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Avoid speed cameras with CamSam for BlackBerry 10

CamSam for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 2 Apr 2013 10:01 am EDT

While we certainly can't condone speeding - but just on the off chance you fancy having your BlackBerry 10 smartphone warn you of where speed cameras are you may want to download CamSam. The application is already available on the other major operating systems and luckily us BlackBerry 10 users now get to benefit from it too.

Normally I would do a video for an app I liked this much but heading towards a speed camera with a video camera doesn't sound such a good idea to me - however, CamSam is free to download so there is no reason why you can't test it for yourself.

Within the settings there are a selection of languages to choose from and you can also check/uncheck if you want notifications for both mobile cameras or just static ones. I took the app for a test run this morning and it works perfectly. There is one slight glitch (currently) for UK drivers and that is that the app does not display your speed in MPH - but I am informed that will be coming very soon with an update.

Full features of CamSam include:

  • Real time alerts of mobile radar traps
  • More than 47,000 fixed speedcams worldwide from
  • Directional alerts for all fixed speedcams
  • Automatic updates every 5 minutes
  • Visual and acoustic warnings
  • Indication of device type and of legal speed limit
  • Simple alert function
  • Online/offline mode
  • Locations of fixed speedcams checked on site
  • Listening and radar view
  • Distance and direction of speedcam indicated

Alternatively, don't exceed the speed limit!

More information/Download CamSam for BlackBerry 10



I've been using this the last few days. I can say this is a great replacement for Trapster. Although I still miss that.

Posted via CB10


Why would you want to obey the speed limit? We certainly don't on our Z10s so why not in a car. Always want to be first to get somewhere.

Posted via CB10


I've been using this the last few days. And I can say it is a good app. Good replacement for Trapster. Although I do miss it.

Posted via CB10


Nice! Will give it a whirl...

Posted via CB10


Nice...will give it a proper test!

Posted via CB10


So does this detect radar/laser speed traps also?

Posted via CB10


These apps don't actually "detect" radar. They simply use your GPS location against a database of known fixed speed cameras. There's probably a way to report a mobile speed trap, so if you get pulled over, be sure to upload the location while you're waiting for the cop to write your ticket.


I thought the UK is getting rid of speed cameras?

Posted via CB10


MPH? I thought the UK used Km/h?
It will be interesting, with the amount of proponents of having a shutter sound for the camera on the phone for legal reasons, how many people start commenting on the fact that it's illegal to operate handheld devices while driving (at least in Canada anyway).
Cool app, though.

Posted via CB10 with my Z10


I think sometimes I might want to be a passenger. Just saying.


It would sweet if I warned you of cops too

Posted via CB10


TIL that the UK is still using imperial units for road signs.

"Britain is the only European Union member nation to use imperial units rather than SI units for distance measurements and speed limits. Along with the United States and Burma, it is the only highways network still using the imperial system."


Anyone know if this works in the background, say while your streaming music...?


I can't get this to work, is it just for England?

Posted via CB10


I'm stuck at Seeking GPS screen - Canada West Coast. Does it work here?

Posted via CB10


Works in Manitoba gave it a try.....tho I know where most of the speed cams are at on my commute

Posted Via CB10 Á La Z10


Ive never had a speeding ticket in 22 years of driving. I just never get caught.


Speed camera tickets are actually invalid here but they still try to bully you into waving your rights. Can't wait to try this app tomorrow morning on the way to the office. :)

Posted via CB10


OK I got it to work - simply there was no GPS signal in the office :-)


Check out Waze in BlackBerry App World, cool way to keep up on police and other road hazards with a decent gps map too.

Posted via CB10


It's not available on my z10... because of my country? (switzerland) again? I still do not have music and movies in my BlackBerry world... because of my country... Mr. BlackBerry, please, DO SOMETHING!!

Posted via CB10


Looking at the 'privacy' or lack thereof policy I shall not be installing this. I don't want to sell the rights to my private data to a random German company.

Posted via CB10


I'm gonna drive it like its stolen now!!!!



Btw download link is broken for those of us in Toronto, Canadá at least on Rogers.

Posted via CB10


It works for me and I'm on Rogers in Toronto.

Posted via CB10


So by evading the traps you can speed with confidence. When the inevitable accidents/injuries/deaths occur and authorities determine you used this system, there will be legal consequences no doubt. This is why many locales ban active radar detectors...mot in the public safety interest.

Posted via CB10


A much better app than this one is called "Waze" its a amazing user based GPS that in real time tells you about traffic, hazards, police and traffic cameras! It works great! You have to download it and try it!!

Posted via CB10