Calling All Developers: Win $15,000 and a Pass to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

By Adam Zeis on 9 Nov 2009 11:16 am EST


The good folks at Motally Mobile Analytics dropped me an email to let us know that they are having a huge contest dubbed Trackappalooza (app, get it?) and the grand prize is a pass to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. To enter is simple - you just need to incorporate the Motally API into your app and submit it by December 15th. Motally helps developers better understand ROI and users while providing a variety of statistics. There are 17 prizes in all to be won (over $15,000 total) so don't miss out on this once in a lifetime chance. If you're interested in submitting your app, head over to for all the info.

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Calling All Developers: Win $15,000 and a Pass to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona


Although this looks like a great opportunity, I will not be doing this. As a developer (The DB Group: developer of e-GPS), I would love a chance to win money and showcase my app in Barcelona, but at what cost? They want me to install their code into my software that does god knows what while secretly tracking my customers? That is ridiculous. First of all, if I was to do that, I would be obligated to let my customers know that this software would be tracking them. I believe that most people wouldn't feel comfortable having software track their actions. I know that I would have issues with that. Thus this would kill sales. Which no developer would like. So what's the other option? Just to do it and not tell anyone? That would be unethical and possibly illegal. So as I see it, this is a loss, loss situation, and thus as much as I would love to, I will have to let this pass because what they require is ridiculous and comes with no guarantees at too high of cost. Thanks, but no thanks.

Felix: Have you ever used Google Analytics? This is the same concept. These metrics, while they may sound sketchy, will help you improve your application, not hamper it.

Hi Felix,

As jlgosse mentioned, our analytics is very similar to web analytics. Just about every site you visit, including this one, tracks the usage.

The data is useful for improving product offerings, learning more about users in general, and maximizing return on advertising campaigns.

With our API, it is completely up to you as a developer as to what you want to track - there isn't anything secretive. You might just want to know the average time spent using your app. You could be more interested in the common paths through out the app to see how users are using the product and potentially learn ways to improve the flow. You have full control over what is tracked.

It's best practice with any application as well as website to have a privacy policy that lets users know they're being tracked and for what purpose. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you'll see a link to a privacy policy that explains the tracking as well.