Can BBM Protected boost BlackBerry's earnings?

By Chris Umiastowski on 15 Aug 2014 12:47 pm EDT

With documentation of $30 per year BBM Protected price plans starting to emerge, it's worth discussing what effect this might have on the company's earnings and stock price. As it stands right now, BBM Protected requires a BlackBerry device. That will change in the fall when it becomes available for Android and iOS through Secure Work Space but for now, let's just stick with the possible BlackBerry only numbers.

Prior to the cross platform launch of BBM there were about 60 million users, and I think it's fair to suggest that most of these were consumers, not enterprise users. How many BBM enterprise users are there? I'm not sure, but probably less than 20 million.

Let's do some blue sky analysis and assume BlackBerry can get 5 million enterprise users to pay $30 per year for this new service. I think that would be a pretty awesome conversion rate among its existing user base. To be clear I'm not predicting this will happen I'm just throwing it out there for discussion of possible financial upside.

5 million users at $30 per year means $150 million in additional profits. When you consider the company's share count of 519 million, it means BBM Protected, should it sell well, might add about $0.22 to earnings ($150 million over 519 million shares taxed at 25%. I'm simplistically assuming this service would have nearly 100% gross margin.)

If the company was to continue to show signs of stability, and if there was an expectation that this suite of eBBM services could continue to expand, it's possible the market might slap a 20-30 multiple on this earnings number. In short, this means that a highly successful launch of eBBM could add over $6 to the share price. With the stock trading below $10, that would be highly meaningful.

I will repeat myself for the sake of absolute clarity here. I have no idea how many customers are going to pay $30 per year for a BES-driven protected BBM service on BlackBerry hardware and eventually Android and iOS. But the numbers are clear when it comes to the potential.

BlackBerry does not need to sell hundreds of millions of users on such a service to make a lot of money for shareholders. They only need single digit millions of users to pay for a valuable enterprise service in order to make huge forward momentum on the earnings line.

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Can BBM Protected boost BlackBerry's earnings?


Tic tac toe.....block!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

Yes, if BlackBerry would start at last doing right things to the very end! BB10 is probably the most useful smartcomputing OS on the mobile market but who cares about that? Me, you, we - loyal Customers. I said it once and will repeat it over and over - what BlackBerry made with the screen keyboard of BB10? It is the best keyboard in our whole f***ing Galaxy but who makes now most popular smartphones? Not BB. Moreover, who makes probably best units for business? Nobody until IBM decides... Wake up BB, PLS. Best offer of yours must have smarter marketing!

[...] first ever London smartphone story powered by Z10 keyboard:

Yeah. Always hated the fact that if I wanted to edit a blog comment that I would have to open it in a Web page.

Hey Chris, you still using Android or have you come back to the dark side? - the Black side and I don't mean Blackphone :)

Or are you waiting for 10.3 to drop?

Posted via CB10

Please don't embarrass us further. There are a few intelligent people left in this community.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

Lighten up on Umi. Its just a phone. We all have the right to choose. He offers an unbiased opinion.

I wouldn't call it out of place. It was his opinion. If you're completely happy with your BlackBerry (which I am) then his opinion shouldn't matter.

It wasn't the his opinion that bothered me. It was the place and context. But I'm with you, loving my BlackBerry.

Posted via my QNX Z30

It is great to see another article from, CU! Let's all move past the article that he showed his favoritism towards Google services and focus on the progress and future of BlackBerry. After all, many of us truly appreciate his knowledgeable and well balanced (most of the time) input. So thanks Umi! Keep the great content coming!

Even if he is using Android, it has not affected his ability to provide another good read. Let it go dude!!

Blackberry always.....

C'mon guys, I'm just messing with Chris... Chris let's do lunch I'm in Newmarket, Ontario and I'll show you my sweet z10. Have your people call my people :)

I used my Z10 for over a year. It's a fantastic device. I have no complaints about any of the hardware. My move (for now) was totally driven by the need, in my own personal case, to use stuff BB does not offer. And no, I'm not going to deal with sideloads.

Good because you no longer need to side load just install any android app you wish using the amazon app or 1 mobile market app... can't believe you have not heard of this yet??? must be hiding under a rock or something

Posted via CB10

Thanks Chris for responding. Nobody and I mean nobody should be giving anyone aggravation about their choices. Hopefully once 10.3 launches those special apps you use will be available and run extremely well on BB10. Hey it's continually improving and developing in the right way. Lots of respect to you Chris. I hope you continue to inform us with all that great business information and insight that we members have grown to love. Take care!

