Canada's first NFC print ad appears in Connected magazine

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jan 2013 11:33 am EST

NFC is still not as widely used as it could be, but things are definitely coming along and being introduced to the general public. RIM has kicked things up a bit by putting an NFC ad in Rogers Connected magazine. The ad, when tapped with an NFC-enabled device, allows users instant access to a holiday gift offer, free BlackBerry apps, information on the new BlackBerry 10 devices and download of CIBC's mobile payment app. The ad is the first of its kind in Canada and looks to pave the way for many more. Check out the video above to see it in action.

Source: NFCWorld 

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Canada's first NFC print ad appears in Connected magazine


Many USA shopping malls, airports, and sports arenas already have Ads with NFC tags in them. They started popping up over a year ago. Samsung has had a few giving owners of their phones free songs. Even Lexus here has done them in Magazines here (Wired).

I really can't believe Rogers realigning with Blackberry....over the last few years they have not been pushing RIm, but more the iphone and recently a big push on WP8.....I hope they give BB10 the exposure in their stores when it hits the shelves shortly......

I Believe

.... Because RIM has the technology that Rogers needs to make NFC secure. :)

[ RIM NFC Security Tool Selected by Bell, Rogers, & Telus for Mobile Payments Venture ]

ok, am i the only one who's thinking this would be awesome for crazy clandestine spy meetings?

2 strangers sitting on a bench, one puts down his newspaper, the other puts his phone on it. Then they both pick them up and leave.

Or instructions for black ops agents under deep cover, printed in a particular issue of a particular magazine.

Rim needs to sponsor some upcoming movies and have BlackBerry be the device of choice for all things super badass spy-ish