Perfect for group photos - Camera Timer for BlackBerry 10

Camera Timer
By James Richardson on 14 Jan 2014 05:54 am EST

One feature I wish was included with the native BlackBerry 10 camera application is a timer. I'm not a great one for taking 'selfies' but they seem to be all the trend these days. In most circumstances holding the BlackBerry in your hand will be sufficient, but if you want to include a group of friends or have some distance between you and your BlackBerry you are going to be a bit stuck. 

Luckily, Camera Timer has these needs covered and does just what the name suggests. There are two versions available - a free edition and a pro one, priced at $1.99/£1.50. 

The free option will give you the ability to set the timer for five seconds only - which may be a bit restrictive, but if you like what you see in the app, the pro version has a few timing options as well as the below features:

  • Set initial delay to 5,10,15 secs
  • Select no. of pics from 1-10
  • Choose from available picture resolutions

Camera timer does a pretty decent job for a basic app. Available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets, it's maybe worth a download for those times when it may just come in handy? 

More information/Download Camera Timer (Free) for BlackBerry 10

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Perfect for group photos - Camera Timer for BlackBerry 10


I really hope BlackBerry will work on this as a native feature in BBM! That would kick Snapchat bal*s

PS: the person I send the pic to has to have the app too, I guess?

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Sorry, but would never pay $2 for a camera timer app. I expect more from a $2 app. A lot more, in fact.

I paid 4.99 for Neutron music player, for example, and that has 100x the functionality of this.

Sorry if that offends anyone, but it's the truth (for me at least).

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I have used Camera Timer since the day it first became available for BlackBerry 10, and James is right. This is an app that should have been native. It's not just good for group photos, it also eliminates having to take arm-stretched selfies which is embarrassingly obvious when people do that. This way you have your own photographer.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I'm the Developer of the Native Camera TIMER version.

The version reviewed by James is an Android app and screen shots are not even correct. It shows bbos7 app.

I LOVE your app. Thank you for making such an awesome addition that should have been included in the OS to begin with. If BlackBerry was wise, they would license it from you.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I would consider paying $2 for this. It has a number of value added functions on top of a single-shot timer.

And it's native. Crackberry should always try to review native app solutions before ported app solutions IMO.

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3

Copy and paste the link into the browser. Man that's frustrating!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

CB10 adds the following code to links which screws them up!


C'mon CB10, this should be


Also, if the link takes you to a Web app, then 'rel' can be interpreted as a REST parameter and give you the wrong Web page or cause an error.

Crazy that this bug hasn't been fixed yet. Seems SOOO easy to remedy.

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I use Advanced Camera for BlackBerry 10 which has a camera timer functionality.. and a lot more.

I first used it on my PlayBook and it is an excellent alternative to the native camera, and is very well supported by the developer.

And it's only 75p in the UK .. which is, I'm guessing, $0.99 in the US / Canada.

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Also there's auto capture app in BBW, this timer app is not even built for BB10 why should we be excited for it?

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oh look a paid app that was standard feature on 2004 phones.
what's next? an paid app to start your phone.
gg bb

There is another one called camera timer that is "built for BlackBerry" that cost the same and does a lot more...including silencing the shutter and time lapse.

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Ported version. I prefer the one by toysoft. Camera timer for BlackBerry. Thanks. Keep those dirty ports out of my BlackBerry

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I personally like the SNAP App. It may not do the multiple photos but it has an interesting feature where you can control the camera based on sounds made. Basically you can clap and get the app to take a picture. But better than that if you set it at a whisper knowing there is sound in the room then it will continuously take pictures until you shut off the camera. A favourite for self-esteem as well as the timer is infinitely adjustable.

Oops. Self esteem was supposed to be Selfie. In resting mistake I think. Usually Selfie are the realm of low self esteem to the point where you would not ask someone else to take the photo.