Canadian Diabetes Association ditches BYOD and goes all-in with BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jul 2013 02:41 pm EDT

Recently many companies have started to implement BYOD policies to allow employees to bring their own devices to work to be be used as business phones. The Canadian Diabetes Association is taking the opposite route however, ditching their long-standing BYOD policy in favor of all BlackBerry devices - both for hardware and enterprise software.

The CDA has been operating "D-Camps" since 1953 - camps that allow children with Type 1 Diabetes to enjoy a real camping experience. Nigel Carpenter, Chief Information Officer at the Canadian Diabetes Association, says that not only has the change brought "significant cost savings" but also allows their camp staff to better coordinate and manage activities. Doctors and nurses at the camps can also easily access medical information on the fly while closely monitoring campers. 

Carpenter noted that security was one of the top priorities in choosing to make the change and thanks to BlackBerry Balance, staff can have both their personal and work data on one device with less headaches for IT. 

"I know that when I give my employees a BlackBerry smartphone, everything is going to work with limited effort required by our IT administrators," he adds. "By centralizing our BlackBerry solution, we realized this move would bring us tremendous cost savings."

As a non-profit organization, Carpenter says the switch looks to save the CDA nearly a quarter of a million dollars over the next three years.

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Canadian Diabetes Association ditches BYOD and goes all-in with BlackBerry


As a Diabetic and a long time BlackBerry user and shareholder and all around lover of BB, I applaud the CDA and love to hear news like this. Well done!

I agree. This is great news. Support Canada as they make great stuff and have the most secure smartphones. Great job BlackBerry.

Why not, Z10 and Q10 offer what the rest offers, but the multi language keyboard ie French is a bonus. The next headline is the Canadian Govt and the CMA.

Keep Moving BlackBerry

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True. My sister worked at the Parliament and is now working for a minister, and all she sees are BlackBerries.

I wish they would do the same thing in Québec, but they always go with the cheapest offer Bell/Telus/Rogers is giving them for a smartphone. And they just got iPhone 4... maybe they wanted to clear the warehouse! ;)

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You see that's the Crap we get from our governments, going after the cheap iPhones, cone on Quebec

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Whoa....I would like to see that...just once. Sadly, I live in the iOSA, I mean USA....just an endless sea of iPhones

I hope your right and they make a big BlackBerry 10 order I'm surprised the UK, US and Dod haven't been making big orders since the German government purchased a bunch.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

They'll probably do the BB 10 phone refresh as a project , then start once it's approved. Then old devices will be replaced as per the normal product cycle. As there's e-mail consolidation currently underway in the GoC, full conversion may take a bit longer. They are rolling out BES10 for sure though.

Niceeeee. Now I just want to see 10,000 more articles like this. And some featuring US companies and organizations, sooner than later. Always good when cost savings become part of the reason to adopt. Saving money is always an easy sell.

Good stuff... Keep Moving!! 

It's true, once you present cost savings dollar figures, you will get the attention of CIOs.

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Totally agree!!! Be nice to hear that companies that decided to drop their BB s for BYOD realized at the end it was better to stay with BlackBerry as stated in this article.

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why does nobody believe anything anyone says on the Internet anymore? It was a tweet from @BlackBerry4Biz on July 2nd at 7:41 am that states "@ADP is deploying #BlackBerry10 to keep employees moving & #BES10 for secure industry-leading #EMM." I have a screen shot of the tweet but unfortunately can't post it in this forum.

"why does nobody believe anything anyone says on the Internet anymore?"
I keep forgetting that, unlike other media, everything you read on the Internet is true.:)

I never said that everything on the Internet was true, but everything you read in print media or see on TV may not be true either. Correct? My point was that the comment I made wasn't that outlandish (at least to me anyways) to be questioned. Now that I provided the direct source (even though I can't attach a screen print), do you finally believe me?

I believe it to be true, the main reason I had doubts was because there was no mention of it here on Crackberry, especially with Kevin being keen to publish those types of stories. Don't take it personal, I would have had my doubts no matter who it was.

