Can we just call it the BlackBerry Bold Touch already? This Bold 9900 / Bold 9930 thing is driving me crazy!

BlackBerry Bold Touch!
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jun 2011 02:14 pm EDT

Maybe it's just because I blog about BlackBerry so am continuously typing it out and worrying about post headlines and tagging articles and site organization and visitors easily finding information about the device they own quickly, but I'm finding it **really** annoying that RIM decided to abandon/ignore the unified naming convention on their upcoming touchscreen BlackBerry Bold to be both the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Bold 9930 without adding in an extra word to the name that encompasses both new models.

With the BlackBerry Curve 3G and BlackBerry Pearl 3G, RIM did the right thing in my opinion - they made it clear to owners that they had a uniquely different device from previous generations, and gave it a name that refers to multiple devices within that generation of device (the Curve 3G 9300/9330 and Pearl 3G 9100/9105). But for the new Bold now, everytime I want to talk about it in a manner that talks about both the GSM and CDMA variants of the device, I need to refer to both the Bold 9900 and Bold 9930 (If I just say 9900, I'm technically excluding the 9930... though I could say Bold 9900 Series... but that's not really an official name either).

Cutting short what I could turn into a really long rant, I just wish RIM would have called it the BlackBerry Bold Touch. Sure, the Bold Touch sounds like it could be the name of a porno movie or a Harlequin romance, but it would make my life soooo much easier and less annoying on a daily basis, and I'm sure most consumers would appreciate having a distinct name for their new Bold over a distinct number. If not Bold Touch, then maybe Touch Bold, or something unique.

Blue steel? Ferrari? Le Tigre? They're the same face!  Bold 9900? Bold 9930? For the majority of consumer purposes, it's the same device! I feel like I'm on crazy pills here! I want to refer to both under one name! If you're with me (or not), be sure to sound off in the comments. Not sure why I'm so ranty today... could be that I'm sick of waiting for my BlackBerry Bold 9900 / BlackBerry Bold 9930 and just have to vent. Notice how much easier that last sentence would have been if said I'm sick of waiting for the BlackBerry Bold Touch?


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Can we just call it the BlackBerry Bold Touch already? This Bold 9900 / Bold 9930 thing is driving me crazy!


IMO, they can call it whatever they would like as long as it is in my hands, asap, preferably tomorrow, lol.

HA! You are so right.  My Bold 9780 became dead to me as soon as I picked up the 9900 (or was it a 9930?) at BlackBerry World.  I want it last year!

wait so that bothers you but the fact that we're gonna have a Torch 2 (9810) and two other phones named Torch (9850, 9860) that are not sliders but just touch screens doesn't bother you as much?

The Torch naming to me is ridiculous and hope they change it by the time the 9850/9860 launch...


to be honest, RIM's device model #'s have always bugged me. go back through every post i've written and you'll find a few rants over device models.

I agree Kevin. Driving me nuts too. I understand that they are trying to eliminate having tons of names (Killing the "tour" name), but I can't understand not naming a full new series of devices especially when there are other version of the same phone considered to be in the current generation. (The 97xx and 9650 drives me nuts also) There are too many parts to the bold line, it needs to be separated so people know its a certain generation of device (Apple can do it, and so should you, RIM)

You are so right kevin. Just shit on the 9930, cdma is outdated anyway and way to complicated.
But you know as well as i do that the only reason you are writing this because you just cant wait any longer to hold this device in your hand, if only rim could publish it's release date...

I think someone is going a little crazy!!

I'm glad I'm not a blogger I can just call it the Bold 99xx, to hell with search engines and tagging!

I really hope they do something with the Bold at launch though to make it exciting and new to the consumer, maybe even call it the Big Blackberry BOLD

I talk about the "new blackberry 9900" to people all the time, but they have no idea the number associated with their blackberry, no word, it is just a blackberry.

Just as a somewhat related comment, are you looking for anything to come out of the earnings call on Thursday that might send crackberry a buzz, Kevin?

