Can PageOnce Help You?

By Bla1ze on 27 Oct 2008 11:24 am EDT

Life can be a little disorganized at times, between appointments, family time, bills, work and just about anything else that happens to pop up in the run of a day that may often cause chaos for a lot of people trying to juggle all those things. A new free application for your BlackBerry has been released to help over come some of those frustrations.

One thing I noticed in the forums that gets asked a lot is "is their an app that can help me control....", and this question usually pertains to an aspect of life such as bills, credit card statements, online purchases etc..etc. Now finally, I have an answer that fits into so many of those blank spots that it is simply amazing. Allow me to introduce you all to PageOnce.

Now you might be wondering what is this wonder app? How can it fit into so many places? What can it do for me?

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PageOnce pegs itself as a "Personal Productvity Assistant" and the description fits quite well, with access to tons of sites you can now organize almost everything from your BlackBerry device. Some of the key features include:

   1. Monitor bank, credit card transactions and investment accounts
   2. Manage air miles
   3. Track cell minutes
   4. Get travel itineraries
   5. Stay on top of bill due dates and expiration dates
   6. Guard against fraudulent activity
   7. View your Netflix queue
   8. Access social networks, online shopping accounts and more

And when PageOnce says more they mean it... with services such as Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Fidelity, United, Delta, Southwest, Comcast, AT&T, LinkedIn, Amazon, eBay, Barnes & Noble, Blockbuster and MySpace all being available and also having the ability to add even thousands more through your account set up. Most of the services are updated in real time allowing you to view any new changes instantly on your device.

Before I started using this application, I often times found myself bouncing from website to website for all my services, some of which never offered any sort of "mobile experience" thus making certain aspects such as say my Rogers bill not even viewable via my BlackBerry, now having installed PageOnce when Rogers sends me an email telling me my online bill is ready I can now view it on my device.

That's just one example of how PageOnce can help you, I really could go on all day singing it's praises but really I think it's best you expereience it yourself.

Account set up is rather easy for anyone, although set up does require a PC to get the full experience, simply visit and register for a free account. Once logged in you can set up all the accounts you wish in the services, and the best part is if for some strange reason the service you are looking for is not available you can request that it be added. Granted the request won't be fufilled instantly but that at least proves PageOnce is looking to expand which is always good. Once the account is set up via PC, head on over to and grab the mobile version. Once installed you fill in your registration information and set security options (you can make it accessible only from your device... Awesome), you will still be able to login via PC but no other BlackBerry will be able to use it due to the security options you have selected. Sadly though accounts are not editable via the device this has to be done through the PC.

Supported devices include: BlackBerry Pearl (8000, 8110, 8120), Blackberry Curve (8300, 8330)
Blackberry Bold (9000), Blackberry 7130,8820,8800,8820,8830,8700c and yes even gasp! iPhone.

Although on the Bold the UI is a little weird, it has a habit of cutting the menus off in certain screens but remains fully functional of course.This does not hinder any functionality, just looks weird lol. And I'm sure that will get fixed up in short order.

So there you have it folks, your life...centralized, a little organization can go a long way in the run of a day and maybe (hopefully), give you more time to enjoy your life rather then just feeling like you are constantly "dealing" with it.

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Can PageOnce Help You?


How good will security be on this? I'm afraid to give account names and passwords from my credit cards. So far I'm just trying it with my verizon account. But will not add another until people can say it's secure.

I dig the premise of the site but I am skeptical about putting all that info onto one spot.

edit - Now I see someone posted info about their security...

I MAY put all of that data in my BB, but there's no way I'm putting all of that information in one place on the internet.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but this is a security leak just waiting to happen. It only takes once....Once the genie is out, it won't go back in the bottle.

And it's not just the security threat. Corporations will pay BIG money for bits and pieces of this information that may or may not violate your terms of service. Prepare to get spammed...

The web version works like a champ but the BB edition is not without its issues. It works great on some BB while others that it is supposed to work on - it doesn't. Some BB are just seeing "White Screens" and nothing else. Highly recommend the web version and hoping they hurry up and get the BB version fixed soon (see forum link below). They know it is an issue.


