Canada Day giveaway - Your choice of SmrtWallet or SmrtCase Glide for BlackBerry - 10 to be won!

SmrtWallet for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 1 Jul 2010 11:48 am EDT

A few months back we had the first look at the SmrtCase Glide for BlackBerry, a great case that allows you to carry a few cards (credit cards, ID etc) right on your phone so you never misplace them. I'm a big fan of cases like this that condense my items and make things easier. Next in line is the SmrtWallet, a more refined leather case that lets you hold up to four cards in addition to your BlackBerry. The SmrtWallet holds almost every device and is available in three colors so you can pick one that fits your style. The construction is awesome and this is one case that is sure to hold up over time. The SmrtWallet is available for $29.99 at Check out the video below for a quick review. 

Contest: We're celebrating Canada Day today (but this contest is open to everyone) and have 10 cases to give away. You can choose from either the new SmrtWallet or SmrtCase Glide. To enter just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

SmrtWallet for BlackBerry Smartphones

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Reader comments

Canada Day giveaway - Your choice of SmrtWallet or SmrtCase Glide for BlackBerry - 10 to be won!



These cases are very rare to find. I am in business and it would be ideal to just have one wallet to carry with my BB. This would be conveient and certainly going to be very popular. Love the concept and would certainly enjoy this product.

I've been wanting to buy this for my wife, but I had to convince her first... Now if I win this, I'm sure she'll like it and let me buy one for myself... Please please choose me!!!

I have a problem, my wallet is falling apart. I was looking for another solution other than buying a new one? Any ideas? =) I'd like a shot at the prize please.

I have a problem, my wallet is falling apart. I was looking for another solution other than buying a new one? Any ideas? =) I'd like a shot at the prize please.

I've been hoping someone would make something exactly like this. I would use it everyday. PLEASE SEND ME ONE, I HAVE A BOLD9700. THANKSSS

OMG im kinda pissed. I just recently bought the blackberry leather slip case. Same thing except mine doesnt have the wallet features. Awwwwwwww I want this soooo bad now!

This would be awesome for nights out. I hate having my bulky wallet with me specially when sitting for long periods of time. The black smrtwallet looks really sleek. Very nice. Might have to pick one up if I don't win lol.

Very smart idea. Now my card and blackberry will be in one place, meaning I will have my life in one hand :)

Hello Friends, I have brought5 so many cases, and this one looks like it will do whaT i NMEED. I would sure like to win one. It looks wonmderful. Thank you for makingh it.

This is something I need this summer when riding my motorcycle, It will reduce the bulkness of having to carry a wallet and my phone separately, this combines it. I'll take one

i would love to have one of these for my 9700, the blackberry silicone case just isnt holding up anymore

i really think this is cool i wish i just had one of these while on vacation i had my cards and phone out side and lost two of my card if i had one of these ii could keep iit all together way to go crackberry the best in the world

Will the number 1 site please stand up, please stand up. drug lovers favorite fruit is the crackberry. Luggage checked at the airport and so is my blackberry. Never lost a card thanks to the SmrtWallet. So confident I will win this contest you can say I called it. Crackberry is always on my mind. They have the best blogs and their admins are so kind. One last question while I beg on my knees. Will you choose me as the winner I need this please?

Sounds pretty cool,plus I need a new case as my old one just broke so what timing hook me up please.

I'm always losing my stuff. for me, if i can keep everything in one place i can save at least 20 min a day. That's almost 2 and a half hours a week. 10 hours a month. Five days a year I spend looking for my things before I go out the door. Think about it. Then give me a smrtwallet. :)

The SmrtWallet looks like the Blackberry accessory to have. Right now I don't have a case or anything to carry my phone in, and with this I could carry my phone and other things.


magnetic strips? Went to Amsterdam recently on the ferry. Put my keycard for the room into the wallt of my 9700, and after about 2 hours, my keycard didn't work. Possibly the magnet in the wallet scrubed the info. Anyone else had this prob, or will these new smartwallets effect any cards?

They look damn nice though, so will probably buy 2

I go out a lot and this would eliminate the purse and clutch situation. Phone, credit, and ID cards all in one... Very convenient.

Now everywhere I go, I take two things in my pocket, one of course is my 9700, the other one is a beat-up credit card holder that only has two pockets, so I end up using each pockets to store 2 cards, one pocket has my ATM card and my driver license, the other pocket has two of my most used credit card, and in the middle is just limited amount of cash, US$20 mostly as if I fit more, I won't be able to carry it as it's too thick.

With this, not only I eliminated my credit card holder, but at the same time, it carries my phone and my cards in one place. AWESOME

I will post pic of my old credit card holder and my new case if I win to see how this would help my situation.

Crossing my finger now. :)