Calx Real Icon Themes for Bold, Storm and Curve 8900

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jun 2009 01:57 pm EDT
Real Icon Theme

The creator of the Calx Real Icon themes dropped me an email the other day and I got a chance to check out his work. He has a line of the Real Icon theme for the Bold, Storm and Curve 8900 available in Zen and Today styles. The neat thing about this theme is that all of the icons have been rendered to give a very cool 3D effect. They are truly unique and very clean. The theme itself just has an overall look to it that I really enjoy - the battery and signal meters especially give it a nice touch. If you're in the market for a great theme you can hold on to for a while, definitely check out the Real Icon themes. All version are available at for $7

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Calx Real Icon Themes for Bold, Storm and Curve 8900


Thanks, much appreciated. Sorry the 8330 really hasn't got the bus-fare for this one, screen resolution isn't really high enough. Thanks all the same though.

How? This is the GUI! this is the part of the phone that lets you interact efficiently with your handset, one of the most important aspects of how your blackberry works! I spent DAYS on this, so feel free to opt out but don't suggest I'm ripping people off.

$7 is way to high, o have bought theme's for the same and didn't use more than a day. You have to have a free trial to make sure they work and you like them. I will never pay for a theme but will donate after I try one out I like.

Sure, the price is in the "high" range for a theme, but the icons on this are really different. I bought it just for the icons and have come to like the theme. The typeface is REALLY clean and easy to read and the meters are unique and clear. It doesn't need a special spot for WB or MB because you can just put them in one of the 8 slots for your homescreen and it shows the relevant info. And did I mention the icons? They are a hoot, especially the British phone booth and the 3d effect is terrific. It was clear A LOT of work went into them.

mundo472: Its to high a asking price.
Maybe a intro price to get ppl to try it, like most software when introduced.
I would be interested but not for that price.

I like it, but I have a few questions.

#1) Is there a way to change the top two shortcuts on the home screen? (messages and calendar).

#2) The pop up icon bar at the bottom of the home screen is cool, EXCEPT that it scrolls/selects through the icons from right to left when it pops up which is backwards. Is there a way to set it to scroll through the bottom icons from left to right when the icon bar pops up?

Other than that, it looks good so far!

As with most 'Today' themes - The summary areas on the home screen are fixed to give you an at-a-glance summary of any upcoming appointments and unread messages so, sorry no, there's not way of changing them.

If you think they should be done differently in any way, I'm happy to take comments on what you would prefer to see as the home screen applications - some people have suggested for example that they could be reduced to 2 lines and include SMS too.

As for question #2 this is changed to X-axis scrolling in version 2.0 which you will recieve as a free upgrade.

More information here:

Also all these people asking for a trial on a theme, just how the hell do you think you can do that?

If you can't offer a free trial, that’s ok.

I would like to try something before I spend any amount of

money. That's just me.

If it's going to slow down my device, not work, conflict

with other programs on my device I would like to know ahead

of time.

I went to your site, I like what I see.

When and if the free trial offer is given I'll try it.

As far as I know there is no way to do a trial unless I have another version which would be missing some of the crucial icons, that might work I suppose...

A theme trial? not very common, would would have to strip out some of the icons and that would kind of defeat the point.

The icons are nice, but the theme overall is poor. The signal and battery indicators on the home screen especially look poor.

In most cases I've observed that in the effort to make the theme look "different" or "cool", developers end up unnecessarily complicating and ruining the complete theme.

I think a simple theme (like Precision Zen, the default Bold theme) with these icons would have looked great.

The $7 price is pretty steep too. BlackBerry developers should learn something from the iPhone App Store where most of the paid stuff (and good applications at that) are available for $0.99. Even the more expensive applications only go upto $4.99. Getting 100 people to pay $0.99 for your application is a better deal than getting 4-5 people to pay $7.

BTW, is there any way to change the default blue background of the theme ?

Sorry you don't like the radial signal and battery meters - from the feedback I've had the general consensus is that these are a highlight of the theme, so I'm sorry you don't like them.

I spent a long time modeling, lighting, texturing, tweaking and rendering the icons - There are over 50 of them in total. 50 separate 3D scenes all generated before I'd even started on the layout, or selected typefaces, colour schemes, buttons, menus or worked on alignment.

I consider this to be enough attention to detail to warrant the $7 price tag. There are other theme's out there for similar money that have nowhere near as much effort put into them.

So, my apologies you're not satisfied, thanks to features in websites like I have now issued hundreds of this theme and have had a lot of very positive feedback.

You can change the blue background to anything you wish, in exactly the same way you would in any other theme.

