Think you can you survive a 40-hour hackathon? Then get yourself to BlackBerry JamHack 2012

Think you can you survive a 40-hour hackathon? Then get yourself to BlackBery JamHack 2012
By DJ Reyes on 2 Oct 2012 10:15 am EDT

Calling all developers. This October take part in the first simultaneuous Asia-Pacific BlackBerry hackathon and see if you can survive non-stop coding for 40 hours. It event includes cash prizes, devices, food and lots more.

Ten cities will go head-to-head over two weekends this October. Winners will advance to BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012 to represent team and country. BlackBerry JamHack allows developers to get started with developing for BlackBerry 10, so get your teams signed up now.

Dates and city locations are as follows:

October 12th-14th

  • Bangalore
  • Delhi
  • Kuala Lumpar
  • Manila
  • Singapore

October 19th-21st

  • Bangkok
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Jakarta
  • Melbourne
  • Shanghai

On each weekend, the five city events will run simultaneously, successful teams move on to attend BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012 to present their apps where the final winner will be picked. The final winning team will then have the oppurtunity to attend the BlackBerry 10 launch. So, what are you waiting fo? Get signed up now!

For more information and to register for BlackBerry JamHack 2012

Source: BlackBerry Developer Blog



Speaking of Hackathons.. How about the Pwn2Own Event in Amsterdam? I read RIM sponsored it but I never heard how BB OS7 did, if it "survived" the longest (or not). Can anyone tell me more?


iPhone got hacked and S3 got hacked via NFC. The guy that hacked the iPhone claims it's still the most secure phone and they did it to show that the most secure phone could be hacked.

Take what you want from that story :)


IPhone isn't that secure. As far as I know, blackberry is. But we don't have any clue or knowledge if it was hackable or not.


Very well written, DJ. If I were a Developer, I'd be on my way to sign up !



Glad to see you fixed the typo :)