In Canada and pre-ordered a BlackBerry Z10? Get your cases, batteries and other Z10 accessories at the CrackBerry Canada store!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2013 06:05 pm EST

Live in Canada with a BlackBery Z10 pre-ordered? Drop a comment to this post for a chance to win $100 in our CrackBerry Canada store!

**Update: This week's winner is Swamp_Donkey! Congrats!**

The BlackBerry Z10 goes on sale in Canada this coming week. From what we've heard, the pre-order volume has been better than good, it has been AMAZING.

So ahead of the big release day I wanted to give all our friends in Canada a friendly reminder that when it comes to accessorizing your new Z10, our CrackBerry Canada store is where it's at. Whether it's BlackBerry Z10 casesBlackBerry Z10 batteriesBlackBerry Z10 chargers and everything in between, there is no better place to buy from online and you'll be supporting this site. 

If you take a stroll through the CB Canada store you'll see lots of BlackBerry Z10 accessories are already listed, that are either in stock or available for pre-order (and pre-order items will be in stock soon and ready to ship). And of course our Canada store ships from within Canada, so you don't have to worry about customs or duties and FREE SHIPPING is available on most orders over $50. 

Win $100 in Free Z10 Accessories from CrackBerry Canada: Take a stroll through the growing selection of Z10 accessories and drop a comment here letting us know what you'd want to get first for your BlackBerry Z10, and we'll pick a lucky winner out of the comments to win $100 in free accessories (we'll announce the winner on Tuesday, Feb. 5th). Good luck!

Luck aside, the Z10 is almost here Canada, so get your Z10 accessory shopping on!

Check out BlackBerry Z10 Accessories in the CrackBerry Canada store!

Reader comments

In Canada and pre-ordered a BlackBerry Z10? Get your cases, batteries and other Z10 accessories at the CrackBerry Canada store!



I have been thinking about bb10 so much that i already feel like i need a second battery to keep up with me.

I want a case for sure, We'll see how the otter box case looks first. That battery thing looks interesting.

I would love to have these accessories for the Z10 (that's "ZED" 10) that I have on pre-order.

Tuesday can't come soon enough!

Not true at all. As an investor, I'm deeply upset at the delay. As a hardcore BB user, I want nothing more than you, my Yankee Brothers and Sisters to play on the new toys right along side your neighbours to the north.
I think you'll find more than a few canucks not happy about the situation you're faced with!!

that white speaker gadget that Kevin shows off during the un-boxing is cool, but i don't see it on your site. The battery charger pack is also a great item. That would be what i would like......or.....maybe a funky coloured case......

Battery charger bundle for sure ... sadly we know just how long the modern smartphones last in a long, busy day. :(

My wife and I both pre ordered a z10. She got white and I got black. It would be awesome if we both got cases for the phones. I was thinking of that one that acts as a stand too

I'll just be honest and say that I'd get the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle first since the Z10 already comes with a nice case.

Battery + charger and the holster already in my cart. Ordering a puch for my mothers Z10 as well I think. The $100 credit sure would be helpful. Thanks and good luck everyone!

Extra battery and stand-alone charger. Cases are noce, but I'd rather wait and see what new cases develop over the next few months. I've bought too many cases for my 9700 and 9900.

Good selection. The swivel case and battery charger bundle IMO are necessary accessories. OH, and can't forget the screen protector. =D

Any word when you'll get the other case mate cases, and otterbox commuter? Also need some unboxing/reviews on the cases.

I've been waiting for 6 months! Finally ordered my Blackberry Z10(pronounced 'ZED' not 'ZEE' as it's a Canadian product)! My previous Bold 9650 did a fantastic job over the last 2.5 years! Thank you Blackberry for finally getting this out!

Been waiting for the z10 for months! I had a countdown on my facebook and annoyed the hell out of my fb friends but was WELL worth it! BlackBerry for LIFE!

I'd love to have $100 to spend in the CrackBerry store so that I could buy a case and screen protector for my new Z10 so that i'll have peace of mind knowing it's protected. on top of that, I'd love the Battery Bundle as I'm a heavy user and have heard that the Z10's battery life can be a little short.

what accessories would i like to get?!?! 100$s worth eh hmmmm...
1)charger bundle
2)leather hip swivel pouch
3)leather slip case
total: 127.48 taxes in

charger bundle is a no brainer and im always flipping back and forth between my hip and slip so both would be great!!!

That sweet battery charger bundle. So feeling for it right now as my Torch 9800 struggles to go for half a day due to an old battery.

Cases! Cases! Cases! Your phone is an extension of your outfit, and keeping my phone swagged out would be essential


Come hang out with me at KP mall when Rogers opens on Tuesday. I need a leather holster yo!

I would like my Birthday (Feb 3rd) Blackberry 10 to look as sexy and pretty girly as it can. I am so excited for my new BB 10 device that I cancelled my appointments for Feb 5th in Canada so I can get my and play with it and get really acquainted with it and love it even more then I already do..

