Calling the CrackBerry Community: We want to feature YOUR awesome photos in our articles!

Have some amazing BlackBerry photos you think would be suitable for CrackBerry posts?

Read the details below and submit them in to!

A great photo for a BlackBerry Z10 related post
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 May 2013 12:12 pm EDT

One of the things we realized while designing the new CrackBerry is that the site really looks best when we include real people in the "hero" photos that accompany articles. Given the site's clean look and high quality of design, putting real people into the photos gives it an extra touch of life that makes it even more compelling and engaging. This is especially true when you visit the CrackBerry homepage on the main desktop site - you'll notice the site always looks best when the featured stories at the top have people in them. As sexy as phones are, it gets kind of repetitive and boring if all you see up and down the page is device photo after device photo after device photo.

If you've been following the site daily the past couple of months, you've probably noticed there have been quite a few photos of me on the site along with the mysterious blonde (let's call her Storm) in the photo above. There's a good reason for this. While in NYC the past two months, I was also with our Design Director, David Lundblad, who is a pretty damn good photographer in his spare time (and yes, the mysterious blonde is his gf). David likes taking photos, and we took advantage of our time together to do some experimenting and play with different styles of photos on the site for different types of posts. Overall, the experiment has been a great success - we definitely succeeded in adding variety to the photos and making things more interesting.

We Want You!

As much as I love looking at photos of myself (, I'd rather CrackBerry not be covered in photos of me. CrackBerry isn't me. It isn't Adam. It isn't Bla1ze. It isn't Storm. CrackBerry is all of us. CrackBerry is OUR COMMUNITY. And that means you. Ultimately what I would LOVE to see happen here on CrackBerry is us continue to have tons of photos with our posts that feature that additional human element, but featuring our readers and community members. I know there are a lot of talented photographers out there in the community and you're all passionate about BlackBerry and this site. This is your opportunity to put your talents and BlackBerry passion together and have it adored by CrackBerry Nation!

The ongoing challenge for us is that when it comes to a lot of the stories we publish -- especially news stories -- we don't have time to wait. We need to get posts up much sooner rather than later. So for us that means building up a solid supply of our own "stock photos" that cover any and every topic we can can conceivably post on. Whether it's device related posts, app related posts, carrier related posts, etc., we want to have a suitable and amazing go-to photos we can put to use.

The Kind of Photos We're Looking For

If you're a regular reader you already know what we're looking for. You can swipe through the photo gallery above for some more examples and of course go back and just check out all the blogs posts we've been doing the past few months. You'll get a good idea quick. Basically we want creative photos that look great and fit with the context of what the post is about. Showing apps in use in a real world setting by a real person is much more interesting than a screen cap. That kind of stuff.

And as good as phone cameras are these days, we're looking for super amazing photos here - that means you're likely going to need to be rocking an SLR and know how to use it to make the cut. We're totally open to photos taken on your BB10 phones too - be sure to let us know what you shot the photo with! 

Just keep in mind that the photos need to be BlackBerry-centric. Photos of devices, apps or anything related to BlackBerry that we can use in future posts. Photos of your house or dog won't really do us any good as they're not BlackBerry related.

Requirements and Submission

We'll be straight up here. While we'll appreciate every photo submitted, just because you submit a photo doesn't mean it will get used on a post. We've set the bar high for the photos we're posting on CrackBerry these days, and we're steadily raising it. So if we get great photos submitted by members in the community and it makes sense for us to them, we definitely will. And, we'll give you photo credit props on the post whenever we use them.

To submit your photos for consideration:

  • Please email them to
  • Please make the subject of your email "CrackBerry Photo Submission"
  • Photos should be in JPG format,
  • Photos must be at least 1400 x 933 in dimensions (that's what we normally upload our post photos at - being a little bigger when you submit is ok as it gives us room to crop).
  • In the email, please be sure to let us know your username / name so we can give you credit properly on the post
  • Only submit photos that you have taken yourself and you have the blessing of anybody appearing in the photo to use and submit it
  • In your email to us, state that you give CrackBerry the right to use the photo in future blog posts at our discretion
  • Only submit one photo per email
  • Give us any details you want to share if you're particularly proud of your photo - where it was taken, equipment used, etc.

That's it. I know, looks like a lot of bullet points, but it's really not that bad.

It's On You!

So that's it. This isn't a contest. This isn't something that's easy for everybody to take part in. This is really an opportunity for those who seize it, to get their best photos viewed by LOTS of people.

Most importantly, it'll help make the best BlackBerry site even better. 

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Reader comments

Calling the CrackBerry Community: We want to feature YOUR awesome photos in our articles!


I think this is a good idea.

The only thing I wanted to add I really don't have a problem with just seeing images of the products it's why I'm on the site. Throwing a picture of a random person with the products doesn't do much for me.

