Canada Post rolls out their new BlackBerry 10 app just in time for holiday shipping!

By Bla1ze on 6 Dec 2013 10:09 pm EST

Just in time for holiday shipping, Canada Post has released their brand new BlackBerry 10 app into BlackBerry World and it's now available for download. While the UI is pretty simple looking, it manages to get the job done and is packed with all the features you'd expect for what they offer by way of services.

  • Track a Package: Check the delivery status of your items. Simply tap in your tracking number or use our scanner to scan the barcode from a delivery slip / delivery notice card or your retail receipt! You can choose to name your item (e.g. My books)—making it easier to monitor multiple deliveries—and keep a history of all your tracked items in a self-managed list. 
  • Find a Rate: Find out what it costs to send anything anywhere in the world! 
  • Find a Postal Code: Look up a postal code to make sure your cards and packages are addressed correctly, even for rural and PO Box addresses. Save postal codes to your address book for easy retrieval.
  • Find a Post Office: Locate a Post Office near you, or anywhere in Canada.
  • Picture Postage™ Stamps: Create personalized stamps for your letters and invitations. Get started by taking a picture or access any photos that you have stored on your camera roll!
  • Picture Postage™ Postcards and Greeting Cards: Turn your photos into printed postcards—with delivery anywhere in the world for just $2.45 for a postcard or $2.95 for a greeting card! Take a photo or select one from your camera roll, choose the recipient(s) from your contacts list and write your personal message. We'll print, stamp and mail the postcard to each person on your list! 

One thing not included in the app however is ePost. A bit of a bummer for those who use the service but maybe that will be added in a future update, plus they've included a contact us section so if you really want to see it added you can send them note saying so. The app shows support for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is available in Canada and the U.S.

Download Canada Post for BlackBerry 10

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Canada Post rolls out their new BlackBerry 10 app just in time for holiday shipping!


It's not native Cascades. It's probably built in HTML5 or Adobe AIR. But they are able to mimic the looks of cascades through bbUI. Look at the action bar. The action bar for Cascades apps are only allowed to have blue lines. The lines in the action bar here is red. So its not Cascades. Also, if you download the app, you'll notice that you cannot peek and flow with it. Also, the transitions may be different. That's how you tell.

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Definitely is Cascades. I'm not sure what app you're using but I can peek/flow just fine. There are smooth transitions and I can pull down to get an application menu (and by not letting go, you can move it up and down in/out of the transition which you cannot do in webworks).

Pulling to the right brings up the left-side tab menu, and if you slide it over to just expose the menu icons, it will sit there when you let go as well. If you use the multiple select option from the context menu, you'll see the traditional Cascades multi-select tool pop up from the bottom as well.

etc, etc, etc. 100% Cascades.

I've installed this app and I find it easy to use. Its not the fanciest but it works well. Package tracking takes a while to search but that could also be because I was in my basement and didn't have 4g coverage.

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What?! 8 comments and not a single complaint? No BlackBerry is doomed? No too little too late?

CrackBerry is slacking...

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Sweet! Been waiting on this forever. They made it native too. Time to delete the Android version.

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Seriously???? I have a package currently shipped using Canada Post and the app nor their website can track it. what is the point? I only wished the website I visited had used UPS or FedEx.

Try package tracker pro. I this absolutely insane. Tracks packages from all carriers. Works amazing for me.

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Unavailable in my country. It doesn't let me read the news about Canada. :(

Posted via CB10 by Z30

This would be great for me. I am a Canadian living in Italy. But the app will not load here! Too bad.

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Not quite right. More accurately a very, very militant union and a federal mandate that dictates exactly what Canada Post can and cannot do is what's to blame, couples with a rather obvious decline in physical mail that's being sent.

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From what I have heard spending 1 billion dollars on machines that only sort "declining" letter mail only and nothing else is a very stupid move. Not to smart if you ask me in this day and age when everything is electronic don't you think... not to mention after they bought the Obsolete machines they sent out flyers saying don't get mail delivered to your home go online... lol making there machines even more useless...

Awesome, innovopost did a great job considering the pressures they face internally. With the drop of letter mail and rise in packages Canada Post is making the right moves towards the 2 bundle delivery mode and focusing on the parcel business. The future is with parcels given the amount of reach that Canada Post has compared to its competitors. Releasing the app just before Christmas is good timing.

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Note: for the postal code you have to tap the blue location icon after the map finds the address. I thought it didn't work till I figured that out.

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I am an importer, its about time they served this up. Had it on OS7 and found it pretty handy. Glad to see it.

Now they just need to lower delivery parcel rates, and fire incompetent delivery people!

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Great job Canada Post

Now only if we knew how to spread the word that BlackBerry 10 is so awesome

To be honest, since I got my z10 I have been so amazed and addicted by it.

Everyday I love Z10 and blackberry 10 more and more.

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"Find a post office" isn't working for me. It shows markers for the post offices but the underlying street map is missing. All I have is a white background.

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