I always buy my accessories from crackberry so I would put this prize to good use... Now if I could only get Rogers to release my phone from its store before Tuesday, I'd be all set!

Tell me the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle isn't the fist thing most of us will want. Followed by a FlipShell Case to watch movies while we're at work. Can't wait until Tuesday!!!

ooh the pain, ooh the heartache. Rogers called me today, its here, your phone!! But then the suffering started, i can only get in on Tuesday as they are not allowed to sell it until then. OMG can you imagine what i wanted to say, thought of saying? CMON BB this is plain old torture,


Mine's supposed to ship from Telus on Monday, I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I'd like to pick up one of the black flip cases, and the battery charger bundle. And maybe just for fun, one of the Mobi skins in blue or orange. Thanks for the contest!

I'm picking my Z10 up on Tuesday before I go in to work. I definitely want the charger bundle, but the transformer case looks very interesting. It's gonna be difficult choosing between the transformer and flip cases. I just want my Z10!!!!!

Leather swivel holster for sure - and a clear hard case for the back, if there's any in stock yet. Thanks for the contest!

I have the transform and the black flip case pre-ordered here from CrackBerry.

Just ordered the Case-Mate Tough Case, with a Tuesday delivery.

Hopefully will come right on time with my Z10 which was pre-ordered from Bell.

I will be the first in line!!!

Thanks for the contest CrackBerry and Mobile Nations.


spending all my hard earned cash on the upgrade. Your help on accessories would be much appreciated

White Rogers Z10 confirmed, got my tracking number today...can't wait for Tuesday!

Best part is I can get an Otterbox Defender case again, I missed them with my Torch, although I'm intrigued by the Transform hardshell. I could always use a new car charger, and the BB branded premium one with the extra port seems like the best bet, since I've always got 2 devices with me. I already have the iGrip Torch mount, so if there's a Z10 plate, I could use one of them too. And lets face it, everyone needs a second battery, and the BB Battery charger bundle makes the most sense.

Fingers crossed, and waiting for BB to announce a desktop cradle already!

Well, I'll be picking up my white Z10 on Tuesday. It's an early birthday gift for myself. It would be a nice addition to receive a flip case perhaps black or white, whichever one is available and up grade my memory with a 64GB mircoSD card for my media consumption appetite.


I really want that Flip Top case for the BlackBerry® Z10™. I don't use holsters so this will keep my white BlackBerry® Z10™ safe and sound.

I want some kind of case, maybe that snazzy red pouch... the battery charger with micro USB will let me power my PlayBook too, no? or is the output too low? I might also pick up the spare battery and charger, and maybe even a screen protector, but so far only my not-Gorilla-Glass Asus Nexus 7 tablet has ever gotten scratched, so maybe I don't need that... but with the $100 prize, I would get them all!

What do I need for the Z10:

Battery bundle
Case (swivel or flip or transform shell)
Bedside stand (haven't seen that yet??)

How about that for a start .....

BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle (ACC-50256-101) for Z10
BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10

both of these for sure then some oher goodies.

Haven't pre ordered my Z10 but hopefully will have one by the end of this month so 100$ would a long way towards an extra battery or a case. Best of luck everyone!!

BlackBerry Torch 9860 and PlayBook

Want the battery kit cannot decide on case. So far family ordered 4 Z10's from bell. Anyone need iPhone 4s . Only 3 weeks old since apple warranties it!

Ordered my Z10 as soon as the Rogers site made it available and looking forward to picking it up on Tuesday. Great to see the positive reviews and finally get my new Blackberry. Goodbye Torch 9800, you've been a good phone.

What would I get? Go big or go home, the 64GB micro SD card.

Hard shell transformer in Red, 32gb micro SD & High Speed micro HDMI Cable. Tell me that's not a setup for chewing some time with the Z10. - KID ANDROID ( Team.Android.Canada)

Can't wait to pick up my Z10 in Toronto on Tuesday.

Would love some awesome accessories to go with it!


I'd really like the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle. I need to be able to keep moving, and this accessory will help me do it.

Thanks CrackBerry!

Just had email from Rogers saying white Z10 has shipped to the store. So excited to pick it up when available! I would love the white flip case and the charger with spare battery.

I have been waiting with baited breath to get my hands on this phone. Been without a contract waiting...A few goodies to go with it would be nice for my new baby!

I'd like a Z10 battery and of course, the Music Gateway which would compliment the Z10 and all my devices. Oh and a BlackBerry branded screen wipe to clean my (and others) drool and paw marks off keeping things shiny. Grand total: $85.85 + GST = $90.14 and the rest would cover shipping. Please and thank you!

I will definitely have to get the extended battery charger thingy!! Could come in extremely handy when travelling for extended lengths of time! Thanks CrackBerry!

I would love the Battery Charger Bundle and the Flip Shell Case (Black). Thanks for staying awesome Crackberry. <3

Woah, CrackBerry in full force. Loving all the contests and hoping I can win a Z10 if not the accessories are the next best thing. Good luck to everyone.