Go CANADA and every other association and business should get on board with this domestic leadership. Didn't you guys invent hockey. Get your game on for BlackBerry and give the USA a real slap shot. Z10 Verizon CT.

PS: me grandpappy was ABBY COX. Google it.

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Agreed... & hell yes US needs to follow... 1 device for business & personal... c'mon America put the iPhones down & get with the program... "F" instagram BB10 kicks ass... we could use some better Skype love but the more people on BlackBerry the more people on BBM video chat


I agree it's nice to see articles like this but CrackBerry's reporting needs to be fair and balanced. For example, the UK's largest soft drink bottler Britvik is replacing their entire fleet of BlackBerry devices with the Lumia 720. Around 800 handhelds. They claim it provides better integration with Windows and Office systems. How does BlackBerry 10 lack in this department that they can't compete?

Wonder where the savings come from? Might be worth BlackBerry advertising :
"CDA saves 250k by switching to BlackBerry "

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Key for Blackberry absolutely but do not reveal where all the savings came from ! Outline the industry, employee number, the dollar amount and some unique saving features. Leave the rest for the Headlines and the eventual Client and BlackBerry Down $$$$

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This is great for Blackberry absolutely but do not reveal where all the savings came from ! Outline the industry, employee number, the dollar amount and some unique saving features. Leave the rest for the Headlines and the eventual Client and BlackBerry sit Down $$$$

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Definitely need more advertising & reps that want to sell BlackBerry show off the great features


This shows they have a responsible and honest CIO and CEO or whatever those titles are.

Those who don't do so for their orgs are committing a crime.


Wonderful for the Diabetes Assoc. Of Canada and for those that receive care through them. Now let's hope that the counterpart in the USA does the same.

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Great news! For personal use of the phone, I hope BBM going cross platform will have a similar affect. Might encourage people to switch or switch back to BB.
Keep Moving.... FAST!

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like Kevin pooping out in style, for his interesting inputs regarding BB.

My question is: is this saying purchasing BB10 phones, distributing them, and managing them is that much cheaper than allowing employees to purchase their own phones, and managing them?

If so, how much more efficient is the BlackBerry solution at managing their own phones, vs the competition? Because jeez, that's a big difference!

Of course, I know it's not unusual for a company to reimburse or provide an allowance for phone costs in a BYOD environment, so maybe that was the case.

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I suppose the difference is more about BlackBerry vs BYOD, which means several random devices with different ecosystem and capabilities. Which is a plus for BlackBerry anyway, BES + phones!

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I have seen a few articles outline BYOD as more of a cost vs a savings over the years. And that is platform independent. Like everything else, volume discounts, same platform and single management point can make a huge difference in the long run.

A friend of mine, who is working for Ricoh Canada in Calgary , has his Samsung Galaxy 4. However, he is not allowed to use his as a work phone. Ricoh gives him and all 40 technicians in his department Q10s. So I believe Ricoh Canada is doing the same thing as CDA, ditching BYOD for official BB10 devices across Canada.

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With BlackBerry 10 devices, the users essentially do not need laptops. If the IT department has app developers, they can make in house applications to suit their mobile business needs and have those apps posted in their enterprise BlackBerry World store.

They can also supply the users with HDMI cables and BlackBerry bluetooth keyboards for their smartphones should they want to connect to a desktop monitor while working at home or even at the office. Mobile computing and just straight up computing, all in one.

Go paperless too.

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Give them each a PlayBook too, as it's extremely useful for corporations to deploy a still very capable and inexpensive tablet. Unless BlackBerry has completely distributed all of it's PlayBook inventory when they became inexpensive, I don't know. Maybe they don't have any left.

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That's great! How many employees does the Canadian Diabetes Association have and how many will get the new BBs?

I'm thinking we are going to see the BYOD fad taper off and BlackBerry will continue to be there to win back the enterprises who gave in to consumer demands for Angry Birds at work. Seriously. Especially as demand for the Q10 rises and the A10 becomes available.

