CAMultimate takes your BlackBerry camera one step further - 12 FREE Pro licenses to give away!

By Kerri Neill on 7 Apr 2012 04:14 pm EDT

CAMultimate by Prettyfang is an application that is basically designed as an all-inclusive UI for your BlackBerry camera. There are several apps out there that can ramp up those pictures but none with as many options available in CAMultimate. You’ll be creating your own Ansel Adams like masterpieces in no time!

I'm not big on taking pictures with my BlackBerry device aside from the candid shots of little girl when we're out and about. Since I installed CAMultimate I've become the paparrazzi in our family. A really cool function built in the burst feature is that it takes 3 camera shots in succession. This really comes in handy with my active 4 year old who is always on the go and constantly fidgets. A cool feature I found is that I can take a normal photo and then apply any effect I want at anytime, or just choose an effect I like and my next photo will have that effect applied automatically! This app is so much fun to use that you'll find yourself taking pics just to pay around with the special effects. Hit the break for more information about the app and how to win a copy for yourself!


  • Includes over 16 different Camera Filters that you can apply to a new photo or to one you already have!
  • Includes a Pencil Sketch Effect that you can apply to a new photo or to one you already have!
  • Fat Face Effect that you can apply to a new photo or to one you already have!
  • Camera Image Burst so you can take multiple shots in one go, ensuring that you dont miss that golden opportunity!
  • Camera Timer function that allows you to predefine a timer and set CAMultimate to take the photo image for you automatically after a few seconds!
  • Includes a feature that will allow you to crop and save any photo!
  • Also includes a CAMshout mode that gives a shout out to your friends to grab their attention for that all important 'kodak' moment
  • Also includes a CAMmute mode so that if you find the shutter sound annoying, then why not take a quick simple capture of the screen using the CAMmute mode. It's important to take note that  'CAMmute' mode doesn't actually mute the camera shutter itself but it actually takes a screenshot of the screen so the images are of lower resolution quality (most users are still happy with the results)
  • Includes a feature to GEOtag your images – A geotag gives your location and saves the location tag to the image of your photo in Standard CAM mode so your friends know the place where you took the photo!
  • CAMultimate PRO-EDITION also includes a QR mode, which allows you to read and even create your very own 'Quick Read' barcodes, the latest craze in web and mobile marketing!

CAMultimate is now available in BlackBerry App World for $2.99 for devices running OS 6.0 and higher. The Customer Support team for this app is fantastic. If you have an issue with the app, don’t hesitate to shoot the team an email and they’ll do their best to make it right. You can head over to their Youtube page for some cool how to videos and more on all the app can do. The folks over at Prettyfang know how great there app is and they want to share it for FREE with some of our lucky CrackBerry readers!

Contest: We’ve teamed up with Prettyfang to hold a contest for 12 Pro license copies of their CAMultimate. All you need to do is leave a comment below and you’re entered to win! Contest ends Sunday at midnight.

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CAMultimate takes your BlackBerry camera one step further - 12 FREE Pro licenses to give away!



I do a lot of shooting of the kids (no with my blackberry camera not a gun). It would be cool to be able to use this app to improve them.

Very cool... now that I've upgraded to OS 7 I can definitely see using the 9360 as a camera since it's always with me. This would be awesome to use!

I use my Bold 9930 at my job as an accident reconstructionist for the MTAPF and this would really enhance my investigation tools.

______________me please!!! I actually need this for work!!!

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I would love to get a free copy!!! For my job I take a lot of pictures and with this app I don't have to edit them afterwards, I can immediatly apply a filter and e-mail them to my customers. So please crackberry, give me a free copy

I definitely would like to give this app a shot. Lensboost, Picstory, Bibby cam, Pix Trix, all fun but have their little quirks. Would like to see how this app fares against them.

Finally, camera mute for BlackBerry® is available now :).
It will make take any picture in all situation without disturb somebody else without its click sound.
Many thans before for giving me a free licensed.

I have had this app for is the best all inclusive camera app I have used......I have used it on a variety of operating systems with no issues.....the customer support is awesome!!!!! even open to ideas to improving the app......give it a go you will not be disappointed!!!!

I never win any of these so I went and bought a copy. Loving it! I have been playing with it for a few hours now. FUN! Works flawlessly on my 9850!

Camera, Click, Flash! This would be an awesome addition, know that many of my friends and co-workers would want and purchase this after seeing it on my phone. Pick me, please!

This sounds amazing. I am always snapping photos maybe this would help me use my BlackBerry camera more.

Sounds like an interesting giveaway. Count me in, please. I consider myself as a BlackBerry user who enjoys taking pictures of just about anything that interests me and I always have my BlackBerry with me so I often use the 5 megapixel camera on my BlackBerry Torch 9800 to take photos. The results of the images that are taken from my BlackBerry are decent and I think if I win this amazing app, it would probably make those photos look even better. Hope I win.

Looks like the features my BB is missing compared to digital cameras, Love to have a copy of this app.

Please for my delta
‎​‎​​° • · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡ · • ° crackberry

I need another reason to get great picks of Mt Rainier. Hit me up via pm to see some of my bb pics of it...

This might just improve my camera shooting function and skills with my 9900 which lacks AF. Hope I win.