Calx Design Theme Sale - 50% Off for CrackBerry Readers Through April 14th

Calx Desing
By Adam Zeis on 7 Apr 2010 11:34 am EDT

David dropped me a note to let me know that hes running a special on all his themes for CrackBerry readers. Now through April 14th, you can grab all of his great designs for 50% off. The unique style of Calx Design is shown off with cool 3D effects that set them apart from your "standard" themes. You can choose from his newest releases Anyon and Pod, as well as other best-sellers Mord, SWINE and Darkroom. To get the discount, you'll need to use the mobile app store from your device or the mobile app store client. Enter the coupon code crackberrycalxcoupon at checkout. Hit the link below from your device for the full list of Calx Design themes.

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Calx Design Theme Sale - 50% Off for CrackBerry Readers Through April 14th


it would help if they had screenshots of what the thems looked like, rather than an icon. They dont appear to have a website, either.

No lack of proficiency here dude. This link takes you to the app store which gives you one pic that has nothing to do with what the theme looks like. We here are not a bunch of idiots so keep your condescending attitude to yourself.

Very nice theme. First one I have liked enough to download. The hidden today screen is nice, especially for the calendar. It allows me to view my daily agenda without opening the calendar app. Very Convenient.

ive clicked the link from my BB and i get no results. i search the names of these themes in the mobile app store and still get no results. whats my malfunction?

I purchased the Anyon last week for my 9700 and found that you cannot individually select hidden today previews for messages and calendar. Contacted them via technical support but have received no response as to wether they have resolved the issue or intend to do so. It's a sharp looking theme, but I am not impressed with their customer support.

I deal with every email personally and make sure everyone's completely happy :) Selectable today previews and custom notifications are coming in 1.2, which is a free upgrade (of course) and due this week...

If you want screenshots just search 'calx' in the crackberry store

Thanks all

Calx Interface

I just downloaded the Mord Black theme - It looks really good!!! Would love to know is there a way for the calendar and messages to not be defaulted on the main screen - dont want all my appointments always taking up my screen like that...thanks for your help!

Hi, you bought the wrong theme! You need Mord Minimal (Black Edition) - this has a clear homescreen. Get in touch using the support link and I'll swap it for you ;)



they've completely ignored the 9500 devices. I'd have purchased every theme they make if they did. And I'd have tweeted the screen shots, links and my enthusiasm on Twitter as well. The one time I inquired about the LACK OF 9500 themes I got quite the "quit bothering us kid." email I think I've received in some time... Maybe one day they will acknowledge the touch screen devices..

There is no 'they', I'm only one person, and I take a lot of pride in what I do. I also deal with every email personally, and I've never sent any emails like you've suggested as anyone who's has got in touch will tell you.

I have stated many, MANY times that I do not rely solely on simulators for testing my themes. I even set up a testing forum for people to help me test so that I know the products a put out are quality and well tested.

I don't like touchscreen. I have never owned a touchscreen device, and therefore have never had the facility to test my themes on the Storm series to an extent I would be completley satisfied with. This is why there is no version for the Storm.

I now have over 30 people signed up to test my themes and there will be now be Storm versions of all of them, and where suitable, I have plans to convert them for the 8520 too.

Please don't suggest I've just ignored a device without getting your facts straight, or get your knickers in a twist cos really you know damn well you should have bought a Bold ;)


Calx Interface

I fully apologize if you got the wrong idea. So it was you who wrote the email. And yes I was pleasant in what I wrote earlier pertaining to your attitude. It wasn't the type of email I'd planned on building a relationship on after I got your reply. I'm glad to see your going to open up to Storm users. When you do I can bet your going to be even more successful. And saying the Bold is better device is just poor etiquette. So you don't like a device in the BlackBerry Smartphone line-up. I'd keep that to yourself. You never know you might need my help one day. And every time I see CalxDesign anywhere I'm going to remember your a hot head and someone who doesn't like touch screens.

Ps If you re-read what I wrote you before you'll notice I said I would re-tweet screen-shots and links to where people could purchase the themes. I do that for a lot of my close friends. And *Grimnokk probably owns a Storm as well.

Lighten up mate, I was only joking, sorry you now think I'm a hot-headed touch-screen hater. I assure you, you're quite wrong.

I bought the Anyon theme, and it's pretty cool. My only issue is more of a personal one. The wording under the icons is very small making it hard to see for me. If you change the wallpaper it makes the calendar items hard to see when you scroll over it, but that's probably why it has the paper it does. Cool theme though thanks

copy and past the url on an e-mail then send it to your phone. for bb 8900

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