BlackBerry offers the best and most practical mobile computing solution available. Period.

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Agreed. If BB had kept up from 2008 on, I doubt BYOD would even exist. I haven't heard of BYOD for laptops, why? Simple, same experience more or less than at home (Mac users notwithstanding).

The Q10 is the best mobile computing device I've ever used. I can understand why a mindful IT department would choose the device for employees. It is simply the best, in my opinion.

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Keep it moving,
It's like that song, from 2pac Shakur, me against the world
BlackBerry it's in the same boat, blackberry against the world,
With companies as this, it's a start and it's starting,
We coming, we moving, get ready, we taking over, lol
Good news
I believe

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I'm REALLY curious about the BlackBerry solution in terms of managing medical data and overall use with health professionals . . . to bad this one of a few examples I know of it being implemented. . .

That's awesome news. More companies and organizations should follow suit.

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Heck, the CDA saved $3M plus any donations from CrackBerry supporters count my $25 bucks

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Congrats to the CDA!!! I'm sure BlackBerry appreciates this endorsement. As a BB user, I also appreciate the CDA's choice to exclusively use BB devices. Just another small step toward the future growth of BB and the BB10 OS.

I am a paediatrician and can tell you first had when it comes patient management at my office the z10 is a serious work phone unlike those kiddie phones. But I do play play subway surfers and candy crush on the z10 from time to time.

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I am curious to see what happens. The headline below hit my email today from
"Britvic Soft Drinks Replaces BlackBerry (BBRY) with Nokia (NOK)"

However, I just checked, this headline has not been picked up. I would not be surprised if it does not.

Additionally, I have a friend who works for a company that was just purchased by Honeywell. He is an Android user. He was told it would not be on the Honeywell system, and his BB will arriving soon. No BYOD there. Reason, too much gov't security sensitive contract work

Let the message go round. Every citizens use their products if it's not inferior to the competition. Think hard. This is true.

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So my guess is that BlackBerry is going after businesses as they did before and this is why we don't see too many commercials?

Just throwing that out there. My question would be will businesses buying in and loyalists upgrading be enough to keep them float? I'm not assuming that they are sinking but was curious to the response I may get to this question.

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if they save 250k over 3 years, why is that other institutions haven't followed suit. To me this says that either other companies don't see the benefits of the platform or cost savings or that blackberry is doing a poor job selling their platform and products. Why blackberry why. Get out and sell for god sakes.

Hope to see more of this but I do but it.

Seems like I am seeing just as many people move off BlackBerry now as I did a year ago.

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That is not good...
It's the diabetes association!!!!
Did nobody told them Blacker the Berry sweeter the juice!!??

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Good decision! At least there is hope good old 'common sense' which ain't too common these days.
Bottom line is that BYOD is a nightmare that is really not in the best interest of any serious Business entity. Employees playing around on smartphones and not focused on their job. Waste of time!

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I tend to agree with the fact that BYOD trend may reverse. A perfect example is the trend that sent a lot of our technology jobs to counties like India. Few years back someone from my org had a brilliant idea that we could save money for the short time by outsourcing our jobs. Hundreds lost their jobs. I was one of the lucky ones to be spared. A year later, they realized that the screwups and customer loss outweighed the money saved. Needles to say, all the jobs had returned to NA and most of the people who were originally laid off were re hired.

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This is great. I would advertise it all over the states. I have a small company in the states and recently switched all our employees phones to the BlackBerry Z10. All but one says they like them better than the iPhone

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Great news, I too hope BYOD trend reverses. I can see the cost savings in terms of bulk purchases, and hands on time with setting up and then troubleshooting issues related to work stuff on multiple devices of various capabilities. Also, there are probably people that have to review the employee's bills to reimburse work related portions, which carries additional overhead.

Of course, BlackBerry will need to keep moving. Samsung with it's Knox, and Microsoft being deeply incorporated into the enterprise (I am actually surprised of the lack of a true enterprise mobile solution by MS), staying ahead of the game is of upmost importance for BlackBerry...the others want some of that tasty pie.

