Canada Day and Independence Day Contest: 100 FREE One-Year Subscriptions to SmrtGuard!

SmrtGuard Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Jul 2009 08:45 am EDT

To Celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day this week, SmrtGuard is hosting a contest and is giving away 100 subscriptions for their One-Year Subscription Plan (retail at USD $44.99 each) to citizens of that other country we know and love, CrackBerry Nation. To enter for your chance to win, all you need to do is login and leave a comment to this blog post. Contest entry closes this Sunday at midnight PST, and we'll announce the winners on the blogs next week. Good luck!

If you don't know what SmrtGuard is, it is a software that let's you backup and restore personal data over the air, track the location of your device, and to critically execute a remote wipe in the event of theft or loss. Backed up data includes your Contacts (with contact pics), PIMs, and now SMS. We've covered it a few times previously on the CrackBerry blogs - be sure to check out this post and this post for more info or click the image above to jump over to

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Canada Day and Independence Day Contest: 100 FREE One-Year Subscriptions to SmrtGuard!



God bless america and canada lol Would love to rock smart guard already lost tweo blackberries;( Im 1St

I've wanted to buy this for sometime but the price is a little steep. Hope to win it, who knows maybe after the year I'll realize in cant live without it and subscribe!

Happy Birthday guys... Was born in Ottawa and still got my heart over there!
Hi to anybody from Hopital General d'Ottawa reading this!
Much Love!!!!!!!
Canada should be proud to have RIM and RIM should be proud to have SmrtGuard héhé...

I've been using this app since the beta release bu haven't decided if I want to pay the subscription. Winning a cop sure would make that decision easier.

Another great giveaway by another great member of the community!

Awesome product, I love it. Here's hoping!

Love the protection concept of this app. My whole LIFE is on my BB!!!!!! If there's a fire in my home? GRAB THE BLACKBERRY FIRST!

I have been looking at this for a while, its just 44.99 is a lot on money. What a great Independence Day give away. GOD BLESS THE USA!

I would like to have this app. Can you move subscription to another phone if changing devices during the one year subscription?

Having Beta Tested SmartGuard and liking it was great. Being a Canadian but living in Indonesia, Also like it, is a great match.

So, why not give me one free year for liking it :-)

It sounds like a great application, especially since it seems more of our BBs are sprouting legs and going off to who knows where.

Having lost my phone a couple of times, I got it back BTW, I would have had peace of mind with this app! Remote wipe and a "listen" for it feature...what more could you want???

Perhaps one of the greatest apps for the BB of all time. Would love to win so I can prove that ;-)

It's amazing to me how far we have come with cellular technology. It's companies like SmrtGuard that makes it even more amazing to be able to own something and feel secure about it. Thanks to all the developers for such hard work you do. Happy 4th!!!! Go Blackberry!!!!

Dear random selection algorithm. I know your secrets. Pick me and I will resist sharing them with the world. That is all.

This application looks Awesome! I have been looking for someway to track my phone and do the backups, and this looks like it! Crackberry is set as my homepage, thanks guys.

Please enter me.

This would be good to have especially since I use my Blackberry and my BIS plan for work related emails etc.

I sooooooooo need this. I am constantly leaving my BB behind in all kinds of places. To this point I have been lucky and always got it back but Ii don't know how long my luck will actually hold out.

Love this app. Happy Canada Day. I only wish this app would allow you to send a msg to the screen of a lost/stolen blackberry. GetItBack by Convenience Software can do that but doesn't do all that this app dose.

Anyway, here's to hoping I win! :)

I would love to win this app. one of my friends had it on his 8900 and when he lost it he went online and remote wiped it and then he found it 2 hrs. later in his couch LOL this software rocks.

I had the beta to this application and I love it. It would be awesome to have a One year subscription to it. I honestly can't see myself not having this application after actually using it.

i'm always leaving my berry laying around, so having this would be great just in case my berry ever gets stolen

I tested the beta version for this, and thought the software was very helpful. There are so many tools to protect your blackberry. It basically screws over anybody thinking they can steal your phone. Not only can you shut it down, but you can locate it, find the thief, and punish them for their actions. lol

It is great that we have smart guard I love it, been on the beta for a while now. But it seems to me that these all functions that should have come with a BB device already installed.
After all these are supposed to be business phones which will have sensitive data on them from the premier maker of business phones.

Thank goodness SmartGuard came along, well worth the few extra bucks for the security of knowing my data is safe and I can track and wipe my phone from anywhere if I ever need to.

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It would suck to lose my BB not because of the $200.00 (that would suck too) but beause of the information on it. With this software would back it up and wipe it out if it ever got misplaced. Sign me up!

Hello good folks. I have been losing apps and othe valuables and I do n't back up as often as i should, there goes my need for smartguard!

I had a really good experience with the beta. Hope I win. Then I can justify buying a copy for the wife's bb.

A long time ago I had an application like this for a Treo650...I loved it. This looks light years a head though. I know that this application would be a great benefit for me in my line of work because if I ever loose my bb I AM SCREWED!!!!!!!!

I hope I win, but if not I will continue on this endless road of crackberry contest rejection. Good luck all!

yes, it's independence day and that means yet another crackberry contest i won't win. *sigh*

I was in the first bunch of beta users for this software. Initially, there were a few bumps and hiccups with the program - as there were with most programs trying to figure out the Storm.

Over the last several months, this program has improved greatly and has added a bunch of neat features that should attract the attention of new and experienced Blackberry users alike.

I have recommended this program to several of my fellow Blackberry users - and have "bragged" on this program to those that use other smart phones and PDA's.

Keep up the good work SmartGuard !!

I am currently using this app and love it but would love it even more if I got it for free!!! I hope I am one of the lucky ones selected.

Yay, this would be a awesome product to have and to show all my other friends why my BB is better than theirs.

I would like to win a subscription to the service. Since they are going to turn it off today anyways. PLease O Please O magic computer picking software let me win. hahahaha