In Canada and pre-ordered a BlackBerry Z10? Get your cases, batteries and other Z10 accessories at the CrackBerry Canada store!

CrackBerry Canada - #1 BlackBerry Accessory Store in Canada
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2013 06:05 pm EST

Live in Canada with a BlackBery Z10 pre-ordered? Drop a comment to this post for a chance to win $100 in our CrackBerry Canada store!

**Update: This week's winner is Swamp_Donkey! Congrats!**

The BlackBerry Z10 goes on sale in Canada this coming week. From what we've heard, the pre-order volume has been better than good, it has been AMAZING.

So ahead of the big release day I wanted to give all our friends in Canada a friendly reminder that when it comes to accessorizing your new Z10, our CrackBerry Canada store is where it's at. Whether it's BlackBerry Z10 casesBlackBerry Z10 batteriesBlackBerry Z10 chargers and everything in between, there is no better place to buy from online and you'll be supporting this site. 

If you take a stroll through the CB Canada store you'll see lots of BlackBerry Z10 accessories are already listed, that are either in stock or available for pre-order (and pre-order items will be in stock soon and ready to ship). And of course our Canada store ships from within Canada, so you don't have to worry about customs or duties and FREE SHIPPING is available on most orders over $50. 

Win $100 in Free Z10 Accessories from CrackBerry Canada: Take a stroll through the growing selection of Z10 accessories and drop a comment here letting us know what you'd want to get first for your BlackBerry Z10, and we'll pick a lucky winner out of the comments to win $100 in free accessories (we'll announce the winner on Tuesday, Feb. 5th). Good luck!

Luck aside, the Z10 is almost here Canada, so get your Z10 accessory shopping on!

Check out BlackBerry Z10 Accessories in the CrackBerry Canada store!

Reader comments

In Canada and pre-ordered a BlackBerry Z10? Get your cases, batteries and other Z10 accessories at the CrackBerry Canada store!



What is the first thing I would like to get... rid of my iPhone 3G, then probably a case.
Kind of like Christmas in Feb.

I've got two z10's on pre order, and I can't wait till Tuesday! A few bucks would help out greatly. I would love to get some extra batteries, and accessories. I also want a BB shirt too!

Good morning crankberrians! 4 days more getting closer now....can't wait to get my BB10 and grab some stuff at crankberry.... Go crankberians go!

I would love the spare batt charger pack and a black flip case. A screen protector would be nice too!!

With Rogers, i got a phone confirmation on Friday that my new Z10 was already in the store waiting for me. The worst part is knowing that it is sitting there and not being able to pick it up until Tuesday. Very excited about getting my new phone. Keep up the great work Team CrackBerry.

Is anyone going to make a charging CRADLE? I really like my 9800 cradle as a bedside alarm clock. Also, emailed Seidio about holster - they are still thinking about it. Spare battery/charger seems like a good idea too.

2 days ago Telus Web Site said pre orders will ship on Feb. 04. Today it says pre orders will ship Feb. 11. I called Telus and the guy said the first batch of pre orders sold out. Don't know any numbers but that's a good sign

heavy userrr So stoked for BB10 !!!!! def gotta pick up that battery pack/charger thinger !!!!
Feb 5th!!! any news on Mobilicity or Wind yet?!

man where to start, let's try, so many Z10 accessories:

Battery Charger Bundle
Flip Shell Case
Leather Pocket Pouch
Transform Hard Shell

Awesome! Just got a replacement case for my PlayBook from the church store! Got my Z10 pre-ordered and can't wait to get some accessories!

Please, please, wife is getting the Z10. She needs to accessorize. I am waiting for the Q10.

Please, please, wife is getting the Z10. She needs to accessorize. I am waiting for the Q10.

Batteries and cases as far as the eyes can see... I think I need that ;D

*yaaay I'm the 300th post, that's got to be worth something! There were 300 spartans and they did things so yeah! 300 sw00t!

Pre-ordered & anxiously (nervously) awaiting delivery. Accessories always welcome. Crackberry is a great service, especially for those of us in the boonies.

That battery charger is crazy cool. The charger with a spare battery in it can be used to charge your BB and its current battery without doing the battery pop and swap! That's nuts!!

I definitely was the battery charging bumdle and maybe even a case for it, but I haven't decided on which one just yet.