I don't own a BB and find myself watching everything I can and reading thiss website multiple times a day!! I am tossing this PRE as quickly as I can!

They should name them like they do cars - this is a 2011 Bold. Then you don't have to worry about it - it IS a Bold....

I was browsing around the page this morning looking for some info on the playbook (16th can't come soon enough) and I remember seeing a link to the "Blackberry Touch Bold".

Unfortunately can't provide any link as proof as now scrolling around the site i can't see it! Was under the Smartphones Link, at the bottom right where it says "Meet the Models". Tried US and UK version of the site with no luck. Could be just me dreaming of an easier way to refer to it, or could have been some sneak peak we weren't meant to see, who knows?

Edit: Just done a spot of googling and came up with this link: - Perhaps i was reading the address bar in my "just woke up" haze!

How about the BlackBerry Unicorn.

This device and its associated delivery date are just as mythical. RIM, deliver the damn thing!

well, we always need the specific #'s for things like getting the right OS update version, but you don't really need them for things like what apps you can downoad, what accessories work, etc.  so having one unique name (bold touch) that identifies all three as a group is ideal from a consumer perspective.

look at apple and iphone 4. whether or not it's att or verizon, you stlil refer to it as the iphone 4 for basically everything..unless you are talking carrier specifics.

Why would you need numbers? They are all 2011 Bold - doesn't matter if you are ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint - they are all Bold...... The only difference between them is the carrier and if its CDMA or not -

One of RIM and BB's biggest problem has been fragmentation in its lineup. It's not just that there are SOOOOO many BB models out there and SOOOO many coming out, but they all have different names AND numbers. That's just stupid and confusing for most normal people.

I say scrap the entire lineup and focus on one or two phones - period. A high end, fancy one for us normal people and a crappy, cheap one for business.

deckem, I have long since subscribed to the 'less is more' theory.....Apple takes it to the extreme, though, with only one. Android makes WAY too many....Palm/HP just needs to actually make one...LOL

Four form factors Blackberry should manufacture:
1) Candybar QWERTY/touchscreen (Bold Touch)
2) vertical slider (Torch)
3) landscape slider (not currently made)
4) slab (all touch - NOT the Storm, but a decent solution)

This fixes the problems for everyone....and all the preferred form factors are assembled so no one can say "You don't make the form factor I like/want."

Problem solved.

Get rid of #3 at replace that with a Curve and you've got it.

Then again, that's pretty much their current lineup so I don't quite get your point. The Style and Pearl are EOL devices at this point.

I've been thinking that for months now, just trimline it down to two BlackBerry devices. The Bold series for high end and The Curve for low end. No need for 99** this or 93** that just Bold Touch or Curve 3S. Very simple. The Curve line sells like insane in China, India and Indonesia.

To be honest, was it you that came up with that name? You were the first one that I saw to come up with it. Since then even now, I see in various other sites that they call it the Bold Touch as opposed to Bold 9900/9930. Because of that, I believe many people including companies would stand behind you on this one.

geez. honestly. I think you might be right. I may have invented that name... I can't remember though!  Anybody else remember where it first surfaced? That would be kind of funny if it was me...

Yes Kevin. You came up with it, when you 1st got your hands on it, in Orlando. You have the video comparing it to your phone, checking the options and stuff, you then said: "They should've called it, Bold touch" :D

Actually, that is not when he did it. I remember reading posts once leaked information came out about the new Bold. Before Blackberry World.

I feel for you Kevin, having not only to use RIM codnames and then possible? Brand names and then wait until model numbers are assigned THEN this whold Touch-Torch debacle would make anyone ferclempt! But I'm getting used to the Bold 9930 like I did with the Curve 8330. But still looming the whole Touch or Torch for BB's full touchscreen. Oh and another thing, GET THE SPRINT BOLD 9930 OUT BY MID-JULY. Thanks :)

Apple has iPhone 2, 3, 3G, 3GS, 4..
Google has Droid, Droid 2, Droid Pro, Droid X..
Blackberry has Curve 8330, Curve 8530, Tour 9530, Bold 9650, Strom, Strom 2..