Something about this program intrigues me but I am lil skeptical about putting all that info in one place.. I will con't to monitor this.... could be huge like the poster above stated...

The utility of Pageonce is obvious, but it requires a level of trust for users to give up their access information to a single Internet service. Pageonce applies military-level security, Pageonce CEO Guy Goldstein told me, with multiple security layers, including 256-bit data encryption, SSL systems, and multiple firewalls. "All the data is encrypted, and we have hired hackers to try to break into our systems," Goldstein said. Financial accounts are read-only, so from the Pageonce site a user's accounts cannot be changed. Goldstein said Pageonce is also looking into token-based security solutions to provide great security assurance to users. Even with all the assurances of security, Pageonce must overcome a trust perception hurdle to gain acceptance.

I love this app! I hate not being able to see my credit balance (grrr Canadian banks!) and other info...all in one place? Hell yeah.

That it is a FREE app is creepy. Their "fine print" indicates that this company makes profit by selling your info "in Aggregate". (Without anything personally identifying.)
Whether or not you want to take part in their survey is up to you. I think I'll pass.

Those apps are designed for US citizens only. My bank accounts on my country are not supported. My cellphone carrier is not supported. My airline is not supported. Is there anything useful for me?

And I love it. I love cause my bank doesn't have a .mobi site so i can check on the go and i can also see ALL of my CC balances and everything. GREAT APP!

I just downloaded this application about 20 minutes ago. This is going to be a HUGE time saver. My one complaint is that on my T-Mobile account that has a credit balance, the application is showing an amount owed (The minute usage portion is sweet, though). Is this a known issue with a potential fix, or just something to be aware of?

Well though I like this app, But somehow it still shows me data which was downloaded some 18 hours ago. WHen I went and checked my latest CC statement online the account was updated and when I try accessing via pageonce, it still shows old data and on the top it says...

Data acquired: 20 hours ago...

Now in last 20 hours many things has changed with my CC account which it not reflects using PageOnce...

Whats going on? I cleared the cache but still the old data?

Even on their website it still loads old data.

I am using 8320 Curve.

Any inputs?

We appreciate everyone’s questions regarding security and we definitely understand your concern.

Security is part of our culture and having backgrounds in the tech/computer industry, we have dealt with data security issues for much of our careers. Part of the reason we created Pageonce was to make our user’s Internet experience more secure. The ability to view all of your online accounts at once actually helps you monitor accounts that you might not check on a daily basis and enables you to more easily notice irregular activity. Because you can manage your accounts directly from Pageonce, you also gain the freedom to create different passwords for your accounts and thereby strengthen individual account security.

If anyone’s security were to be compromised, our company would lose all credibility. We treat security with the utmost importance, both for our sake and the user’s.

Our BlackBerry users enjoy the same security features as our iPhone users – serial number registration and remote data destruct. Serial number registration allows users to register their device by serial number so that their device and their device alone can access their Pageonce data. In the event that your device becomes lost or stolen, simply log into your account at and, via the settings, you can block any mobile access to your account.

All of the data stored in our database is protected with 256 bit data encryption. Our SSL communication systems are protected with 128 bit data encryption. Multiple firewalls work to further protect data and its transmission and we are working with top security experts to ensure that no one will be able to break into your account. We are certified by TRUSTe, McAfee Hacker Safe and VeriSign.

No one employee at Pageonce has access to your data and we would never sell your data to a 3rd party. We work to bring you the best possible service, with the peace of mind that your data is secure.

You can also read more about how we keep you safe at

I am just trying this now and its got a $5/month subscription fee for the BB app. Not worth it when its not really working right anyway

I like this app. I like having everything in one place. The only thing i don't like about is it feels very bata. You can't rotate the screen, you can't hide the keyboard and moving around the page feels sort of funny. You can't move around like you normally do with the storm you almost need the ball. Other then those little things I still like the app. since my back doesn't have a mobile page, nice to have everything in one spot :)