Agreed. The only thing that took me off of BB10 was the keyboard becoming unusable on my Q10. As a Sprint customer and someone that's not willing to switch carriers for 1 phone on my family plan of 5, just to get a touch BB10 device, I'm on Android until another BB10 device drops on my carrier.

It seems like a tough sell outside of regulated industries or government, but like you said: how many of those users are taking advantage of BBM now? For any kind of success in generating sales, BlackBerry is also going to have to show a clear advantage beyond just additional security to get traction.

Overall, this does offer a big potential for growth, especially as mobile messaging in high security environments isn't all that common. It's just going to take getting a large number of customers to convert over to the service, especially since they're also paying for CAL's for the BES already as well, unless the $30 is the premium for a CAL with BBM Protected included?

Posted via CB10

Completely disagree. Secure messaging is a big issue for any medium to large size business. Certainly strong potential as a revenue generator and it is a growing market.

Posted via CB10

So let's hope BBRY takes advantage of that and make inroads...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I have NO doubt that over time tighter security (like BBM Protect) will be adopted by all business. If they care about security.

"Hip to be Square" - Huey Lewis and the News

I won't say that I agree with you 100%, but I do agree with you that with everything going on not only in the US but also around the world, security is going to become a HUGE advantage for BlackBerry. Chen is putting all the right pieces together to bring BlackBerry back. Kind of funny that it was (he whose name we do not speak) talked and talked about a "laser focus" but it is Chen that is actually doing it.

I do think it's a tough sell simply because most companies who allow iPhones and Androids obviously believe they don't need high levels of security. So why would they pay extra cash to protect instant messaging? Doesn't make sense. As for individual users, I don't see it taking off apart from BB owners. No way iPhone or Android users would sign up for this.

Actually, they very fact they let them use Apple and Android is the very reason why this may take off. Think about it.


This would be a BES connected add on service that would likely be deployed by dept. or across a corp/gov, from a certain level of responsibility and up. For small / med businesses that source BES through hosted or BES Cloud you may get people signing up in smaller numbers at a time.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I doubt they will have very meaningful numbers going at least till they have BES12 on the market.

I think they pricing is a bit high but then again you need to consider the overall pricing in connection with BES and they have given away lots for free.

So with 10.3 coming along with BlackBerry Blend, it allows the extension of the mobile BBM Protected to the desktop, thus allowing BlackBerry to offer a full mobile to desktop massively secure IM communications system to companies and govts challenging Lync with a better solution! Let it roll!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Welcome back Chris.
A lot of us missed you.
Now get yourself a good BlackBerry phone...
(I'm at work right now so I will have to read this later.)


www. carm. org

Good to hear Chris. Can't think about anything for you to write about right now maybe someone else can think of something.
On a side note, I know you like Tesla, I am starting to see more of them on the road in the Markham Ont area where I work. Nice car but a bit too pricey for me and I need a longer range (need to be able to drive to Ottawa once in awhile, visit family etc) also I prefer 4 wheel drive cars, (I live in the countryside on 20 acres, with a pond, river and lots of trees/bush, I love God's creation)

Anyway you take care. Have a good weekend.

P.s. Do you have a website for investors maybe your own or someone else you recommend?

www. carm. org

I'll be waiting for a consumer version of this. I'd gladly pay $30/yr.

"Hip to be Square" - Huey Lewis and the News

I have to agree. I would buy 2 licences - the other for the partners who care nothing about personal security.

Posted via CB10

Why should you buy the second license? As long as you pay the conversation should be end to end encrypted. I don't see this going anywhere if it is not for consumers. Both ios and android also. Call it the BlackBerry vpn. Might as well add email and calls. Didn't they just buy Secusmart?


+1 make it available to consumers to have the same level of security. I don't want my government to be able to spy on me.

Posted on my Z30

BlackBerry doesn't care consumers anymore. You see blackberry fulltouch devices worth spend money on? Z10 successor? Same size but better Battery and Full blown specs paired with miracast/ WiDi and dual SIM maybe with better camera also?
Instead they bring that strange Passport and the Classic rumoured with Z10 Specs. More than 2 years old hardware. laughable really.
If they think people buy those devices to have 10.3 little bit sooner I think they are wrong. Most people are waiting for a fulltouch BlackBerry.

