Calling All Developers: RIM Posts New Video of the BlackBerry PlayBook SDK

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Jan 2011 10:42 am EST

Over the on the BlackBerry Developer Blog, Prosanta just posted a video look at the BlackBerry PlayBook SDK and walks through porting apps over to the BlackBerry Tablet OS. Watch the video above for more info and check out this post for more info.

Let's get on it devs... we know the browser on the BlackBerry PlayBook is going to kick butt, but we want to see a ton of apps at launch too!

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If the playbook has flash, why can't you guys make flash for the phones??? Iphone and Andriod phones have flah now, why is bb the last??? Its 2011 come on guys!!!


Lol, iphones and ipads don't have flash, android does.


Maybe in the Apple fanboy mind, the iPhone/Pad support flash. Lolz!


Apple zombies are hopeless!!!! LOL!


I like the "early this year" comment. :)


Kevin, You own an iPad. It's the perfect companion to a BB.
When the PB comes out if it ever does, I will buy one because I still love my BB phones, but you gotta admit, this is sort of a mess. I owned an EVO and I sold it. Just too much crap always running and I couldn't get any really good battery life. Also hated the onscreen keyboard. I think Android OS is far too over hyped. I like my iPad, and I know I will like the Palybook, but these demos and the dev begging is too much. They gotta release this in the next 4 weeks, or it's gonna be dead. Why is it taking so long?