Add a self-timer and rapid shot features to your BlackBerry 10 Camera with Camera Timer

By Alicia Erlich on 1 Jul 2013 08:35 am EDT

For those that use their BlackBerry's camera on a regular basis and love taking pictures, don't you wish you had a delay feature to grab the perfect shot? Camera Timer is an easy to use application that is not only an adjustable self timer and time lapse photography tool but offers the ability to create MP4 videos from those captured images. The time-lapse video creation gives users the ability to control the frequency (the timer portion), image size, orientation, speed, and add color effect (grey scale, sepia).

Once launched, you can adjust the flash, switch between the front or back camera, or start the timer by tapping the start button. By swiping down from the top and selecting settings you can adjust the frequency (i.e. number of shots to take and the number of seconds to delay) if you wish to take advantage of the time lapse feature or looking to capture multiple shots evenly spaced apart. Images may also be resized or set to be saved to the SD card rather than device memory. By default, images are stored to its own folder, though you may change the name/location on the device in the photos folder.  


  • Switch Front and Rear Camera
  • Control flash eg: No flash, Auto or On
  • Take 1 or xxx number of pictures
  • Delay from 1 to xxx number of seconds
  • Picture counter to tell you home many pictures are left to take
  • Stored pictures in its own folder for easy access
  • Resize picture to No Resize, 25%, 50%, 75% or 360x640, 576x1024,720x1280 or 1080x1920 before saving. This will save storage if you do time lapse capturing
  • Disable shutter sound
  • Written in 100% native Cascade
  • Create MP4 movie
  • Screen never turns off and always ready to take the next picture

No matter where you are or what you are doing I do find it makes snapping photos a breeze. What I like is that because it controls the time in-between shots, fewer images appear blurred and quality is improved. As far as handy applications goes, this one is quick to learn. Simply set the timer, steady your device, pose and tap start.

While I may not have the hours available to try the time lapse feature on recording a beautiful sunset, videos are painless to create with just about any image in your library or the designated folder discussed above. Please note that this feature (MP4 creation only) requires OS 10.1 to operate and, of course, file size is a factor in terms of storage or sharing. It's interesting to see what such a simple task, even my commute to work, looks like through a series of pictures.

Also, in order for the application to run properly, users should accept the permissions displayed when Camera Timer runs for the first time.

It will only set you back $0.99 and is compatible with the Z10, Q10, and Q5.

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Add a self-timer and rapid shot features to your BlackBerry 10 Camera with Camera Timer


...can't handle paying a guy $.99 to make something that you can't make yourself?...don't buy it, quit bitching...or go over to Android and get your free apps...I don't understand how some people whine about a measly fee...of you can't swing have no business owning a smartphone...

Posted via CB10

Here is a demo of the time lapse feature in Camera Timer.

This demo was created using frames captured every 25 seconds for 10 minutes at resolution 576x1024. No other tools needed to create this video. It is all done on the BlackBerry Z10. Camera Timer Time Lapse Demo - YouTube

Nice. How long was the total time that you condensed. 1 suggestion - turn camera on side to get wider view, and full screen image for video.

Posted via CB10

The actual time was 10 minutes and condensed to about 12 seconds.

Well I took the pictures in Portrait mode. You can take it in portrait or landscape when you do your time lapse. I want to show the clouds in the video and landscape it couldn't see it.

also when you create the video you can choose portrait for landscape mode.

No offense but this should already be a part of the BB10 system instead of having to add on an app.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

those features will be available in OS10.2 when BB decides to release the OS update. Once they do I will update Camera Timer.

Yes it does work in Active Frame. Speed Dial will not allow the screen to turn off because then it can't use the camera. There is no known way to turn on the screen with the current API unless BlackBerry release this in the future.

I'm scared to install any apps that funk with the camera thanks to the no-going-back camera error "Camera can't be started".

The only fix for that error, Exchange for a new one. Problem is since I'm in the Philippines, it's not easy to get it exchanged with the retailer who sold it to me.

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