Woah, CrackBerry in full force. Loving all the contests and hoping I can win a Z10 if not the accessories are the next best thing. Good luck to everyone.

Oh my... there's so many things I want already...

Red flip shell case for my Black Z10 ( I wished it was white... Fido don't have white.. :( )
I'd also get a spare battery, and also the charger bundle... looks awesome!

Can't wait for the 5th..!

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Yes, please! Would love an extra battery + white flip case. Gorgeous stuff! Keep up the excellent work Crackberry!

OtterBox case and battery charger with spare battery would be nice.

(Rogers called Friday afternoon to say my Z10 had arrived at the store, but they can't sell it to me until Tuesday, bah....bah...!)

Z10 pre-ordered from Bell... $100 from CrackBerry would give me the charger bundle and an OtterBox.

I've already ordered the charger combo and the flip case from the CrackBerry store but I would have no trouble spending 100$ more.
That new speaker looks kinda cool, maybe the transform shell as an alternative to the flip case. I could use a new case for my PlayBook too. The list just never ends.

Well if all goes well Ill have my Z10 on release day... Fingers crossed.
The flip case would be a nice touch along with a slip cover if they work together, and I'd have to say that the battery bundle looks pretty nice aswell.

Holster and cradle. And since i'll be getting a white one - i would also get a black battery cover so it looks fricken awesome!

I would an extra battery (like the unboxing from kevin) and also the original pouch (again from kevin's unboxing)
thx crackberry

If Fido doesn't have any accessories come tuesday, I might have to pick them up here at crackberry.
Charger bundle and Black swivel holster case. :D
I wonder, is there a microUSB slot for the charger bundle? O_o

Hey Team Crackberry!

If I would win I think I would l love to have the battery charger bundle, high speed HDMI cable, a red Transform Hard Shell!

Good luck everyone! :D

Thanks for the opportunity, Kev!

I can't decide between the pocket pouch or the transform hard shell!

Too bad I couldn't grab both of them lol.

All of the above. Battery seems cool, case too and speaker.. I have been hanging out on CB daily for the past three years and registered for the first time yesterday.

The free gifts are a good incentive to join the conversation. Thanks CK

All of the above. Battery seems cool, case too and speaker.. I have been hanging out on CB daily for the past three years and registered for the first time yesterday.

The free gifts are a good incentive to join the conversation. Thanks CK

I said it before and I will say it again...Glad to be Canadian....glad to get my Zed 10 before the US of A......hope to win some goodies for my Zed 10

Congratulations to you all. I BBelieve. You converted me. I don't think I am a fanatic. I think I have made a logical informed choice. I am, as of today, an official BlackBerry CrackBerry. Thank You All.

Picking mine up Tuesday morning and the Bell associate said they wouldn't even have cases in. This would solve a big challenge that I may face if I go through a Bell World.

I'm looking to buy a transformer and flip shell case and add some extra cash in for a 64gb sd card. I can't wait for Tuesdays at 10am sharp.

Might have to save this and see what the charging cradle is like when it comes out but would also like the pocket pouch.

Dear Kevin Michaluck,

I am asking you once again to share your kindness with me by kindly awarding me these beautiful accessories.


Crackberry Addict.

The wife and I will both be getting Z10's. Slip and flip cases are also must and charging cradle when available!

I think I preordered one.... The guy at the wireless wave store said he put my name down for a white Z10, just going on Monday to pay for it

Otterbox defender series case for me or the 64 GB microsd card

I like the look of that spare battery/charger. I'd need another bedside stand to replace the Torch one I'll be passing on to my son. And a car charger so I can use the Z10 for GPS on long trips. And, and, and...

Pick me, because I'd probably spend more than that $100 in the Crackberry Accessory Store. And That Equals Profit.

Cheers from WPG,

The battery charger pack looks enticing. The pull out plug makes it a must get. February 5 can't come fast enough.

Having the Z10 released on Feb. 5th PLUS the chance for $100 bucks in accessories is very sweet. My carrier did not have a pre order so here is to hoping I get chance to pick one up on the 5th and all the goodies I need!

My pre-order with rogers was #290...they are way over 4000 reservations now. I also got a call to go to the rogers bb10 launch Tuesday at bad I was playing soccer...My buddy got the same call from the same #, thats how i know.

on top of that...I followed my UPS tracking for my z10...its now at the rogers store but when I went there they refused to give it to me until feb 5...arrrrggggg...cant wait....

I definitely want the flip case... and a backup battery with the charger... Maybe a few others. Lol.

I totes got my preorder in. I hear it's what all the cool peeps be doing (hint: I'm one of those peeps :) )

Battery Charger Bundle
Flip Shell Case
Leather Pocket Pouch
Transform Hard Shell

Too much to choose from!

I'd be happy with a Premium Car Charger, and maybe a case.