Srsly RIM, the motto is K.I.S.S. (insert your own word for the final "S")

They didn't rename it for the same reason that it's not the iPod Touch, or the iTouch - it's just the iPod. I'd bet that there will be no non-touch Bold going forward. There will probably be no non-touch Blackberry going forward. While it's kind of sticky now, in 12 months, when people say they got a new Bold, they'll mean the 99xx. They'll mean the Bold Touch.

Shorter answer: you're just too sensitive because you blog about Blackberry all day and this distinction is important to you. Everyone else just wants the simplest name possible.

Kevin's taking this rant seriously lol......after reading his response to a bunch of the comments I think it might be time for an open letter to RIM.

A general name like the Bold Touch 3G or something like that would like everyone's lives easier especially sales people and tech sites. But all I really want is the phone to come out tomm!

i don't care what they call it as long as i can have it today. Working in the bb stores in Atlanta has just about killed me due to this device. Every person that comes into the store has asked me today alone if we have the phone and with all I have in me I say its not in market yet. Damn it RIM help a brother out and release this phone. Sorry for the little rant

I too am looking forward to trading my 9780 for the Bold Touch although I don't think the phone will be anything ground breaking or I don't think it's gonna be a threat to some of the phones out there already but it's always nice to get a new BB.

Few crazy pills are as good as Mickey Rooney's Crazy Pills :D

Also, what happens when RIM runs of nice, round numbers? Someday, will there be a Bold 9057? :) They've used 96xx, 97xx, 98xx, and now 99xx.

Kevin, Just call it Bold touch and we all here will know what you're talking about bro :D.
However, I think Blackberry has a reson for not adding the touch word. Maybe -and I'm no expert, but I'm a marketing major- it's because they don't want it to seem like it's the only cool thing about this phone? You know, if they say the bold touch, it would put the focus on that feature only, when that device has a lot more than just a touch screen. To be honest, I am more excited about the processor, HD video camera, OS 7 than the touch feature.

Just my opinion here bro, I can't compete, you probably have been blackberry-ing even before I knew cell phones existed :P

The Cdn RIM site has all the "Names" of Blackberries in 6 distinct categories: Torch, Style, Curve, Pearl, Bold, Storm. When you click into any of these main headings, that's when all the "version" numbers are shown. So I think the public will just refer to them as the main names on's only when you have to update something or get help or want to download an app that you'll need the "version" or model # within those categories. I suppose as RIM retires model #'s they will just not be listed in these categories any longer. But my guess is that any future device from RIM will fit into one of these 6 categories......unless they create a new category:)

FYI...........RIM says this about new Bold 9900 on Cdn site "The new touch Blackberry Bold smartphone. Introducing the thinnest Blackberry smartphone yet."

So it appears they don't want us all hung up on the touch part, they are focusing on the "thin" factor too.

Who really cares what they call it just release this stupid phone. They hipe you up the post it on they're web site and now we wait. Like really I'm fed up of waiting. I want it NOWWWWW. And another thing. It better be worth the wait, cause if its just gonna be another same bold I'm really gonna be pissed off and prob gonna get myself an iphone. Ok maybe I'm just really fed up of waiting. Don't think I'll actually change to iphone but wtv just hurry up and release this phone already.

im so on the same wagon as you Kev. where are all these nice new phones. the only BB that is availbe where i am is the 8530 and im getting tired of looking at it lol. i want the 9580!!

Actually Kevin, I think RIM is calling it the Bold Touch now. If you do a google search for Blackberry Bold 9900 the first result is the product page at the Blackberry website, with the title "BlackBerry - Bold Touch 9900 - 9930 Smartphone - Touch BlackBerry ...".