Canadian and U.K. carriers report strong early BlackBerry Z10 sales

By Simon Sage on 5 Feb 2013 01:06 am EST

Early indications from analysts and carriers show the BlackBerry Z10 is off to a good start. Canadian carrier Bell says that the Z10 has sold more than any other previous BlackBerry model. Rogers and TELUS also described their Z10 launch as "very positive". Meanwhile Carphone Warehouse staff say they sold out in a half hour following the UK launch. Analysts from Sanford C. Bernstein and Jeffries & Co. were positive on the Z10's progress so far.

We're all pretty eager to see how the BlackBerry Z10 does throughout the UK and Canada prior to the American launch. Of course, success abroad won't necessarily guarantee anything in the U.S., but a good reception will at least get some good word of mouth going.

British Z10 owners, are you happy with your purchase? Canadians, how many of you are picking one up? Americans, on a scale of 1 - 10, how insanely jealous are you? 

Via: Bloomberg 


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Canadian and U.K. carriers report strong early BlackBerry Z10 sales


I am on android right now its alright but i am getting sick of it
Can't wait to start using BB1 !) Android is getting stale for me even the hype about an update is not able to revive my excitement for Android. Move over google its time for BlackBerry to reign the Smartphone market
BlackBerry For The Win

As for 1-10 how jealous i am while in the states ..... OVER 9000 :D

I am converting ! Have not pre reg but will up grade . Have iPhone on expired contract . Hoping to shop around for a better one! BB forever!!!

Definitely not true, search the web and you will find reports from store workers and stock commentators stating otherwise. I also have a Phones4U manager friend who had 15 in stock, all gone over the weekend.

That was the case at Vodafone in Brighton UK. They had one demo and 2 units still in boxes. Other shops (P4U I think) had ones out you could play with though.

When i order mine last Thurs the expected delivery was Feb 5th, Now the Telus website is saying Feb 12th. I have my fingers crossed that they sold out and the 12th is when the new shipment arrives. I will cry all week if i dont get mine today.

You'll probably not get it today, it was saying it would take 2-3 days of shipping delay. But I'm in the same situation as you, so hopefully you are right about the 12th being a new date.

I'm not jealous. I'm pissed off that I have to wait more than a month after launch to pick up a new device. What was the point to this? I don't get it. I'm stuck here with a POS 9810 that has to be rebooted at least daily in order to function and failed to live up to its promises after the first few months of smooth operation. I can't wait to get rid of this thing and couldn't wait for the BB10 launch. Now that's come and gone and we have nothing here - not even a real launch date. I'm pretty fed up right now.

For the miilionth time, it's not the carrier's fault. BBRY knows how long US and Aus testing takes. They missed the deadline to give the carriers enough time.

More like those carriers are trying to mess it up by putting their rubbish software and other "enhancements" on them first. It is not Blackberries fault.

I totally agree. I have a 9800 that is hanging on by a thread. Im keeping my fingers crossed that my carrier will be the first to release the Z10.

I didn't pre-order mine, but I am going to actually get to a Rogers store before they open (in a crappy area of town) with the hopes that they have a couple kicking around that aren't pre-orders. I got the Galaxy S3 the day it came out in Canada. I just walked into a rogers store and got it. No lines, no issue. I don't see why it should be a problem with the z10

I have never been more mentally invested in the desire for a product to succeed. The shananigans of the Wall Street sharks has made a challenging story much worse over the past three years that I have followed the stock and the company.

Even today, many of the articles posted on Yahoo Finance are full of blatent lies, half truths, innuendos or purely subjective (and very negative) opinions......there are literally billion$$ invested in hoping Blackberry fails, and the Dark Side is not going down without a fight!

In my part of the world, it will be months before my carrier carries the Z10, however, I'm pulling for a stong success in the fortunate countries that get this OS and phone before I do......

But in what part of the world are you? After reading your post it sounds like far dark place... I don't know why but I got that feeling.
I'm in Canada and definitely I am planning to pick up one of the new BB10 phones... Not sure if I can live without a keyboard although.

