Camera-less 8350i Now Available From Sprint!

Nextel Offers Up Cameraless 8350i!
By Bla1ze on 14 Apr 2009 01:08 am EDT

A lot of folks were wondering if we had seen the end of camera-less BlackBerry devices, and the answer to that question is now a definite NO. After much speculation, the BlackBerry Curve 8350i has now arrived on Nextel in its camera-less form. The same specs apply to this 8350i as the original aside from the obvious missing camera, so that of course means WiFi and all the PTT you can handle, and while this device is clearly made for Enterprise/Business customers I have to wonder how many businesses will be adding this BlackBerry to their line up. Let's just hope Nextel/Sprint and RIM have the OS issues cleaned up by now. If ya need a camera-less BlackBerry this one will set ya back $149.99 after rebates with a new 2/year contract.

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Camera-less 8350i Now Available From Sprint!


Quote "(Yes, a CDMA BlackBerry with WiFi, they DO exist)"

Uh... There is nothing CDMA about the 8350i, it's this newfangled (haha) thing called iden.

Updated: The Sprint/Nextel sillyness catches me everytime, just another reason why the Nextel name (let alone iDen) should be disbanded IMO.

At least a CDMA carrier released a berry with wifi even if the device is not cdma. It is becoming embarrassing not having wifi. It is also good that they released a phone without a camera. I know a lot of people aren't allowed to bring camera phones to work.

Just a little thing to point out, though I am quite sure most users are quite aware of this, the 8350i is not CDMA, but in fact iDEN. This is the broadcast signal that Nextel (a specific part of Sprint specific to all their PTT phones) and Mikes Network (division of Telus) use pretty near exclusively, it's not used by many other wireless carriers. Just thought I'd point that out.

... not that many care mind you.

to be honest, I wouldn't mind if my blackberry didn't have a camera. Its image quality is horrible! The only think that im not happy with my blackberry is its camera.
My old nokia has a great camera. I just don't understand why RIM bother put a camera like that on those divices....

Hmm, my camera works great, of course there are few devices capable of replacing an actual camera, my BlackBerry takes great, clear pictures whenever I need to snap something on the go. I would not even consider a device in excess of $100 that is so technologically retarded as to exclude such a simple feature. Even if the camera on your device isn't great, how are you going to snap a photo of something important then send it to a friend or associate?

It's nice to see that corporate users who cannot have a camera phone now have a newer option than just the 88xx series.

I'm sure as new phones start hittin ghte market (a la 89xx and 96xx), there will still be options for corporate nd government users on other carriers. :)

This is an important feature which may help with the 8350i.

Hard core business users, corporate clients, and government types can find themselves unable to upgrade to a blackberry because they frequent places that have camera restrictions.

At least those types will also have a blackberry option.

Even though it's not fully ethical, can the battery cover be used on a 8330 for places where cameraphones are a issue?