Can you rescue your true love across the continents in Crazy Survival World Trip?

By Kerri Neill on 22 Jan 2012 04:22 pm EST

The team at TechSoft Ventures have brought many fun and highly entertaining games to our Blackberry devices. They expand their repertoire with the next episode in their popular Crazy Survival saga with Crazy Survival World Trip! Boy meets girl, they fall in love and everything is right in the world enemy kidnaps his true love. Crazy Man must brave seven continents and face numerous trials before he can save the girl he loves.


  • breathtaking story of a beloved character against a powerful villain
  • good graphics
  • nice sound
  • interesting levels
  • all continents in Premium Version

The Premium version is $1.99 but you can always try out the FREE version first to get a sample of the game.

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more pb games more pb games!! more apps more everything!!


I guess I could comment on this. I got it.

It's a nice little game, you're a stick man and using Q and P to go left and right and O to jump you try to escape meteors, bombs, etc and collect stars.

W also crouches, not sure why you'd use that though


Crouching is nice when you're giant sized and need to dunk under fall or bouncing objects. Don't use it much but it does come in handy.


From March 9 till March 16 Crazy Survival World Trip Premium Version with all the continents opened will be available absolutely FREE!