Cameraless Tour Now Available From Sprint

No Camera Tour Now Available From Sprint!
By Bla1ze on 14 Sep 2009 09:11 am EDT

Looking to assumingly cater to the business sector, Sprint now has available for purchase a cameraless version of the BlackBerry Tour. All the same specs as the original of course, so don't go thinking the camera was replaced with WiFi or anything crazy like that.

Original price remains intact as well with the buy-in cost being $199.99 after rebates and 2 year agreement. Seems as though Sprint is the only one offering cameraless devices these days, so if you want a new Tour but need it with no camera Sprint will gladly hook you up!

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Cameraless Tour Now Available From Sprint


Whats the point of removing the camera feature if its offered at the same price?
Does it allow the phone to run quicker?

The unit comes without a camera and is geard towards business users that cannot have camera phones for work etc. Much like the 8830WE.

Most Government Agency's will not allow phones with Cameras in the building. Most of the time they do not allow them at all.

thats very true. it goes beyond the gov't, corporations, night clubs, strip clubs, etc... pretty much any place where security and privacy is very high, camera phone and recording devices are not aloud. a lot of young non-business BB users forget that the BB is and always will be a corporate business phone. all the extra music, games, camera, and video stuff that was added later was just too appeal to the younger more non-business / entering the business world users.

Verizon has offered the camera-less version since launch, I believe. However, it is only available through Verizon online or customer service. I was able to do a straight exchange on mine after I accepted a government contractor job last month. They were very good about it since my 30-day period had run out.

Verizon has offered the Tour without camera from day one. And it's $50 less. And they offer several other devices without cameras as well. Where are you getting your info?

Yeah... it's been on their website since day 1. Someone seriously needs to check their facts before they publish posts with those types of comments.

I understand the purpose of no camera for strict business users. Then why would you put in the product description you can access social networking sites like FLICKER? Accessing your filcker account from your phone with no camera seems a little silly to me.

Seems like a decent move. Some attorneys as well as government employees are not allowed to bring camera phones into some court rooms or some governmental locations. Maybe not as dumb a move as it appears on the surface.

Considering any employee of Beoing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, or L3 Communications cannot bring cameraphones on company property(usually), this is a huge deal. All of the management and supervisors at my company are stuck with 8830 models until now. I also was stuck with the 8830, until today as I'm with sprint, so this is a huge blessing!

Northrop Grumman alone has over 120,000 employees, 90% of which cannot bring camera phones to work, so trust me when I say this is a big deal. Combine these companies together and you have over half a million people who could take advantage of this.

Oh, and just to clarify, it is a security violation to have a cameraphone on our property, and in just one day, 15 people were fired for posession of camera enabled phones, just for bringing it to work. Not something to be taken lightly.

The Tour without a camera has been available through Verizon for a month or longer. The best part is the third party GPS aps work without a hitch. So another option.

I never got why people make camera and camera-less phones. I mean are there any perks to camera-less or is it the same???

It's for business. Some companies do not allow devices with cameras into their building for security reasons. It really does make sense if you think about it.

From a personal standpoint nobody would purchase a BlackBerry without a camera if they could get one with for the same price.

Couldnt you just purchase a battery door that had no openings for the camera? I work in a high security environment (Gov't Aircraft Engineer) and all i do is attach a different battery door to my Bold during work hours, and then switch it out for the OEM door after work.

The camera isn't behind the battery door on the Tour. Its right above it, so a cameraless version is very useful for business applications.