CallerInfo for BlackBerry Storm Shows City, Birthday and More

By Adam Zeis on 30 Oct 2009 11:59 am EDT


Toysoft has dropped another great app for the Storm and Storm2 called CallerInfo. The app displays custom information on the screen for incoming calls. When a person in your contacts calls, CallerInfo shows their city and last call date as well as any custom info you have entered (birthday, anniversary, note). When a call is ended, the app will prompt you to enter a note that will display the next time the user calls. If you are looking to get a little more out of your device, you may want to give this app a go. It is cool to see the info when the contact calls, and you can be sure you won't forget important dates (just pay attention so you know if someone is calling you on their birthday!). CallerInfo is on sale in the CrackBerry App Store for $2.99 until tomorrow.

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CallerInfo for BlackBerry Storm Shows City, Birthday and More


At least, that's the way it's described. So to use this as a stalking tool, you'd have to wait until your stalkee calls you. And that's certainly not stalking -- and from the developer's posts here in this thread, it doesn't show you where the call is coming from, but where the originating phone number is based, which only tells you where someone is if it's their landline -- in which case you already know where they are.

Now, if it *did* actually trace the network back and tell you the originating area of the call, that would also not be stalking -- but it would raise the question as to whether a cell phone user has a reasonable expectation of privacy regarding their general location when placing a call.

If you know anything about BB programming and the OS5 API then you know why. there is only so much you can do with the BB SDK.

Does the City information come from the Contacts directory or from the network? E.g., if a person for whom I have a home address of Nome, Alaska and a business address of Moscow calls from Lawrence, Kansas, which city does this app display?

the city comes from callerInfo database and it does not take it from the contacts.

we are building a new and more accurate area code in the next release

Liking this app so far.

FWIW, the area code "database" is just the main/central city associated with each area code, it's not exchange-specific (in other words, there is only one city for each area code).

I expect loading the entire NPANXX database as part of the app would me memory-prohibitive, but putting it on the SD card for the app to lookup would be a great improvement.

Ok so its ugly but my concern is why the tiny tiny caller id picture? Who cares about birthday and all that stuff, how about just a fullscreen image for caller id like apple has done for 2+ years???????????

This app is designed to display the information it does because that's the feature set it's going for. Obviously, you are not interested in this feature set, and you should look for an app that provides the features you want.

Personally, I want an app that can be scheduled to call people for me on their birthdays and sing them Happy Birthday in my voice, and somehow make it sound like I know how to sing. (WITHOUT using that scourge of mankind, Autotune.)

it is tiny because that is how RIM made the call screen. if you are looking for full screen then take a look at our PictureID app

So when she calls me and we get into a disagreement about something (which, with her haughty looks, is a certainty) I can tell her that I must be right because I wasn't born last week.

I never say PICK ME because I don't know it feels weird but PICK ME!
Winning a code would be GREAT!!!

I seem to have bad luck in these giveaways for some reason.
Not sure why I don't win anything is it my name?

n0 m0n, get it... NO MONEY

I just download the trial version and try several times. It doesn't work at all. It only shows the number (I have call display feature) and nothing else. I checked application permission, everything is OK.

... just bought this and had no problems at all. Its shows where the call is coming from. If its a cell it goes by the closest cell tower.

Bought the program can't see anything besides the area code display, no last time called or anything???

Issue with 95XX devices??

Bought the program can't see anything besides the area code display, no last time called or anything???

Issue with 95XX devices??

did you upgrade the OS to OS5 323 or higher?

goto the Phone Screen display prefs and check which field you want to display.

Shippment should read shipment.. shows just how professional their marketing department is. :)

I got a call and the bday info showed up just fine for me along with the city. It was a contacts bday that was linked from the facebook app; not sure if that makes a difference, but wouldnt imagine it should since there is only one field for birthday in the contact info.

This app reminds me of the City ID that Verizon has (and charges 2.99 per month for).

It seems to work great so far.