Canada Day giveaway - Your choice of SmrtWallet or SmrtCase Glide for BlackBerry - 10 to be won!

SmrtWallet for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 1 Jul 2010 11:48 am EDT

A few months back we had the first look at the SmrtCase Glide for BlackBerry, a great case that allows you to carry a few cards (credit cards, ID etc) right on your phone so you never misplace them. I'm a big fan of cases like this that condense my items and make things easier. Next in line is the SmrtWallet, a more refined leather case that lets you hold up to four cards in addition to your BlackBerry. The SmrtWallet holds almost every device and is available in three colors so you can pick one that fits your style. The construction is awesome and this is one case that is sure to hold up over time. The SmrtWallet is available for $29.99 at Check out the video below for a quick review. 

Contest: We're celebrating Canada Day today (but this contest is open to everyone) and have 10 cases to give away. You can choose from either the new SmrtWallet or SmrtCase Glide. To enter just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

SmrtWallet for BlackBerry Smartphones

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Canada Day giveaway - Your choice of SmrtWallet or SmrtCase Glide for BlackBerry - 10 to be won!



PEOPLE, i was about to check out and tried just randomly tried promo code crackberry, and it gave me 10 bucks off. I hope this isn't a mistake. But got mine for 10 bucks off. Hope it works for you.

People use promotion code "crackberry" at check out and you get $10 bucks off! I just bought my case and it really worked.

Thanks for sharing jjhoward2005!

Not to sound greedy with the subject. It looks like a great idea, protect your precious blackberry as well as keep your credit cards and ID at easy reach.

The smrtwallet looks like it would suit me just fine. Please and thank you.
Please consider me.
Oh yah I have a 9550!

I don't usually use a case, but this would be one Iof the few that I would actually use. Looks cool! :D

I really like the idea! I could have my work pass always with my BlackBerry what would make me never forget about it again :D

Happy Canada Day Everyone!

This is Just the Solution I've Been Looking For and Would Love to Win One! Good Luck Everyone!

true blackberry love, in all ours RIM's command! With glowing screens we see the light, our emails, scores and more...

I just got my blackberry upgraded with verizon, from the tour to the bold. I am loving it with all my heart, sorry friends and family, but i am afraid i am going to ding it somehow, or even worse scratch the screen! This case would first off help protect my BB bold, and second off free up some of my thoughts to other people, instead of worrying about my bb.

I have been searching for something like this forever!! I've tried a bunch of similar products but nothing ever had enough slots for cards or they contain a belt clip! This is exactly what I need. I would be super stoked to win one of these! Count me in.


Wouldn't the magnetic waves given off by your Berry eventually destroy the magnetic strips on credit cards and other things of that nature?

I could have used that case yesterday at the Amusement park. I was telling my wife that all I wanted to bring was my credit cards and my Blackberry. But I needed a safe way to carry them.

looking for one of these ever since i had the storm 1!! would now be exstatic to have the wallet for my bold 9650

this has to be one of the greatest idea's ever, i would love one as i dont really use a wallet other than for a few cards and money

I just lost my wallet. Shame there's no Glide for the Storm 2 9550, so I guess I will have to go with the SmrtWallet for the BlackBerry.

I had been using the standard blackberry sleeve that comes with all blackberries now to hold my cards and dough, but the sleeve eventually molds itself to the shape of the cards so when I placed my BB back in it, after like 6 months, it took me like 15 mins. to pry it back out! Hahaha The SmrtWallet is definitely an answered prayer for me.

I hate having to take my entire wallet when I'm going to the gym or to play sports. With this, I could only take the essentials and have them stored with my phone. Genius!

Finally a great combination that every BlackBerry user WILL use. Keep your ID's, credt cards, and BlackBerry safe and always together. ~ : )

Wow this looks damn sexy. I really need a case for my 9650 because my innocase II broke!!! Thanks for a sweet giveaway!

It's always annoying to choose pockets! This is such a clever thing, I can't believe I never thought to look for something like this.

My wallet is so damaged that I was on my way to buy another...
But now,when I saw this super amazing contest,as always I can kill two flies with one strike,of course,if I get this one from u brilliant Crackheads!!!
Good luck to us all.........:)))))))))))

Awesome stuff! Hadn't thought of a wallet / Blackberry case. Hope I'm lucky enough to win one! Nothing for my BB can fit in my budget at the moment :/

These look like awesome cases for travel and for summer activities. I could sure use one of these great cases.

i watched the review on youtube before this was posted. I think it is a great new idea. I hope i can win one