RedBerry Z10 Hybrid #00167 OS

I respectfully disagree. The majority of BlackBerry users want a BlackBerry device with a keyboard, or a hybrid, like the Passport. Those wanting an all touch successor to the Z10 are in the minority. The Passport, with its large screen a PKB that functions as a capacitive one as well, is something that many BlackBerry fans and former BlackBerry users want. It offers the best of both worlds.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30, the BEST smartphone out today!

I think the survey done recently by CrackBerry indicated a majority preference for an all touch 60/40 or something like that.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

The frickin' BB10 touch keyboard is just too good. :-)

I am predominantly a keyboard guy with my Q10 as daily driver, but also have, use and enjoy a Z10.

Plan is to upgrade to Passport and get a Z30 for my wife. The Z10 will still do its job as the home hotspot, where it can stay plugged in as long as it likes...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I disagree with that thinking. Yes the keyboard market is what kept them alive, but expanding on this base will require competing in the all touch market and attracting consumers. The z30 is better than the iPhone for my needs (and I am a life time iPhone user), but BlackBerry is going to need to up the marketing and release a killer Z50 or they'll need a hit keyboard device if they are going to gain market share.

I'm hoping for moderate success on each of these devices and most importantly, success with BES12. I think BES12 is the key to success in all of their divisions. It is the launchpad for sales in phones, and services.

Posted via CB10

I don't think there will be a consumer version. BES uses its own generated encryption keys, which eBBM will have access to, if not generate its own for each device. For that kind of encryption to work, you need a central repository that can validate all of the individual keys, which in this instance is the BES.

Posted via CB10

Chris, based on your simplistic analysis I think this could very well beneficial to all stakeholders. I think eBBM will be well adopted in the relevant market and even more when it becomes available through Secure Work space for the other platforms. I definitely see the need for this in the regulated markets - hospitals. Overall, a winner!

Posted via CB10

Emerging markets will be the key .

BlackBerry will have to explain how BBM Protected is better than standard BBM.

Let's see those charts.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

Posted via CB10

Look at it this way...if you have a company with 500 people, at $30 a person that is a cost of $1500 a year for real time communication, with no character limit, knowing EXACTLY when your message is both delivered AND read using 128 bit encryption.

Businesses will glad pay for that sort of peace of mind

Posted via CB10

$15000 per year, but I get the point. For me, the big issue is messaging those of my colleagues not on BlackBerry, so activation on other platforms is essential

Posted via CB10

I think what most businesses fear the most is security breaches at the perimeters (employees communicating with third parties that are beyond the company's control).

To make this $30 worth it, they should really make it an Protected BBM+1 model.

Essentially, extending the BBM protected encryption to one user-layer beyond the employee. In other words, every BBM Protected licensed user can have "protected" conversations with third party non-BBM Protected subscribers. That way, if you have BBM Protected, you can have protected conversations with your family, clients, outside collaborators even if they aren't paying for it. This will encourage those with BBM protected to get their third party contacts to use regular BBM and perhaps eventually get their own BBM protected license.

Posted via CB10

Love the idea of making the model work so that if you have a protected license you can initiate a protected bbm with any bbm user regardless of whether they purchased bbm protected or not. I do have a license and would get much more use out of it under that model. If I pay, every bbm conversation I have should leave the option for me to use extra security. Low impact change with high value marketing appeal and usability.

Posted via CB10

i am sure that activation on other platforms is coming., and yeah my math is lousy(which is bad since i deal with numbers every day). but even at 15K, that is a steal. also Hackers love email accounts, since they are rather easy to get into, but BBM, to my knowledge has never been hacked, so that is a big plus for corporate types.

Full blown AES 256 bit elliptic curve encryption with a unique key for each message. Rock solid.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

For the consumers' sides BBRY can lunch a cloud service on BIS if it monetize this cloud with a token that can add to BBRY's revenue too.

