Cameraless BlackBerry Bold Available from AT&T This Friday

Cameraless Bold
By Adam Zeis on 15 Oct 2009 02:45 pm EDT

Following in the footsteps of Verzion's non-camera 8830WE and Tour, it looks like AT&T will be making a cameraless BlackBerry Bold available this Friday. From their @BizSoltions Twitter account, AT&T dropped this tweet earlier today:

"Starting Friday -- BlackBerry Bold will be available from AT&T in a model without a camera, for secure workplaces."

This could be a welcome relief for those who are not allowed to have camera phones in the workplace. I personally think having an option for a BlackBerry without a camera is a necessity given the high security of many industries. So will you be picking one up? Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts. 

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Reader comments

Cameraless BlackBerry Bold Available from AT&T This Friday


You mean this might actually stop the chinese from stealing everything we design and make? Probably not... Why because we cant be mean to them as we owe the chinese to much money.


It is made for professional like lawyers (no camera in the court), politician and military personnel.

As to chinese stealing everything we design and make, this has to do with where these products are manufactured - China.

Isn't this about a year too late? Why didn't they just release the cameraless version at the same time as the regular one like they did with the Tour?

Do they sell battery doors for the Bold that do not have the camera opening? That is what I used to do with my Curve 8320. I bought a back without the camera opening and just put that on whenever entering a secure area. Much easier than getting a new BB or not taking it with me.

fantastic idea! but i mean... i use a curve 8900 for a reason. because i find it better than the bold. so i guess i would rather a camera-less curve.. haha but the blank battery door is a really good idea!


I have not been able to find a Bold Back cover without the camera hole. Federal courts in the US do not allow camera phones. We have to re-provision old BB's for our lawyers when they are in Fed court. It sucks for them going from a Bold to a beat up 8700 checkout.

But now with this new Bold I'm sure we'll see plenty of "solid" backs for Bolds assuming that RIM did not change the back cover.

But, I agree that this is kind of late. They should've released the cameraless version with the regular version. Oh well, better late than never.

my bold camera is not bad @ all. it's not 3.2 MP but it's not bad. i agree that it should have been released at the same time!

i want to get this to replace my current bold. the system itself is pretty much timeless and will last a few years. for the most part the camera is the thing that's going to be the most outdated.

I have called AT&T numerous times and has been told this phone is not available or have dont know anything about it. Can someone tell me WHERE i can get one for my AT&T carrier?