You know it's gotta be something great to be pulling me away from my Galaxy Note 2, even if it is just a temporary thing.I gotta show my love for the Canadian company for sure. If I like it then ppossibly the first 4.7-5" display BB10 device I'llmake the switch for longer. I just can go down screen size below that. - KID ANDROID ( Team.Android.Canada)

Woooooh... i got my BB10, a defo iphone killer has rising from the ground... lol

i did want white but official carriers aint carrying it only stores such as phones4u and carphone warehouse that sell contracts on behalf of networks. which is shameful as they charge more for phones than actual carriers.. but at the same time as the strip around the screen is black on a white Z10 where as it is white on a Q10, if only that was white i would have definitely got it. black looks better due to that strip going around it.

just waiting on the apps now, if only there were more betters apps the bb z10 would of been even better.

From this article: "Canadian carrier Bell says that the Z10 has sold more than any other previous BlackBerry model"

From the source link: "BCE, Canada’s No. 2 carrier, said early orders for the Z10 have topped any previous BlackBerry model"

Pre-orders are Not sales. I'm not saying that sales won't be good tomorrow (I expect and hope that they will be) but don't misrepresent pre-orders as sales when the device hasn't even launched yet.

Well, I don't know the specifics of Bell preorder, but when I preordered mine on Telus, I had to pay it directly there. So it's definitely a purchase (except for those all-time-refunder).

I've been using my z10 since taking delivery last Thursday, and it is pretty awesome! I've always been a qwerty BlackBerry user, and am completely sold on the touch keyboard.

I got mine through Phones4u in the UK, and the good news is I also qualify for a free 64gb PlayBook! Plus I'm getting £135 for my old bold 9900.

I strongly recommend anyone consider it.

Love my z10!! Even managed to get it in white. And then I received an email saying I will get a free 64gb PlayBook in a couple of weeks because I was one of the first ones to order this phone! Was a bit nervous leaving my 9800 keyboard, and I really didn't like typing on the touchscreen for the first couple of days. But now, I feel like the z10 has really learnt how I speak after only a few days and my typing speed has probably matched the speed at which I type on a physical keyboard.

This is a promotion from phones4u. They offered a free 64gb PlayBook for the first 250 prders online. I didn't order online; I phoned them up. And when I first enquired about it, the lady said it was only for new connections, not upgrades. Nevertheless, she called me up later and said I qualified for a new PlayBook and that it will be in the mail shortly!

On a scale of 1 to 10 for being jealous of the UK and Canada, I'm somewhere around a 53!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the UK - I've had the Z10 since Friday (Tues today).
Had been on the iPhone for 4.5 years so this is a refreshing change :)
Only thing I'd really add to it is a quick lauch strip at the bottom of the screen for my most used apps.
There is one there but it's not customisable which has the phone, camera and a search feature.
Apart from that, I can't complain - does what I expect it to and I find the hub very handy!!


yes am happy with my purchase but I really want to see Skype, WhatsApp, BritishAirways, Tapatalk etc. on my new device sooner rather than later.

Very happy with my Z10, It's my first BB phone and I've had it for 3 days now and very much looking forward to future OS updates and new apps.

Also very happy z10 owner and first time blackberry phone owner. Looking forward to more apps and bb10 on PlayBook.

This is great news. Now it is OUR job as BB Fans and users to help promote the Z10 and Q10 to our friends and families and help BB sell even more. That will ensure more positive news and make the next devices even better !!! Now lets show these things off !!!

BB10 - FTW

How bad do I want it? On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd have to say 9930! The last two OS updates (verizon, sprint) have ruined the phone for me. I was going to roll it back but I thought "nah, the Z10 launches in a week or two, it's not worth the hassle" Now I'm stuck in the same boat all over again. I'm getting really impatient :-(

I've had my Z10 just over 24 hours. It is awesome. I am easily impressed, having stuck with a Storm 1 for just over four years, but my, this device has blown me away. There are some minor quibbles but I expected that , after all this is the first iteration of BB10 and things will only get better. As Stephen Fry said on his blog, RIM have played a blinder.