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I believe it is tapering off. One aircraft vendor and contractor we deal with dropped BYOD three weeks ago and is again exclusively BB. I've seen IT and tech articles describing BYOD as being a fiasco for many companies, with many starting to drop the program. I actually thought it was feasible but apparently it's not working as expected.

I wonder how many employees they have. We definitely need more good news articles like this.

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The side load for the instagram app on the z10 is giving me until august 6th to upgrade the app, blackberry plzz fix this!!!

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Love it! Amazing to see some people actually thinking about security, IT overhead and work/life balance for once rather than just choosing the standard.

I think you'll see more of this in the coming months. I work for a cdn bank, and our testing ended late June. Bb10 devices are starting roll out. We have about about 9000 BlackBerry legacy OS users to upgrade to bb10.

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Now this is also *bleeping* awesome to know. I hope you work for RBC and they have an app coming soon.


Great News, especially the point about BlackBerry balance so that the employees can have their personal information and it SAVES Money!!!

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Since day 1 of BYOD I have been advocating it is a bad idea. It costs more. It is a nightmare for IT. The very original companies that started sturring up the byod fanfare are the ones that directly reep money by selling multiple brands. It is a trap. Yet many stupid CIOs jump in. Others do it for personal interest. Byod is also a movement of corruption. So I call byod a crime.

If you are making decision for the benefit of your organization, Stick with one device. If you merely want to entertain your employee so that they can come to office stay with iPhone, like Yahoo. If you want your employees work efficiently and also enjoy life stay with BLACKBERRY, like all responsible and efficient organizations around the world.

Though not byod Yahoo's CEO also comitted a crime, so yahoo is going down the drain, brining in all it iToys.


This should be Front Line News. Good News, hopefully more companies will realize BlackBerry 10 devices and BES10 services are #1 with the competition well behind.

Just a note, the company I work for has approx: 30,000 people and growing. Currently all senior management and high end employees all have BBOS devices. (6,000+) I am not sure if BES10 testing is done, but the IT department have highly recommended we continue with BB10 devices. It now lies with the BOD to make the final and official decision.
BES10 with BB10 devices are untouchable at this time says a iPhone junkie via the IT department. He Admits this lol, and I agree.

CrackBerry if you can swing it, I would kick in $50 to the CDA via CRACKBERRY or in the name of BlackBerry?

Is there any way you can contact them to set it up?

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just out of curiosity.. hoe do they save the money? how would it be different from letting users bring their own devices?

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Awesome for the CDA, they will be my charity of choice and then I will support the next charity that goes all in with BlackBerry and so on and so on and so on.

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One of our technician from Gerber technology company used to have oldb BlackBerry then switched all their employees to gs4 in March. It was very sad to see them using gs4, then a few months later he came to do a service and I couldn't believe what I saw, it was a nice looking Zed 10 sitting on top of the machine. I quickly asked what happened to you galaxy, he replied too many people complained. Company now switch all their employees to bb10 as well as setting up bes10 soon. It was a good feeling and surprised to hear that they would go back to Blackberry and bes10 as well. It felt like I am winning lottery. I was too excited forgot to asked how many employees work there.

I know someone who works in Samsung sales and he told me that as he learnt more about the phone on his job, he felt bad that he has to keep lying to tell businesses that the phone is good for them... and mind you he was pretty excited when he first started out so he is not like, a fanboy of any other sort...

Out of curiosity where are the significant savings coming from? In a BYOD set-up, the employee brings his own device that he has purchased. In a corporate imposed set-up, the company needs to purchase the devices and ensure maintenance along with standard IT support.

christopherk67 2B0664C3

At least Blackberry will always have Canada as their last stand. We're all getting the new Q's in our department

What I hope happens is people who left BB for their personal phone or never had one, get issued corporate BB10s, and go "holy crap, this is BB? I gotta get me one of these!"

Great to hear!! Another company adding BBRY to use. Let's get more companies to join!!

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