My first BlackBerry Z10 (wall hugger) will soon be replaced by its successor Z20

In a world where electronic security is more difficult to come by (the Chinese government recently got caught hacking Canada's National Research Council) I would say yes, this is a very good revenue generating opportunity for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Ha! Making carriers release updates faster would make BB more profits..... just saying

Posted from my fabulous Z10

Thanks Chris! I think even before we count corporate users many of those organizations have already gone BYOD and would probably wait until iOS and Android are available as well but this won't be too long and if this gains traction as "the only way to go" for businesses, then there could absolutely be some nice upside. Before we see that kind up uptake, I think it will have to come from above so to speak as businesses will be reluctant to invest in protecting themselves unless they can demonstrate a cost benefit analysis that makes it worthwhile. Hopefully it will go something like this: USG says, oh by the way we all use BBM protected now so if you want to do business with us and chat with your users, you should get on that ASAP and if you are transferring secret information, better get one of them SecuSmart SD cards too..

In other words if the customer (government) doesn't insist businesses will be slow to adopt (per usual) Unless your company has been hacked before and it lost profits over it, I think the push will have to come from above. Let's hope it does because businesses can act quickly when they want/need to.

Well.. on the last earnings call JC said that BBM would turn into a $200 million business within some time frame I don't remember, so it seems your numbers / suggestions / projections are along the lines of what BlackBerry thinks are achievable.

Chris, you fail to add additional Enterprise users. The new protected service is only in addition to the whole package of e products. As I understand, the BlackBerry plan is to improve service cash flow. So, it matters not that BYOD devices by other makers will also be able to use these services. The hardware business has become a commodity. It is becoming not too important if the device is a BlackBerry product or not.

I know some folks who still use and prefer Pin to Pin messaging. And most of these folks I know, are "corporate"/"business types. If Pin to Pin, email, and BBM as well, are included in BBM Protected, then I think that will help in ushering in more sales, potentially.

Posted via CB10

Hard to disagree with you. 5 million is very optimistic. Scale the math up or down accordingly. I am providing a framework to think about the effect on earnings.

I think it will do well, but the Passport and Classic will be a good indication of how much traction it will receive.

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I can't help but feel that the marketing efforts should be directed to sell more BES installations, instead of trying to upsell current customers. I mean, BES and BBM is either secure or its not. BlackBerry should make it the best it can be and then sell it as the best, most secure mobile platform on the market.

BlackBerry can be happy to get at least 1/4 million users..
There is no way to win 5 million.


Why protected does it mean BBM is unprotected ?

Anyway, I know how to boost earnings : Build phones regular users really want.

RedBerry Z10 Hybrid #00167 OS

I think it is too expensive on top of a BES license cost that has to be purchased too. My guess is that they will have to come up with a cheaper, Enterprise wide type of license that would drop the bottom line to BlackBerry to get traction with this. Maybe I'm wrong, but I see too many "cost savings" initiatives in IT right now that would make justifying a $30 per user fee a steep hill to climb.

Posted with a BlackBerry Z10

In my work environment, I know the company would pass the expense on to us consultants. At $30 per year, that's a rounding error on the other fees and licensing we already pay for. And it would be tax deductible. Woo hoo!

Posted via CB10

While you're right, from the sales side, you have to consider what the potential cost of having your communications compromised would be.

If the cost of having your information compromised does not outweigh the cost of BES and eBBM, well then your point stands.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

The answer is YES. Beats whatsapp $1/year potential revenues. Still can not believe fb paid $19 billion for that company.

Posted via CB10

1st We need a BBM application for my desktop / laptop.
2nd all messages need to be properly archived for compliance
3rd BBM connect must be android IOs and Windows friendly
4th show how economic this is for data consumption and IT department + senior people will demand this for their entire business

Posted with my Z30

Not sure if it is technologically possible, but MANY consumers would pay 10-30$ per year for this service. It would probably have to be priced at 30$ as well, just to justify the enterprise cost. But for 2.50$ a month many consumers would flock to bbm. But this would probably get them in trouble with Gov't agencies. B1aze should poll this one.

Posted via CB10

We were discussing this in a previous news item, and with the ability to have BBM hosted, it may be possible for the carriers to offer it. It may cost a bit more for the consumer, but who knows.

