The calm before the CrackBerry storm... get ready for it!

Calm Before the CrackBerry Storm
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Aug 2011 02:38 pm EDT

Enjoy the calm while it lasts... Things are about to get CRAZY CRACKY around here.

If you're a long time reader of you know what happens when a new BlackBerry Smartphone hits the market... we go nuts! And to think we're on the verge of a wave of new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones getting announced and hitting the market after jonesing so long I have a feeling things are going to get really cracky around here, really soon. Don't forget, there's a BlackBerry 7 fan night coming up tomorrow and knowing RIM's habits we can fully expect they'll officially announce anything new that may get shown off at the events prior to them getting underway.

With August here I'm so relieved the wait is *almost* over. Seriously, the last BlackBerry Smartphone review I posted was of the Bold 9780 and that was back in December 2010. Talk about new BlackBerry withdrawal! And while the BlackBerry Bold 9900's unveiling at BlackBerry World helped to satisfy my cravings for a few days, my thumbs have been twitching for months now in anticipation of getting a hold of some new BBs to call my own. And I can only imagine so many of you reading this feel the same way. But instead of feeling impatient and mad at RIM for taking so long, it's time to start enjoying the last few weeks on whatever BlackBerry you own now as you get ready to say farewell to it and upgrade to a BlackBerry 7 device.

We've got a TON of stuff planned for the upcoming weeks to ring in what really is the new BlackBerry Smartphone Year, so be sure to enjoy this last bit of calm before the BlackBerry storm rolls into town (no, not that Storm!). Before you know it, it's going to be raining new phones around here!

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The calm before the CrackBerry storm... get ready for it!


Me too! Waited, passed on the 9700, then came the Torch, found out about the processor, passed,... now the new Bold! SWEET! Only problem is, Torch 2 or Bold!?! We went from having no options, to three!

That's what I used for my 9700 and it is still kicking butt! Maybe try that and DO shrink OS 5, you WILL have app memory ;)

Unless it has at least a dual core 1.2G and 4G LTE I think I'm still switching to a Android phone. I know why post on CrackBerry to to bash BB, but seriously it's time for me to move on unless it's something really big!

why make your decision based on processor speed? It makes absolutely no sense as the resources required for the two operating systems are very different. Not to mention everything else in the equation.

Because more GHz is more better RITE GUYZ?

People need to realize that processor speed isn't everything. 1.2Ghz is plenty enough for BBOS to run smooth as butter.

Enjoy your new Android phone, please come back to check out the QNX based phones in 2013 when you are up for your contract renewal

your an idiot. so what are you going to be doing on your phone that requires that much power? LTE is still going to be throttled to shit so good luck with that amazing speed boost. yes previous BB have sucked donkey balls for Hardware specs but 1.2 Ghz on a phone is pretty dam impressive. it will meet the current market demands for performance and the OS update is a well needed update in features. What really is the make or break for me is the fact that it will be compatible for the QNX OS. thats where we will see BB making leaps and bounds.

I must have missed that post of Kevin's. I do remember Kevin putting to blog a speculation that the about to be released phones will be QNX compatible but that was just speculation.

Is there a firm "Yes they will be compatible" anywhere?

If my memory serves me right, didnt we just see a video of a new BB running on ATT's HSPA network? Im sure the 4G capable models are among those 7 new models launching this year.

You dont really need a dual core device unless you're into extreme multi-tasking. Note that BB's have always been good multi-task capable devices and do a pretty good job anyway.

BTW - Dual core, big ass 4.3" + size phones (running Android) still have a huge battery drain issues. So good luck if you're switching.

Goodbye !

Totally can't wait for the new Torch 9860, especially if it runs on AT&T's HSPA network like the video showed. So excited for this!!

I second your goodbye and agree totally on what your saying. Dual cores are going to give you blazing performance while running cpu intensive applications....which on a phone would be pretty ridiculous its not like your editing for a motion picture. This performance comes at a cost to your battery life. don't expect to run speeds that fast and not drain your battery.

cant wait till tomorrow for the bb7 fan night and meet crackberry nerds tweeting on @maiev. kevin, are you going to be there?

Ive become jaded, reading the forums. There are many who have developed a talent for whining at the best of times. Im looking forward to the new phones and OS. But I will wait and see if I can wade through the muck before I give up my trusty 9650. My new every 2 comes in feb 2012, but Verizon has been very good about letting me switch early if I want.

Hopefully they'll be some exciting Playbook news in addition to the new phone releases! My Tour is ready to be replaced!

Why do I get the feelin' that there's gonna be a huge PB update the day the BB 9900 hits the store shelves....

Nevertheless, I cant wait to pair my PB to my new common RIM !!! Make us happy!

My take, a little bit negative I realize, is this:

(i) Perhaps there are many people who have looked at the 9900 and BB6.1 (aka 7.0) and have said to themselves "why bother sticking with an already out-of-date and obselete OS" when we know that in 2012 the new QNX superphones are supposed to be released; or

(ii) Perhaps people are simply unwilling to purchase anymore reboots/refresh of the existing product line choosing instead to wait for Blackberry to release a true next-generation phone that is not based on an archaic OS and out-of-date technology; or

(iii) perhaps people have already moved on from Blackberry realizing that, in this case, the Turtose, simply isn't even in the race let alone winning it.

