win again, and fly those CB / BB flags high for all us who can't attend!

I'm still enjoying some warm late monsoon drizzle here in the tropics.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Depending on the time you finish go karting, you can hit up "3brasseurs" it's probably 5 mins from there in car. But if you guys end up finishing really late, I suggest to go to "maine", it's 24 hours... best & cheapest steak in Montreal for 25$! the place looks ghetto, but that's when you know the food is good! On St-laurent

JC, from the Asian Guy that Hates BlackBerry on YouTube

I would go to extreme lengths to get one of those shirts :P

Seriously, CB needs some upscale gear to promote BlackBerry 10 and I believe well designed shirts would sell like hotcakes. While there's still a poor brand perception in the US, a lot of us don't care and will wear it proudly. I especially like the tie in for F1 and the association with Mercedes.

Posted via CB10

Only 7 days till I have my pomme frites...Making the i-87 ride from NYC..will definitely be looking out for Kevin and the crew.

Posted via CB10

Aw man awesome t shirt :) was great seeing the blackberry logo on the Mercedes t shirts at Barcelona!

Posted via CB10

You are so lucky to be there, i wish i could be there !
You are so crazy guy, I love all what you do !!
Nice job

Will you guys have a table set up anywhere or will it just be a hangout here and there?
My wife and I are traveling to Montreal for race weekend coming from Pennsylvania and I almost flipped a lid when I read the first post regarding Crackberry@ the race.
I've been a CB addict since my first Storm, then second Storm, then Bold now Z10....and now after seeing the race t-shirts I'd love nothing more than to get my hands on one of those shirts and wear it proudly as BlackBerrys aren't too popular around these parts of the US and I'm always trying to spread the word about how awesome BB10 is and the new products....if the t-shirts are gone it would still be rad to possibly snap a picture with Kevin the man!!!

Posted via CB10

I think a nice CB tshirt should be made with just the CB Logo in the center of the shirt. I would wear that shirt religiously, haha.

Posted via CB10