Posted via CB10

I am a simple mobile user and being a blackberry loyal since years. Why shall i pay any money for any service?
I make a call and use my phone as other user. It does not mean i am a business tycoon. How much this cell phone important? Busy all day with work then driving to home. I don't know how really important this is.
One thing is sure i dont wanna pay any extra money for any service. How BBM gonna make a difference?
I was having bold 9900 with BIS plan which cost me around $12. I switched to BBOS 10 just to save money.
I don't find and logic to make service to paid for existing customers..

Posted via CB10

It's for businesses not for consumers like you and I. We'd not expected to pay. Though many probably would.

Posted via CB10 with my Z10 (Via limited WiFi connection)

I agree with snoozer, if you don't want it, you don't have to get it, unless your company dictated, and then they are probably paying for it. If you're a consumer, you may only be able to get it if the carrier can and does offer BES hosted.

Posted via CB10

It's as simple as this for us BES admins:

If it securely connects our users then great, food sales pitch.
If it auto-populates users across the enterprise in to my users BBM then "TAKE MY MONEY NOW!"

Posted via CB10


But it doesn't. And BlackBerry don't seem to realise what a barrier having to manually add BBM Contacts is in an Enterprise. I'm sick of pointing it out to BlackBerry UK.

Posted from my BlackBerry Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.3

informed IT of my Fortune 50 co about eBBM earlier this week!

Posted via secure bb10.2.1.2179

$30 too much, how does that work? $20 to manage the device and security of it as bes fees but $30 to manage and secure one app on the phone.

Posted via CB10

That's $20 on top of the server and maintenance fees, which really just enables the device to be controlled by IT. eBBM gives you access to a top-notch secure network.

The problem is BlackBerry is incorporated in Canada and Canada is not business friendly.

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

Perhaps the bigger danger is that Google or Microsoft or Facebook (or all of the above) decides to encrypt their own messaging services for free. Even if the security wasn't "as good" as eBBM, it would be enough to make most people re-think about spending $30/year.

I know all three of those companies are rapidly working to encrypt everything after the Snowden leaks, so it would not surprise me a bit to hear an announcement along these lines from one or more of them in the next 6 months.

The "moat" around secure text messaging is neither very wide nor very deep.

If these companies encrypted their IM offerings that would only bring them on par with BBM and it's public key encryption.

eBBM offers private key encryption which increases security beyond the consumer grade we have now.

In addition these companies have MDM solutions with which to deploy a full secure IM service.

The really problem will be media spin, but those that know, know. Consumer fallout will be huge.

Posted via CB10

Want to boost earnings???? SELL HANDSETS!!!!

Not rocket science.......but for Mr. Chen it seems to be a concept as foreign as understanding the language of some alien civilization.

How do you sell handsets????
Step 1: Build the class leading device with the ultimate in security, which BlackBerry has done.
Step 2: Educate the targeted consumer with marketing that is in their face before the devices are launched & make sure that consumers know the device & willing to wait upgrade from whatever device they currently have.
Financial print media would a great place to advertise enhanced security & productivity of the there any??? NO!!!
The upcoming Classic should be advertised in social media & TV pulling the nostalgia of when BlackBerry was a real device......not the obscurity it has become.

Is time Chen pulls his head out of his ass & work with a marketing company to give BlackBerry brand the recognition it truly deserves.

Only my opinion.......given that I am in the business of marketing.

And before you people start attempt to point out that enhanced BBM & stickers & these other feeble attempts to generate income will add to the bottom line think of this: when you are at the bottom of the food chain with a market share in the single digits %........these are nothing in the big picture unless you are Apple.

Add to the bottom line is to market your product.......either that or pack up shop & go home

Posted via CB10

Again someone thinking in the wrong terms.

Apple=. Ford
BlackBerry = ferrari

Simply looking at market share alone you can see that although both companies sell cars one needs large numbers with global factories. The other is handmade in one place yet no-one ever talks about market share.

One has all the latest gizmo and gadgets on board to increase sales. The other has beautiful styling and a powerful efficient (not economical) engine.

One is targeted to the masses. The other to the elite

A lot of similarities in this picture simple as it is.

IF BlackBerry want back into the consumer market they will need to step up their game but I think the only thing then need is (and I don't know if this is possible) the ability to silence the phone in balance and include a dual sim. corporate users could then choose to switch of work while keeping personal on all on the one device.

Posted via CB10

@Musical......your comparison is flawed.

Average price of a Ford in US$ is $25k
Average price of a Ferrari is $125k

In terms of purchasing power & general revenue Ford is a giant while Ferrari's owner Fiat is is a minor player.

