Canada's BlackBerry Z10 release over 50% more successful than any previous launch

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By Simon Sage on 25 Feb 2013 01:47 pm EST

Canadian retailer Wireless Wave today announced that the BlackBerry Z10 has been their most popular smartphone this month, which is great news, but the more interesting information comes from BlackBerry's Managing Director of Canada, Andrew MacLeod.

"We are thrilled with the launch success of the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone in Canada. In fact, it was more than 50% better than any other launch day in our history in Canada."

Sure, BlackBerry has the home turf advantage when selling in Canada, but the warm reception bodes well for the future of the Z10 in other BlackBerry-friendly markets internationally.

Though we might not be getting some hard numbers out of MacLeod's statement, there have been lots of successful BlackBerry launches up here in the frozen north - the fact that the Z10 is blowing them all out of the water is great news for BlackBerry fans. Here's the full statement, but Canadians, how many Z10s have you seen out in the wild? How do the rest of you think the BlackBerry Z10 will do in your region?

The WIRELESSWAVE Group in Canada commented that the newly released BlackBerry Z10 was the leading smartphone sold within its stores since the February 5th launch by BlackBerry.

"We are delighted with strong customer acceptance and customer experience within our stores of the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone," stated David Hartman, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of WIRELESSWAVE Group, GLENTEL Inc.

"We are thrilled with the launch success of the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone in Canada," stated Andrew MacLeod, Managing Director of Canada at BlackBerry. "In fact, it was more than 50% better than any other launch day in our history in Canada. GLENTEL has been a strong partner of BlackBerry and the success of the BlackBerry Z10 in their Canadian retail locations is exceptional."


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Canada's BlackBerry Z10 release over 50% more successful than any previous launch


The article you linked to says the Z10 has sold better than those two phones this month. It is in no way comparing the Z10 to the launch of the Galaxy S3 or the iPhone5.

Just you wait till BlackBerry brings out the Key Board version.
It's going to smoke all other phones !!! Period !

Being that it is mentioned by the Managing Director of Blackberry in Canada I am interpreting it as if he is comparing it only to Blackberry launches. It is still great news!

I wonder what the best selling launch was? I'm guessing the Storm. I remember lots of anticipation and in-store marketing for that.

from the sounds of it, it's any phone that has launched. Wireless wave is a retailer that provides all of Canada's carriers in one shop

From the sounds of it, it is referring to Blackberry launches in Canada. The portion of the 50% increase is not coming from Wireless wave.

I went into a Wal-mart to see if I could handle an all touch BB and maybe upgrade but their display was broken...

I think it is just spin. It may be 50% better than the best previous BlackBerry launch, but was that best previous best launch when the overall smartphone, market was smaller.

But that also means that it's better than any BB phones launched last year. They may not take over the world in one step, but having 50%+ growth from the previous year will do wonders for the company.

And don't forget Z10 has higher gross margin than the older phones, so profit growth will track even higher than units growth.

Really? wow!

Sales are sales. The size of the "pool of potential buyers" is irrelevant when comparing current sales to previous sales.

Can anyone dig up some numbers on the previously biggest (most successful) BlackBerry launch in Canada? At least that way we can get an idea of numbers.

Well, I remember at one point BlackBerry stated BlackBerry 7 was their most successful global launch. They managed to sell 22 million BlackBerry 7 devices, not sure in what time frame though. I'll try finding the source and posting in the forums.

Thorsten Heins made this announcement shortly after the original launch of February 5, 2013, when the BlackBerry Z10 was released in Canada. Does this latest quote mean it is a continuing trend or is this reference strictly to sales figures / volumes reported by the wireless carriers in Canada for February 5th and announced by the BlackBerry CEO the same week?

I have one, my brother has one, 3 people he works with have one and my father has one. Not bad for my little circle in Nova Scotia.

That's very good news~!! Been to Nova Scotia once and love Halifax =)
Does BlackBerry have a branch in Nova Scotia jwyoungy? One day I read on the news about BlackBerry thinking of reducing the number of staff in the east coast but not sure if it's Nova Scotia but as more and more of us are coming back to BlackBerry, BB will have to hire more staff again~! I feel bad for those 5000+ BB workers who lost their jobs during the tough transistion.

They will publish at the quarter. The z10 is selling well at Rogers and is in high demand according to our the Rogers Rep that looks after our account. We incorporated 2 units as a test. Passed with flying colors now the rest of the employees are getting them by choice.

The owner of my company is looking to upgrade our current 2-way 8350i's(haha. Thank god) I purchased my Z10 on launch day so I've been updating him regularly. His sales rep at Telus just sent him an email stating " 50% of Z10 have been sent back due to software and email issues, and that he should consider iphone or android". I damn near pissed myself when I read the email, considering of 100 reviews on the Telus Site the Z10 averages 4.7 out of 5.

Anyway, I'm just posting to bring to light that if the sales of Z10s truly are better than expected, which I believe, then this is also with the fact that sales staff are still pushing iOS and android. Which to me, is great news. Of the 10 people I personally know with z10s, zero have had software or email, issues. The biggest concern is/was battery life and tempurature, which all seem to improve with use.

I Bleed Black & Berry

Wow @ Telus. iPhones have been devastating exchange servers... though no one seems to talk about it... and if there was an issue like that with blackberry it would be all over the news because everyone loves to hate BB.

Telus seems to be negative on Z10. I purchased my Z10 from Telus and was the first person in the Telus store on launch day. The girl helping me opened her first Z10 and looked at it while it was booting up and shook her head and said "typical Blackberry". She explained how much easier her IPhone is to use. It was the first time she had ever seen the phone and it wasn't yet turned on when she made that comment?? Maybe a visit from a Blackberry rep could help!

Good news for BB about the sales... People likes to see numbers. The way the world works. BB10 is so awesome & I'm lovin my Z10.

here in the Philippines many people are looking forward to Blackberry but what always happens here is that when all the hype of the new handset is at its peak BB's Flagship is nowhere to found. and now HTC ONE has been announced and XPERIA Z(has arrived recently in our market) what would you expect? of course people would jump to the newest handset in he market how i hope BB could do something out of this last time when they released the Bold 9900 here it also comes late in the party, where all the recent announced flagship are already in the maket! :(

I've heard it is the same case other parts of Asia also, for example, heard Hong Kong still has no launch date...

Z10 is just vapourware to that market if there is no device launch...