I'd love the battery charger bundle, leather pocket pouch, and a silicon skin cover! Can't wait for my new Z10 on Feb 5th :)

I can't wait to get the Z10 Battery Charger Bundle, and the Transform Hard Shell.
Tuesday can't come fast enough. :)

Hey! The battery charger and extra battery is a nice looking combo and will fit in with the way that my new Blackberry will be used. And yes I do wish our US bretherin could get the new BB's sooner, but the beef is with the US telco's. Be patient and do call you suppliers!

I signed up to this site for a chance to win....well I'm here all the time anyways, but anyways some new swag to go with my new z10 I'm picking up Tuesday would be awesome

Just pre-ordered our Z10 (for me and the wife) yesterday. Free accessories would be awesome! Now, if only Tuesday could get here faster...

I'll be picking up 2 transformer cases, one for me and one for the white Z10 I'm getting my girlfriend for Valentines Day ! Then I'd pick up the Motorola bluetooth headphones so I can proudly show my Z10 off at the gym.

I definitely want the spare battery charge, and the flip cover looks very cool, would eliminate the pocket dialing problem. Hook me up please!

I'll be waiting for my Rogers store to open on Tuesday. I've heard that the pre-orders are already there but are not allowed to release just yet. If I didnt lose my wallet after snowboarding yesterday I would have already ordered a case, screen protector, and an HDMI cable for my "ZED"10

I'm stoked in Stratford ON. Did due diligent carrier research. Going with FIDO promo plan. $350 up front for the Z10, 2 year entry level SmartPlan @ $45/m.
Today, Saturday, I cocked the hammer w FIDO and watched the agent Angelica stick a post-it w my information on a sealed boxed Z10 in her lock-up cabinet.
Trigger gets pulled at noon on Tuesday February 5.

Oh y3eah, the Bill Store in the local Mall had both the white and black Z10 dummies on display for hands-on fondling...just what I was expecting, sensuous Class.

Too impatient to delay, I ordered the Battery Charger Bundle and a Red Flipshell case for my Z10. I'll keep it pretty and I WANT it to be noticed!!

With all of the iPhone Fan Club members that I am surrounded by and all of the chatter I have had to put up with from them over the last year, my Z10 will be putting in a lot of time shutting them all up! The spare battery/charger pack is going to be a must, but the wireless speaker you showed in the unboxing will be nice so I can play 'We are the Champions' after each demonstration.

Hopefully i can win a prize! My blackberry has been confirmed as shipped to the store so i just have to wait till Tuesday! This would make it ever sweeter!

Well... Its been YEARS since I've used a Crackberry... Tuesday... Im coming home. Its been a long way around between multiple iphones, androids etc... but can't wait to get back to being efficient!!

I usually go naked as in case free, but that transform flip shell case looks pretty sweet. I would choose the white case to go with the white Zed10. Also throw in the battery charger kit for sh*ts and giggles.


Help me. I tried ordering from your store this afternoon, and it would not allow me to checkout. I am assuming because I am in the US. Plus, there was no one to answer the Customer Service phone number to resolve. Pick me, then help me.

Wow ! Thanks Kevin and the Crackberry team for this ! First accessory to get for me, would be the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle !!!

I would love to have the Blackberry premium car charger and a flip case to protect my new Zed10 while I drive. I have been glued to this Site for days now and can't wait to get my hands on my new phone!! Thanks for all the great information!

I hope someone comes out with a desktop cradle charger for my new Z10 like the one that I bought for my old 9780 from CrackBerry. A premium car charger is always needed for any device. And the wireless speakers look way cool.

otter box defender and a spare battery - I spend a lot of time in the boonies. I need my phone to work and survive

I can't wait till Tuesday at 10 am to get both my wife and myself the new Z10's! And she wanted an iPhone! This will change her mind!


I so want the flip cover and the battery charger and maybe other stuff too!

Really looking forward to picking up that Charger Bundle - it looks really slick. Much improved over the 9360 Bundle (which was still really useful) that I had awhile back!

My Z10 should be shipping out today as per my pre-order with Telus....would be great to win some cool accessories to go along with it!!!

Hands down, first accessory for my Z10...

BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle (ACC-50256-101) for Z10.
(Then afterwards, the flip case in red, white and black...One each to indicate my mood; red...angry, white...happy, black...indifferent).