The price point between a Apple & BlackBerry device is within a few dollars. Difference between the most expensive Ford & cheapest Ferrari is maybe a hundred of thousand dollars.

The point of what I wrote is to highlight the fact that unless BlackBerry begins to effectively market their devices & educate point of sales people & consumers, they will continue to be on life support with a carousel of CEO/rescuers.

And by the way......A Ferrari is a piece of garbage that is poorly built & requires heavy maintenance after only a few hours of is fast but so is any Porsche without the ownership headaches.

Posted via CB10

I agree with you. Anything that will provide revenue helps. Chen sat down with corporate and asked what are our strengths. BlackBerry is synonymous with security. This is just what governments, law firms, high level business, police, and the banking /brokerage folks need.
Play to your strengths
Generate income
Provide two unmatched business phones

Stock should climb

STA-100-3 v; Radio 3182

OK, this is a start. Bringing in subscription revenue is great as long as you can find the right price most ppl are willing to spend. I don't know a lot about BBM Protected but as long as $30 a yeah is reasonable than go ahead after all it is just $2.5 per month. Stock prices could reflect this profit potential really soon well before the Fall expansion to android and apple phones. And it may go even higher after that date too. Can't wait to see how this unravels.

Posted via CB10

No they can't because nobody is bothered about BBM it doesn't serve any decent purpose I know three people who use it and hundreds who won't even entertain it and as for the "stickers" they are the biggest waste of money, time and effort I have ever seen!! BlackBerry need to take a long hard look at themselves and realise it time to makes changes and now because if they don't they will carry on being the has been and the afterthought!!

Posted via CB10

Funny, I am sure even corporations are paying the same if not more for data plans so I don't see this as too expensive nor do I see this as a mainstream business product. It's niche and those that want it will pay. Allows you to cut out texting plans and go to BBM. Course communicating with clients may necessitate texting but then you lose security. BBM Voice and video would be the clincher in my opinion but then, well, BlackBerry needs a tablet device!!

Posted via CB10

Let's talk about say 40M to 60M @ $30ea. Now that is the potential.
BBM protect has massive potential, especially in the Health Care and Enterprise. Not so much in Public Services, they tend to go the more cheaper offers.

Posted on my Q5

Myself and my friends were, like most early 'smartphone' users in the UK, Blackberry users from around 2005 until around 2010/11, when other OS's basically caught up and overtook, and since then it has been a very long and painful road back (and even then not for them all). BBM used to be the absolute instant messenger of choice, but as people migrated to different platforms text and WhatsApp took over, and today, even though I have returned to Blackberry after a 2-year Windows Phone hiatus, I know nobody on BBM, and as a result do not use it myself at all. Personally, I would rather see BlackBerry expanding and pushing the BBM platform as a totally available but secure competitor to other instant messenger apps before monetising it. BB10 is, to my mind, quite simply the most impressive OS on the market, and I feel that BBM should be a way to promote BlackBerry as a brand (by way of feeding potential users) rather than a money-making venture in its own right.

Having a phone that looks good, has the best email and messaging functions in the world, has removable batteries, the best soft-keyboard available and also has the ability to run Android apps is quite a special offering, and nobody seems to know that beyond this forum. BBM could be a successful social platform in the UK, and it should be used to promote the genuinely excellent offering that is BB10, and the soon-to-be-released BB10.3 - things that will actually make BlackBerry real money in the long-run.

For what it is worth this is just my '2 cents', and I am a BlackBerry shareholder - I would just rather longer term success over a short-term BBM secure gain.

Posted via CB10

It seems the love affair with Android isn't quite over considering the percentage of market share they still command but I have faith in the fickle nature if the mobile client. Once there are real signs of momentum in BlackBerry's favour and the unofficial world boycott of BB10 is over, then the sky's the limit for BBM. There's been many great developments over the past 9 months but real kick start has yet to come.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Companies now are very cost/expense sensitive, my company included. I would never pay for secure instant messaging. All sensitive communications for us are dobe via encrypted email.

