Camera Timer by S4BB Limited helps you get the picture

By Michelle Haag on 15 Oct 2011 03:25 pm EDT
Camera Timer by S4BB Limited
I take a ton of pictures with my BlackBerry, of all kinds of things. Sometimes, it's nice to be in the picture, but you don't always have that extra set of hands you need to take the picture. Apps such as Camera Timer, a new application from S4BB Limited, are perfect for this situation, as you can set the timer, place your BlackBerry on a sturdy surface, and jump in the shot. Featuring an accurate delay timer (5, 10, or 30 seconds), option for flash during photo and an auditory warning / countdown to photo, this app will come in handy in all sorts of situations.

You can grab Camera Timer at either of the links below for just $.99 for all BlackBerry smartphones running OS 5 and up.

More information/screenshots and purchase Camera Timer from App World

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Reader comments

Camera Timer by S4BB Limited helps you get the picture


Sorry, althou I agree it was a great app idea, I really think it is way overpriced.

Maybe when it goes 1.99...

...too slow saving pics...
missing basic features that native camera provides
...just plain too slow all around...
not worth 0.99 yet...

I'd buy this if it came with a tripod for my Torch. Unfortunately, I don't see much use for a timer on my BB since I need to be holding it.

ahaha! ya, not seeing this as being very practical since you have to be holding the phone anyway. i`ve done the trying to set it on a sturdy surface and it doesn`t work so well. although if anyone has any suggestions, feel free!

Simple. Always be carrying your BlackBerry Charging Pod with you! It's no longer a desk charger, it's a very expensive camera stand. lol

I agree with FIVEFIFTYWHAT, way to slow. I was glad to see that S4BB has 30 day money back guarantee...except they don't. S4BB billed it as such but the fine print says return for store credit. The app is a great idea but the 5sec timer actually takes 9 sec and then 10-15 after that just to save and display. I'm running it on a Sprint 9930.

Damn, a few beat me to the punch. What's the logic in this? I mean how will my 9900 stand itself up to take the shot?

NuxShoot does the same thing for free. Adds a 5 and 10 second option to the Berry menu :)
Too po' for an OS 7 device, so I can't speak on compatibility.

Looks like a nice app, but I really wish there was an app that can bring back the features of old such as recording video and taking pictures in black and white and sephia tone. After upgrading to Bold 9900, I still keep my 8900 Curve on hand because the 8900 has these black/white and sephia features. Also has the autofocus with 2 convience keys to launch my video or camera at the ready, believe it or not, I think my 3.2 megapixel on the 8900 takes better video and photos than my Bold 9900 5 megapixle!

More Crapware for BB...People talk about a tripod. Since there's no connecting thread on the device, do you attach it with scotch tape? I guess you set it and forget it except for one minor problem. Whose going to hold your BB?

Where does the camera timer hide my picture files? I have a Z10. The app seems to work great except when I go to have a look a the pictures...And yes, I've searched both my SD card and the device using the BB file manager and with it connected to my computer. Very strange. Anyone else know about this?