Canada Day giveaway - Your choice of SmrtWallet or SmrtCase Glide for BlackBerry - 10 to be won!

SmrtWallet for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 1 Jul 2010 11:48 am EDT

A few months back we had the first look at the SmrtCase Glide for BlackBerry, a great case that allows you to carry a few cards (credit cards, ID etc) right on your phone so you never misplace them. I'm a big fan of cases like this that condense my items and make things easier. Next in line is the SmrtWallet, a more refined leather case that lets you hold up to four cards in addition to your BlackBerry. The SmrtWallet holds almost every device and is available in three colors so you can pick one that fits your style. The construction is awesome and this is one case that is sure to hold up over time. The SmrtWallet is available for $29.99 at Check out the video below for a quick review. 

Contest: We're celebrating Canada Day today (but this contest is open to everyone) and have 10 cases to give away. You can choose from either the new SmrtWallet or SmrtCase Glide. To enter just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

SmrtWallet for BlackBerry Smartphones

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Reader comments

Canada Day giveaway - Your choice of SmrtWallet or SmrtCase Glide for BlackBerry - 10 to be won!



i hope i win this 1 i need a new wallet. and case and i never hope i win in these contest, but this time i do i am super picky and case wallet looks very sleek. pick me. pick me.

hockey, blackberry and molson my three favorite things from Canada, and in celebration I will enjoy all three on this glorious Canada Day!

My wife would love this - she already carries cards in the case that came with her 9700. I checked the site, but I didn't see anything about a magnet (for in/out of holster). Does anybody know?

Please let me have one!Please let me have one!Please let me have one!Please let me have one!Please let me have one!Please let me have one!Please let me have one!

wallet and phone combo would be perfect. I'm always at the beach and have a hard time carrying both my wallet and phone. it would be nice to keep them together.

Smart is it! This is cool. All they need to do is add a magnetic money clip for an option. I would love to have this for my deuce.

It would be to hard for me to choose which case I would want, both are great and convenient. Thanks for another opportunity to win something great CB!

Good luck to everyone!

looks awesome. this would be sweet for when riding my motorcycle i wouldn't have to carry my wallet too!

I want one plz! HUGE bb fan using a tour hoping to upgrade to the 9800 when it comes out :)

... or apple will claim it!! Me, i see them for the 1st time and the awesomeness took me by the night... Too bad my Balkan country is too far, so I'll probably have to wait for a chinese copy...

Hey hopefully ii get thois cuz seri I don't have a wallet everything such as my cards n coins r just shoved into my pocket

something to replace this duct tape wallet i have and carry my Bold in... LET ME HAVE ONE PLEASE SIR THANK YOU! BLACK WOULD BE NICE

is great! I could reallt use one of these....say bye-bye to the wallet! Great product and will be very useful!

I can't wait to see the gifts ure giving away for the forth of july! A much bigger holiday than canada day :cP

I bought a case to replace a case I lost but the one I bought just kept falling apart. The construction of this case looks fairly simple. Maybe this is what I need and it look like it won't fall apart.

To all Canadians, Happy Canada Day!

This is the perfect case for my BB. Wondering though, does it have a magnet to lock the device?

So cute!

I hope I win and great to see you CND Store. Be certain that you will get my business!


Looks like an interesting wallet. While I usually use an OtterBox Defender, maybe this would work out for those evenings out and weekends.

I was wondering what the big fuss was all about. As sson as I clicked on the link I finally figured out what was so special about this wallet. Now I'd especially like to see it in my pocket along with my Berry.

Free Contest Giveaways!! I would love this case for my 8900. Never thought about a case and a wallet, but now that I know it exists, I want it!!

I am in the field all day and can't carry my purse with me. This would be a great wallet to have. It would make my life much easier.

This case/wallet would work great with my 9700. Whenim at the beach who wants to carry a wallet and case but with this I get both in one stylish and cool. Im in.

Definitely looks awesome, would be awesome to win. Thanks for the opportunity Crackberry, you're the best

She doesn't like taking her Tour on motorcycle rides, because it's too big for a pants pocket. This might be the perfect way to convince her to ditch the wallet instead!

That looks great...I'd love to have one my Bold...would be great while working at the hospital, losing your debit card sucks!

New Blackberry owner and new visitor to Crackberry as well. Love the looks of this thing - hope I win one!

Would love to score one of these for times I dont want to carry my wallet and BlackBerry!!! BlackBerry always have to be with me so this would help keep credit cards with me as well.