Canada Day giveaway - Your choice of SmrtWallet or SmrtCase Glide for BlackBerry - 10 to be won!

SmrtWallet for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 1 Jul 2010 11:48 am EDT

A few months back we had the first look at the SmrtCase Glide for BlackBerry, a great case that allows you to carry a few cards (credit cards, ID etc) right on your phone so you never misplace them. I'm a big fan of cases like this that condense my items and make things easier. Next in line is the SmrtWallet, a more refined leather case that lets you hold up to four cards in addition to your BlackBerry. The SmrtWallet holds almost every device and is available in three colors so you can pick one that fits your style. The construction is awesome and this is one case that is sure to hold up over time. The SmrtWallet is available for $29.99 at Check out the video below for a quick review. 

Contest: We're celebrating Canada Day today (but this contest is open to everyone) and have 10 cases to give away. You can choose from either the new SmrtWallet or SmrtCase Glide. To enter just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

SmrtWallet for BlackBerry Smartphones

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Reader comments

Canada Day giveaway - Your choice of SmrtWallet or SmrtCase Glide for BlackBerry - 10 to be won!



looks good.. but i feel its a lil over priced still :(

but hey the finishing looks good and it sure looks like it will last a lifetime

Looks like a good idea for a case and a wallet replacement, I might use it, but I don't love the idea enough to go buy it. So winning one would surely make me use it, who knows I might end up loving it...

This wallet improves the original/official Blackberry wallet that is the same concept except w/o the card slots.
Another improvement: my 9630 Tour wouldn't stick out 1/2 inch or so !

Yes - I still have my original 9630 and never any problems w/ trackball, battery door, battery, 5.0+ OS, etc....

I would love the smrtcase glide for my BOLD 9650 in the color Flamingo! It would be perfect to carry around my college campus with my school ID in it because we get asked to show it quite often and its so annoying to dig for my wallet when my BOLD is always in my hand lol

really would love to own this item since im always carrying my large purse and blackberry anyway, this would also be safer for me and not attract to much attention to myself carrying a large purse in a shopping parking lot.

That is great! I would like to win, If not I will buy one for my phone. Happy Canada day to all of Canadian!

ohhhh...pick me pick me lol

i just got a new bb and have been looking for a case, i really dig the smrtcase glide

when it was on the site before, because it actually looks really neat. very nice product, I hope I win as this would save me some much needed pocket space ;)

Pick me Pick me! I have been waiting for this for awhile. If you gotta pick the first time to win one of these things, I wouldnt mind this wallet case.

I have to win something. This would be a nice addition to my 9550.

You never now and like they say you can't win unless you buy a ticket so here goes nothing.

Thanks in advance.

This looks just wonderful! PS - went to Wonderland today for Canada Day and the camera took a photo of myself and two other family members on The Fly ... all on our BBs during the entire ride. I think I deserve this little prize!

Would love to have that for this summer when im hitting up Canada's Wonderland so I don't need to worry about losing anything at all when on rides or forgetting anything because my phone is there. This case looks amazing and is a for sure winner in my mind, hope I'm one of the lucky 10 to win this

I've been looking for a case like this. Hopefully I am lucky and win so I don't have to buy it haha

I saw this on YouTube!! I nearly squealed in excitement to my mum. Who shook her head.. Lmao, I was at the Zoo today for Canada day, and had to tote my storm2, and my wallet..and my water..and then a souvenir bag,.. it was quite cumbersome! I would love any of those! Consider this hoarder, Lol.

Oooooo I'd Love To Get A Black SmrtCase Glide For My Tour! Happy Canada To All My Fellow Canadians Out There, Where Ever You May Be :)
Thanks For This Opportunity Crackberry And The People At SmrtCase!

Looks terrific. I'm curious whether the berry battery could damage the credit card magnets, but they must have a special lining if they're selling these products. Will definitely look into them. Great contest!

Count me in, would love to have one for my phone since i seem to have problems holding on to it. (poor phone abuse)

That was a lot of posts to read to ensure that I was able to leave an original comment/thought here. Good luck everybody!

This is the exact case I have been wanting. I have been putting my ID and some cash is my regular tour leather slide and it does not work great. This would be perfect!

hi. i carry my bold 9700 naked but this might be just the thing i need to dress it up properly.

I would love the SmrtCase Glide for the 9650! Anything that helps me NOT have to carry my wallet around!

I've been looking for something like this years. A slim case with pockets to care credit card/diver's license.

Looks like a cool case. Leaving my bulky wallet home now and again when I only need a few cards would be great.

My berry doesn't work up in Cottage country, so I'm back at the grind at work today, so Happy Belated Canada to all my fellow Canadians like me

PICK ME PLEASE. I could really use this when i am out in the field working. with this i would not have to carry my wallet with all of my money, credit cards, personal identification cards and safety + technical certifications which my job requires i carry on my person at all times during work hours. with this i can have my phone and certs with me only and no need for the rest of it .

I need to win one of these because I just dig the Canadian music scene---Anne Murray, Charlie Acourt, Leahy.

This would be a nice option as a grab and go, so that you only take the esentials when you leave the house! I want one!

Not only is my wallet falling apart, but the native screen protector on my 8900 is starting to come off in the corner. (pretty please!)

This would be great to have! My Fiancee is always yelling at me for "carrying" my BB and wallet all the time. If i can combine them hopefully no more complaints! Help me out Crackberry!

I thought this would be a Canada-only thing. These cases would be great for when I leave the house in shorts that don't have pockets! Hope I win one :)

And I think almost everyone can agree with me that it sure looks better then the clunk-o-case that comes default with our blackberry's. One for me!

This is a great idea im assuming there is no clip attached im glad to see a case making our lives more streamline

This is the best thing I've seen in a while case-wise

great to leave wallet at home when going out for the evening!

Does smart wallet have magnet like bb cases to put phone to sleep while in case to save batt life???