Canadian airlines will soon allow gate-to-gate electronics use

By Harish Jonnalagadda on 27 May 2014 06:35 am EDT

Canadians airlines will soon allow unrestricted electronics access to customers following a new ruling by Canada's Transport Minister. The move comes after the US FAA announced last year that customers can use their electronic devices during "all phases of flight."

While smartphones and cellular-enabled tablets need to be on Airplane Mode during take-off and landing, all other devices, like cameras, portable gaming systems, and laptops can be used at any stage of the flight, provided they are not transmitting or interfering with the flight's avionics. Transport Canada has stated that the use of electronic devices will be governed by individual airlines, but that each airline must "demonstrate that their aircraft are not affected by the use of the devices and that during critical phases of flight and during emergencies, all passengers are aware of and able to follow crew instructions."

Following the ruling, Canada's largest airline Air Canada announced that it was working on "finalizing measures to safely implement the new procedures," and that in addition to allowing customers to use their electronic devices, the airline is in the process of rolling out in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity. Another Canadian airline WestJet also welcomed the move and stated that it will have the necessary approval in place by "this summer."

Source: Government of Canada, Via: Engadget

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Canadian airlines will soon allow gate-to-gate electronics use


Yeah, this will be nice to avoid having to talk to the person beside you during takeoff and landing.

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I enjoy the opportunity to tune out and have some me time when I fly. I deal with people all day, the last thing I want is some forced conversation with a seat mate.

This is great news. It's about time too.

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I deal with people all day long too.... but it's nice to let the guard down with someone you don't know for a few hours, someone who very unlikely to meet again.

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Yeah. Especially if it's pretty, single girl.

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I was waiting for someone to mention the convo with an attractive opposite sex (or same sex)

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Except you may have to sit next to some muppet talking loudly to their mates through out the flight.

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I've never heard of an airline that allows VOIP calling on their in-flight Wi-Fi. Plus, airplane mode has to be turned on during take-off and landing.

Actually you are still forbidden to use your cell to make calls, infact you still need to have your devices on airplane mode or all wifi/bluetooth/nfc off

I see some air rage if I'm hung and some jackass is yelling into his phone right beside me. Wifi is a great idea but with apps like BBM calling i can see some tensions arising

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I would like hear of a confirmed report of a cellphone causing a crash of an airplane.

Anyone? Cause I simply do not buy that bag of BS.

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Yes, a bit too much nanny state going on without any form of actual thinking. Sort of like that stupid idea that cell phones interfere with pace makers. We should sterile these people before they replicate and further weaken the gene pool.

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From Wiki:

"On the other hand, official aviation agencies and safety boards are resisting any relaxation of the present safety rules unless and until it can be conclusively shown that it would be safe to do so."

You want conclusive proof that a cellphone caused the crash of an airplane, and people who actually know what they are talking about want conclusive proof that use of a cellphone will not cause the crash of an airplane.

Also note that the cellphones will still need to be in airplane mode.

It has been noted that cellular signals can and will interfere with aircraft communications. Have you ever had your phone near a speaker? If it can interfere with communications it can probably interfere with most types of data busses (umm like computer cables) in aircraft. Although, like our electronics around us, aircraft computers are not easily susceptible to interference. That said, being in airplane mode will not interfere with anything as it is not broadcasting nor receiving signals. The main reason why these kind of rules were in place is because we are inherently a bunch of jerks and ultimately the majority of people breaking those rules could interfere with aircraft operation to some yet unknown degree. Would you really want to be the one to find out how much? Anyway, keep it in airplane mode, use in flight wifi, and be considerate to others on flights. If everyone can do that then we can have friendlier skies.

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The key phrase is this "all passengers are aware of and able to follow crew instructions". We know there are quite a few entitled individuals who will never abide by that rule.

It is electronics not transmitting people. They will soon have wifi. West Jet this year and Air Canada by 2015.

Let's not get too excited about this. Keep in mind this is an industry that charges for bags, happily provides sardine-class seats, flys only when it feels like it and generaly not customer friendly. I foresee an "electronics fee" in the minds of airline excecutives.

Like the carrier bill compilation fee we had a laugh about here on CB recently.

Inventive, but don't give 'em any new ideas, please.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

When will all mobile electronics be banned on flights?

Sitting next to someone with a beeping/flashing device is annoying and makes me want to insert said device somewhere rather painful in device owner.

I just wanted to say the cloud in the picture is so beautiful. It makes me smile.

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I would hate sitting next to some idiot talking on their phone for a couple of hours being completely oblivious and ignorant of the people around them. I also like not having it for a couple of hours and just relaxing. If they offered wi-fi so I could text and email, that would be ok. Then you can still work, interact without being an ass.

Exactly - it's bad enough sitting on a train trying to read when you've got some idiot talking on the phone. Most people are completely ignorant of anyone around them.

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A couple of thoughts to share.

First, why do we (Canadians) have to wait until the Americans say it's okay before our regulatory agency makes the decision? In light of that statement, it's hardly a decision, more like a sheep following the herd. Come on, we're intelligent enough to make up our own minds, aren’t we? Oh wait, I AM talking about government here.

Second, if this has been a known issue for ?? years, why aren’t the airplane manufacturers putting shielding in the electronics in their newer planes? Maybe they are, but I certainly have not heard that they are. If they aren't, they damn well better start doing those simple things right before trying to get fancy with other "selling features".

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Screw airplane mode, screw turning all connections OFF. How are the crew going to be able to tell anyways? Just take a screenshot with them off, show it to them, and they should be satisfied. ;)

There isn't any proof that it interferes with any flight instruments, back in the late 70's and early to late 80's, yes. Or no. Lol

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As a pilot, I can and do hear your data being transmitted in my headset, which occasionally can and has interfered with directions from the tower.

Transmitting anything isn't safe during takeoff and landing. Do you really want to risk your life, and mine, and others just because you can't pause your conversation for 5 min?

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