Getting mine today thru Future shop! Cant wait! Pre ordered it the first day it was announced they were taking pre orders! I was the first customer that ordered it , the girl behind counter didnt even know it could pre order it that day!

i brouhgt mine yesterday from T-Mobile(uk) and the sales girl sai that i had brought the ast one for the day and it was only 13:00 . she said that they had sold out everday since they have been on sale

But this lack of whatsapp is killing me! Any news on when it's due? I don't understand all this vagueness surrounding it and skype release dates.

I'm thinking of picking up a BB10 today. I have been using my HTC one S and really enjoyed it but I miss the solid device Blackberry offers and am excited to come back. BTW... anyone wanna buy a One S :)

10 insane jeleous, couse was until two days in the USA, and nothing, and there is going to arrive much faster than ecuador

I originally intended to wait a few weeks in case there were any early bugs. But saw one in the EE store in Cambridge (UK) on Saturday and couldn't resist.
Browser is superquick. Love the Hub. If you're used to the Playbook you'll find the gestures easy to master. i went for the Z10 rather than the Q10 as i wanted the bigger screen but was dubious about the touchpad. Still getting to grips with the swipe up so at the moment i'm slightly missing the Bold 9900 keypad - probably be fine after a few more days
Pay no attention to minor faults - they'll be cleared up in future releases. But bear in mind that you will not be able to Bridge your playbook to a Z10 until the playbook gets OS10

I have to wait until AFTER WORK today to get my new Z10. I guess it's not all that bad though, just 10 more hours to go!

Jealous? Yes!

I've been with Android for the last two years. Available for an upgrade since June. Phone is dying. I doubt it will make it but I'm axiously waiting for the Q10 in the US.

Used my cousins iPhone 4, my friends WP, and my co-worker's Samsung Android he paid an arm and a leg. All three are BORRING. Can't see myself buying let alone using these devices.

This is why BlackBerry 10 brings something new and fresh to the table. Thank goodness for that. I can finally get a proper upgrade from my 9900 Bold.

I am with you there. I am jealous- but I can wait..................I think.
So happy BlackBerry 10 is showing the world that BlackBerry isn't dead!!!

Leaving work early to pick up my pre-order at Rogers. When I pre-ordered I was #7 in the country...maybe Rogers will throw in a 64GB PlayBook as well (yeah, right). Excited to get my Z10 this afternoon!

I'm in the U.S., Torch 9810 and Playbook user. Extremely JEALOUS, frustrated and on the verge of insanity. PLEASE! Someone, send me a Z10. I don't think I'm gonna make it through the month...

Can we quit rubbing it in on everyone here in the US. Its bad enough as it is. :(
Everyone getting one today, enjoy. Wish I was one...

This phone is unbelievable !!!!!!!!

The browser is instant ! Video is amazing. And the keyboard is the best in the world. It KNOWS what I want to type. I was a die-hard physical keyboard user in the past, but now I am glad I went all touch.
I tried the iPhone (all touch) in the past, and it doesn't even come close to what the Z10 can do. This is a 100% guaranteed iPhone killer !!!

I pre-ordered a white Z10 on launch day through Telus with a 3-year contract (my previous contract is nearly expired). I've used the Curve for a few years exposed to the elements in its holster as I cycle about the city 12 months of the year. I teach group fitness classes during the day and use the curve as my MP3 player at each class - 2-3 hours of play time daily. I do a lot of text messaging, facebook likings, occasional tweets, email and browsing in-between at coffee shops. Other than that I don't pay much attention to apps but probably will open that world more on the Z10. From what I've seen the Z10 will do all I do now handily and do it with higher resolution on a bigger screen. The biggest con in my experience is the physical keypad - too small for my fingers - I make frequent typos. It appears this issue has been addressed hugely with the all touch Z10. For that reason alone I won't miss the keypad (I do admit liking the tactile feel of real keys however).