I truly hope that RIM does well with these new devices/newOS purely for the selfish reason that I want RIM to continue supporting the Playbook. If RIM doesn't do well, the Playbook may suffer.

But for me, regarding their phones, I just dont see anything in here that warrants any excitement - it feels like its the same old thing being thrown at us again.

And I thought I was being negative! In response:

(i) You can always wait a few months for the next generation phone your heart desires, but when that time comes, there will be yet another next generation phone rumored that is even better. Do you wait or do you you get something that will serve you today? Forget the QNX superphones for now. They sound great but they are off in the distance. These BB7 phones will more than meet the needs of consumers today. I will serve me well.

(ii) I agree with the "refreshed" phones. Gone! These phones aren't refreshed phones like the proposed Storm 2 refresh a year ago. These phones have new guts and a much quicker software engine. No, it's not QNX based yet, but it is moving towards that.

(iii) These BlackBerry phones aren't the slower phones of the past. These have very low UI latency making them very responsive and quick. They also have hardware accelerated graphics and OpenGL support. Yeah, these phones aren't dual core but they're 1.2 GHz -- definitely not slow.

This is all great news and I'm really happy for those who will be/can afford to buy a new phone. Unfortunately, I wont be able to pay myself a new device this time around. CORRECTION : I won't want to get a new device because as it seems, my 9800 is too old for the trade in program. Oh and I'm in Canada so that doesn't work...

But I am looking forward to reading the reviews and checking them out in stores! Also hoping for a major PB update.


I know! How is everyone here able to get a new phone every year??? I have to wait until March before my contract is up and I can even start thinking of getting a new phone.

BTW, I have a feeling that Kevin already has the new Bold 9900, don't the reviewers usually get them a week early?

Yawn...more media hype. This sh** is getting old. RIM will make announcements yes but will lack release dates!

you're killing me here. i most likely will not be able to get this phone until October now so says the people in the know for at&t.

I'll wait around for the next generation when the real changes should happen. Really, what will these do that my Tour can't beyond touchscreen?

The gal that is in charge of cell phones in our company is having a meeting with ATT tomorrow. She will let me know when the new devices will be available on ATT.

I need to get something better than my 9700. Hopefully OS7 is better than OS6 and the 9930 keyboard is better than the 9700.

Finally the end of the road is in sight! I've been keeping the excitement tamped down and now I think I can start letting it go - just can't decide whether to wait and see or jump for a 9900 immediately. Aagh decisions, decisions. lol

I guarantee he's got 4 or 5 new devices, knows when they'll be released and has several reviews ready, but writes articles on here like he doesn't know anything!

Oh i'm ready baby doll, bring it BRING IIIIIT!!!!!
btw, i didn't call you baby doll despite what it says above. just....go with the flow, that's all.

I called Sprint and they still don't have the 08/21 date that Crackberry leaked, but they also said some devices are not revealed to them until almost a week prior. Fingers crossed on the 21st for Sprint :)

Ya know........a few years ago I would have read blogs like this and thought to myself how pathetic you all are. Who waits like this for a new phone???????????? And look now- here I am just like the rest of you- the first thing I do when I get up in the morning is check out this site to see if just maybe today might be the day!!!!! lol
I am on vacation right now and still all I think about is my new blackberry coming out while I am away. Don't worry though- as soon as we got into town I scoped out where the closest Verizon store was! I am ready!

People can be so impatient man. I've heard things like "I'm not gonna wait for 30 more days!" Time to relax and like Kevin said enjoy your existing BB while it lasts :)

This couldn't have been better timing for me. My contract is eligible for renewal the 18th. The only bad thing is it is my wife's turn to get a new BB, although she has a Bold and it looks like it will release first and I have torch and I don't have any idea of its release, but I will have to wait till winter for my next eligible contract renewal.

Anyone have an idea of what the new Bold's price would be with contract renewal with ATT?

Well I got Big Red so I have plenty of time to digest all the good and the bad as they will be the very last to release anything.

By the gods of BB please spare me this tortuous wait of that which I crave the most. The hour is finally upon us. Let it rain!!! Let it rain!!! ("maybe that was a bit much.") Is it here yet?

I am shocked that anyone remains "excited" for these phones. Dont get me wrong, i will be getting both the 9850 and 9930, but im by no means excited. How could you be given the drawn out release? One mans opinion, obv.

Ill need to be pinched after the first time I reboot my phone <4 minutes... And maybe, just maybe, a world without battery pulls! O my thumbs quiver with anticipation! Hey! RIMM! HURRY THE ±¥€K UP!!!!!!!! HOW ABOUT SOME LOYALTY DISCOUNTS FOR MY CRACKBERRY BRETHEREN? IT'S A SMALL PRICE TO PAY FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS OF BUMBLES, FUMBLES, AND MEDIOCRITY!!! CONSIMER IT A PREMTIVE RALLY CALL BEFORE THE RIMPIRE STRIKE BACK.

PS ...


Hey Leftpepper716 if ur using Opera Mini u just need to hold down the track pad over the pic and then a little box will come up and ask u to save pic when u click on it will ask where to do u want to save then click ok once downloaded go to pictures and set as desktop.