Posted via CrackBerry App

Hi Chris. Thanks for the article. Have you done any similar analyses for stickers? I'd be interested in seeing some scenarios showing how stickers could affect the bottom line.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

I don't think people give a damn about stickers. That's just me. I could be wrong. I don't see people bothering to buy add-on packs on BBM. But just for the sake of argument, if 25% of 80 million users decided it was a brilliant thing to do then we're talking about a one time $20M revenue opportunity. Peanuts.

I share your opinion, I don't see the point of BBM stickers and I'm not using any. For younger people, like in my country, a lot of BlackBerry's are used for the cheap messaging through BBM. They're younger and probably more into stickers and so on. I don't see them paying for them though, think they'll spend their money otherwise.

I think in the long run. Security will sell. Just like anti virus for desktop it was slow for people to adopt but ultimately most people eventually adapted once they realized their vulnerability. It, in my opinion, is the most robust area to focus

Posted via CB10

Is a group BBM voice calling a feature, this is very instrumental for conference calls.

Posted by Phobe's Owner on the BlackBerry Q10

In the medical field having a protected IM that is behind a firewall and can only be sent to the intended recipient would be ground breaking. 30 dollars/year to prevent a 40k HIPPA fine is a no brainer.

To have a full Suite of BlackBerry branded email, cloud storage, encrypted IM, a full desktop Suite and countless other options is a no brainer. I would pay $100/year for that.

The reality is that you get what you pay for. When it's free you get what they get paid for (your info).

Posted via CB10

Isn't this what the eBBM suite will provide? And yes, I do believe on-prem is an under-served space, and one with plenty of money on the line. Problem is, that space is owned by the likes of IBM, Oracle, HP, CA, etc. It's hard to break in.

Posted via CB10

Well it is almost the double amount compared to the current $ 19 emm licence per user per year and that only for a secure messaging service.

Far to expensive if you ask me. Should be maximum priced also $19, $ 12 would be far better to make it an instant buy.

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Good thinking, but it's hard to do marginal analysis at this point for BlackBerry, including Bbm. BlackBerry has to improve cash inflow. The market clearly decided that BlackBerry's security premium in previous years was not worth it. I think BlackBerry would be better to enhance or produce software that interacts best with enterprise programs. Docs to go is not good enough etc. BlackBerry travel is useful but not quite there. Calendar needs work. Bbm itself needs video on ios and android. Bbm voice needs link to fixed line phones like Viber or Skype. More money can be made here than In Bbm protected in my view, but it would all add up.

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Yes it can but in a pure Blackberry fashion, they are claiming the availability way before the REAL availability understand here : the purchase ability.

So in order no to mislead any forecast on the matter, they should state that the service is not yet availiable for the masses name SMB (small and mid businesses) ex US&Canada, call it the world.

Using my own experience, it's not really convenient to simply find :

1. Any direct call or mail or anything from BBRY to my BES infrastrucutre to advertise the service : thank you BLOGS
2. where to buy the service (why non Professional App store for BES users yet???) The licensing tool for the BES called Blackberry account service or Management Studio doesn't include any ability to direct purchase (again ex US& Canada)
3. How to setup the service : you just can 't imagine how poorly retailers are educated in BES stuff

Long road ahead to fix the sales channels

For now i've managed to order 5 CALs for BBM Protected and i hope i'll be able to deploy them.

I'll let you know.

It always takes a couple of years for the general masses (read herd) to see the light. Same happened with Samsung versus Apple. If devices like the Passport can have advertisement through people and i think it will, slowly people will go back to BlackBerry. Daily users, who will carry a Passport early on, are the best to put it in the spotlight cause they will attract attention and people will come and ask questions.
Second, I hope BlackBerry will get this, if they make the price very attractive, they'll have a winner. Otherwise people will wait for the price to come down and by then the hype is gone and we're a year further down the road.

I think this scenario is way too optimistic. I would be surprised if even a million users signed up. I understand the play, but don't know if there are enough organizations willing to pay for it.

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I will certainly get BlackBerry protected as soon as I have someone else to communicate with.

So even though I already have a good phone for secure communication, because everyone I work with is on an apple or android, I am reduced down to their level.

I don't even have anyone to PIN with right now... I am reduced to the apple and android level of email and SMS.

So asking me for $30 more to still be reduced to the common standard is a hard pill to swallow.

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I would absolutely get bbm protected as a consumer. With regards to Google releasing encrypted messaging, they see half the reason you want encrypted messaging in the first place (the NSA being the other).

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