If this was a fashion website I would understand the importance of it.

However this is a very popular site on the Internet and I understand why you would like to spice it up abit.

Will be curious to see how this pans out.

Posted via CB10

Yup, I don't mind device only photos... and trust me, there will still be TONS of device only shots. Like, TONS. But... what I get bored with is when that's ALL we have on the site. I just like to have people in the mix to spice things up too. Gives the site more life, and CB really is a lively site. Just makes sense!

This is a smart idea. It allows you guys to gather a large amount of "stock" images, implicate the community and save time on taking your own pictures to allow more focus to go into the blog entries. Good stuff dudes and dudettes

I'll see what I can come up with...

Been using my Z10 so much, my Nixon D70 has been relegated to my camera case in a corner for over 3 months.

Posted via CB10

Good on you Kevin for not getting frustrated at peeps asking questions that clearly haven't bothered to read the article

Posted via CB10

Lol methinks this has to do with that one poster who seemed to have a real problem with seeing Kevin's face in so many article postings.

Love the concept though, if I can think of a situation relevant enough to take a pic for you guys I'll send it in. Only have my Z10 as my camera though and I probably don't do any more with it than what you guys already have in your pics anyway.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

very cool idea,,, in addition to creds, you should also give out black CB tees to the guys, & pink to the girls if you're going to reuse them as necessary,,, i think that would be fair,,, hook up the crew that hooks up you... ;-)

Hmm if only I could get my z10 to take a picture of itself... its the only decent camera I own. it must be shy...

What you are asking people to do is,sign a waiver,I have no problem with that ,the problem is if I ask someone for permission to post their photo,and they say that's fine,and later on that person is upset on how it has been used,then they could come back on me,so I actually hv to set up a waiver on paper and ask them to sign it.Sorry but this is a crazy world and I always cover all the bases$$$

Dude make this into a form... with an uploader tool so you dont have to waste the cycle time making sure all the I's are crossed and the T's dotted... and recycle it for all of the Mobiles Nations....

Well, I could only read till you said "and yes, the mysterious blonde is his gf"... I went ...SOB... and needed a quick break... will finish it later...:(

Posted via CB10

The problem with the TimeShift photo is the people are still posing when the photographer is adjusting the photo (the photo has already been taken).

Every time I use time shift peeps are up in my screen after i took the pic. :) It's one of the few wow factors of the BB10 and one that the commercials don't demonstrate enough.

Already sent in 2 photos, you guys are gonna get buried in them. And yes Kevin, in 2 separate emails haha

Posted via CB10

I never go to the website anymore, I read all posts from the awesome CB10.

To be honest I find the new website so cluttered with links and titles and what not, it's really difficult to just open it and quickly browse through the highlights to see if there is anything interesting...

Posted via CB10

We have a couple if threads where people post their Z10 photos and I guess there will be a similar one for Q10. I have been thinking it would be nice to actually have a photo contest for photos taken with BB10 phones. The very best photo or two might end up being used by BlackBerry in promotions. Some Crackerberry swag could be given as prizes. Could be fun and also promote the phones.

Posted via CB10

You mean, you can't roll this into the CB10 app? Invoke File / Picture Chooser (which includes new Photo), then Invoke email (or post via file upload). Then, you'll also have the forum username at the time of upload.

Posted via CB10

The thing is, if you think about it, you're not going to see a lot of phone pics submitted here, in part because users are going to be INCLUDING their phones in the shot. Even if I WERE using phone shots, I'd very likely want to pull them on to my PC and massage them in Lightroom before submission.

Kev is saying that if this takes off there will be an upload form at some point where it would automatically pick up the membership details of the submitter.

"CrackBerry isn't me. It isn't Adam. It isn't Bla1ze. It isn't Storm."
I'd be ok if it WAS just Storm.

I think as a community we can do better than to titter every time there is a picture of an attractive female on CB. Come on guys, we aren't 12. And what better way to run them all off then to act like it's been a month since you last saw someone worth looking at

Posted via CB10

Hey guys, just thought that it might also be a good idea to feature photos captured using our BB10 devices?
I know it may be a different topic altogether, it just seems that we should showcase the awesome camera we have on our devices!

Posted via CB10

I just hope we don't see a whole lot of pics from actual BlackBerry phones. Because, lets be honest, they look like cell phone pics. Nothing great 95% of the time. They look ok on the phone, but when you download to the computer, they look like hell. Speaking from my 5th BB, a Z10.
(IMHO the Torch 9800 had the best camera to date as far as quality).

I don't know..... I will likely use my canon sx150 to take some good ones once I get the q10 so my bold 9900 isn't used in the photos to be relevant for blackberry 10. Unless it doesn't matter, then he'll, I'll use the bold. Lol