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Calling all developers who want to attend BlackBerry DevCon next week... We've got TEN Free Passes to Give Away!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Oct 2011 10:05 pm EDT

BlackBerry DevCon 2011

*UPDATE: Winners have been chosen and emails sent out. Thanks to everyone that entered!*

OK mobile developers, listen up. Next week in San Francisco RIM will be holding their annual BlackBerry DevCon event. When it comes to development for BlackBerry, this is the event you want to attend. Heck, and with BlackBerry looking to support Android apps, even if you currently develop for Android (or other platforms for that matter), this is a show you'll want to go to. There are a ton of awesome sessions and we know the keynote will deliver a surprise or two. And if nothing else, BlackBerry DevCon is a FUN event with a lot of great people in attendance. You'll never regret attending a DevCon. 

We've Got TEN FREE PASSES to DevCon to Give Away: A DevCon pass will currently set you back $849 ($949 if you register onsite), but we've got TEN FREE PASSES to give away to mobile developers. This contest/giveaway is for the DevCon pass only (no travel or hotel, etc - that's all on you), so you'll have to either live in the bay area or be willing to cover your own travel/lodging expenses.

Get a Free Pass to BlackBerry DevCon: Time is running short, so if you meet this criteria and want to take advantage of the free pass, just send an email to Make the subject Free DevCon Pass and give us your details (name, address, email and let us know what you do in the mobile space.. current apps built, why you'd want to go, etc). Again, we're moving FAST on this, so if you're interested, email us NOW. I'll update this post once all of the free passes are spoken for. 



sign me up! :)! heh I only wish I could take the time to do that


Given that the app ecosystem totally sucks in comparison to the competition, RIM itself should be giving away hundreds of free passes -- and airfare and hotel -- to app developers.


Wish I didn't have class and could request a ticket.


Would love to, but wouldn't be able to afford the travel and hotel. Otherwise I would have signed up with the awesome student price they have.


You know, I looked into that and I think it means of the BlackBerry development program, not a student in general, though I'm not sure of that. It was confusing either way.

David Yorke

So its come to this? Give away the passes to up the attendance In the movie distribution business, tbis is called "buying the gross"

Rounding 3rd, heading for home!


hmmm.... if you had the contest last month then i would be interested.

anyways good luck to everyone.


Sent in an email :) dude... if the pass is free, i can actually afford the plane ticket :p


Hey I'm already signed up for Tuesday, but I'd love to attend the entire conference to get the breakout sessions on webworks and adobe air sdk


How are you supposed to contact anyone if the Blackberry world has all but crumbled :)


Wow! This is pretty awesome... I wish I was a developer! Lol. So all these free passes come with the free playbook at devcon? Niiiiice... Way to go crackberry!!!


not sure if i am considered a developer yet, but i am in programming 1 this semester. will be taking programming 2 next semester, just wondering if i fall under this catergory. if so i want in on the contest


Thanks for the opprotunity to win Crackberry!


I Just applied.. Very Excited!


I live in the Bay Area, and have been DYING to go to DevCon since the PlayBook announcement was made last year, I sent in an email in, hopefully Kevin does act FAST on this one and invites me to come.


When can we expect an answer?
Because if I am one of the lucky winners , I have to deal with hotel and plane tickets.
Or maybe I wasn't contacted simply because I did not win? :(