Perhaps your free upgrade to version 2.0 will solve some of these issues for you. More information on that here:

The article has a nice, large screenshot, but going to the store I cannot find usable preview images of all the different screens for the Storm.

$7 is not alot of money, but it is alot to risk on something you cannot demo or even see good screenshots of. Or, did I miss big screenshots somewhere?

I'm just saying paying $7 and not knowing how a theme is going to work when you have a storm is a risk. Sure $7 isn't to much money, but if the theme runs like crap on my storm like most themes I have tried run on my storm, I would of rather wasted the $7 at mcdonlads.

Plus this is just a theme. It's not an app. I would get more use out of a $1-3 app then a $7 theme. You got to make your pricing more realistic if you want to get sales with the way things are.

Price it at whatever you see is fair. You put the work into it and only you can know what the value of your efforts should be. I don't run themes on my Storm because the tend to bog the phone down. However, I will definitely try this theme out on my Tour.

Sure he can price what he thinks is fair, but how many sales he gets will based on what the buyer thinks is fair.

I'm trying to get something together for the 83xx's the pearls etc, but screen resolution is a little limited.

I'll keep you posted as to how I get one.


I like where you're going with the next version. I just tried it out and it looks amazing. Do you intend to use the same icons with the new theme or will it feature a new set of icons ? In any case, I suggest you also make one version with these icons, I'm sure it'll look great.

The next version uses the same icons, with a few exceptions.
Some have been re-rendered to make them clearer - settings for one. other than that it's very much just a little slicker with a few more drop shadows, opacity and extra features.

As I've said there's a preview of version 2 here:

I'm glad you like it, thanks very much.

There's also a dark one coming with an entire new icons set all with a kind of bone or ivory texture.

I've purchased many many themes and none of them the have quality and 3d effect of the icons..If $7 too much ( keep it to yourself).Its def worth the money and also its unique in style..Thanks again Calx

I have the Storm. The GUI is really nice, but has one glitch. In text messaging or BB Messenger when typing the suretype software suggests words as you type. With this theme you can't see the suggested words because it is black font on a black background. the only way to see the suggestions is to hover over each one individually so the background highlights. Could this be fixed and a free update sent out?

I think I may have already replied to you via email about this but just to you know. This is a glitch and i will be working on rectifying it in the meantime.

For the time being the Storm versions have been withdrawn and I will be issuing a fix as soon as humanly possible.

Thanks for buying anyway, and we'll get this fixed asap.

I love it, but I don't like that it doesn't have any icon at the top showing the current selected sound profile (loud normal vibrate etc..) Anything you can do with that? Im constantly changing my profile and like to see which one is active.
And also, the games, apps and d-loads folder are all the same icon. Thought there might be something different for at least the games folder.

Otherwise I love the look and feel of it. The last thing I mentioned is just minor. Still sticking with this for a while.

Any idea when the storm version will be back up for sale? This is the type of theme I have been dreaming of! Can't wait to get it!

Dave, I am really looking forward to the next versions. While you are correcting the current Storm version, can you fix the problem that prevents the heading from being cut off when viewing the App screen in landscape? Would love to see what the Dark version looks like but wasn't able to view the file you noted in the above reply. Is it not viewable on the Storm?
Don't let the a**h###s get you down. I think it's interesting you've received such positive responses in the forums, but here you are getting lambasted. Maybe it's just the beer talking...

The heading problem for the Storm is on the list - and yeah, I agree with you - it is strange the contrast between the feedback that I've had from the main page and the forum.

I would have thought it would have been exactly the same user base really - sales have gone up dramatically and I've had really good reviews from other websites too so, no, It's not getting me down.

Thanks for your comments.

Hi CalxDesign.

Thanks for your replies. I don't mind the fact that you can't change the top two icons. I was just asking.

I hope you do change the scroll for the bottom dock to X-Axis, that would improve it for me.

FYI, your link for the 2.0 preview goes to the pearl 8100 thread. :)

I love the theme and I am looking forward to the next version...can the issue be corrected of being able to see the signal strength when on a call?

Any idea on how much longer before the Storm version will be available again? I really want this theme! I love the icons!

Another thing to note it that in the screenshot above the Icons look terrible. Really low-rez, i think this is becuase of the way mobihand deal with the images. For a more accurate look at the icons check

If I had a bold or storm, I would buy the theme. Although $7 for a theme is higher than most, being in IT, I'm well aware that your time is precious. Good work!

Its Thursday the 3rd, and I still don't see the storm version back up. Any updates on when its coming?