Caller ID Reader for BlackBerry reads incoming caller's name aloud - 20 copies up for grabs!

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jun 2010 12:18 pm EDT
Caller ID Reader for BlackBerry

From the creators of comes a new app that continues to help drivers keep their eyes on the road. Caller ID Reader does just as the name implies - it reads an incoming caller's name aloud so you'll always know who is calling without even looking at your phone. The app is compatible with most Bluetooth devices and can read aloud names, numbers and even SMS and email messages. The free version of Caller ID Reader reads the caller's name/number with an upgrade message every third use. The premium version is ad-free and is available semi-annually for $3.95 or a one-time fee of $9.95.

Just a note - If you are a CDMA user, when installing you will be prompted to turn your sound profile to vibrate as the device is only able to play one sound at a given time. On a CDMA phone, ringtones will cut off an incoming call being announced. Also, the first time a call is received, Caller ID Reader will read out the number, not the name. After the phone call is over, Caller ID Reader will download the caller's name to the phone from the iSpeech cloud. 

Contest: We have 20 copies of Caller ID Reader to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Reader comments

Caller ID Reader for BlackBerry reads incoming caller's name aloud - 20 copies up for grabs!



I'll try a copy, this could be fun to use. And really mess with people in public or with a group of friends

I would love to get this product on my phone!!!!! I miss having it because my old phone did it!!! Love my BLACKBERRY STORM 2!!!!

This would help me immensely between calls from work, carting the kids around (2 under 5yr) and calls from everyone else. It would help me be more hands free. I need things to help me stay mobile and on top of task.

This is one of the things I get asked by former Nokia users when I get them addicted to the bb...

I'd love a copy

Really? Does this read out the name from the saved contact info? Or it can also read out for calls from those not on my contact list? Either ways I defintely want one free copy, please pick me.

This would be awesome for driving then I wont have to take my eyes off the road at all just push a button if I wanna talk .

Please enter me. I would love to have this as many times as my phone rings, it would be a god send. Thank you for the entry and another great contest. Good Luck Everyone..

I just saw this post of on FB, "Honk if you love Jesus, Text if you want to meet him." I would like to hold off just a while longer with caller ID. :)

That is one of the safest way to use your cell phone while driving. Thanks Crackberry for thinking of and doing this I would really like a copy for myself.

This has got to b AMAZING! With all the driving I do, it would be great to have! Good luck & to those who get, please use it. Keep yourself & others on the road safe. Take care

i have only one arm so an app like this would prevent me from having to drop everything to see who is calling

My home phone does the same & I love it. The only reason I have personalized rings is so I don't have to look to see who is calling. This is even better.

can i get a copy!!! i never win anything!! this would really be helpful for my 2 hour commute each day to work!!
thanks crackberry/

I just got a jawbone and it does something similar but telling me the callers name is much better than telling the number. Need this app!

Wow this would help me ether pick up the phone or not pick up the phone. That pesky girl calling at 2am in the morning knowing that I have to wake up for work.

Sounds pretty sweet - too bad theres not some way for it to auto-detect when one is driving (such as via the gps) and auto on/off accordingly.

If I win this, then I would have won MAX Lottery this friday.

And I will be throwing an EPIC Crackberry Party!

You saw it here first!

50 million in the bank baby common!

Yes add me to the comp. Would be a great application for meetings and whilst report writing so I did not always have to look who was calling before answering!

This would be great for when I'm on the road... Hear the phone ring and who's calling without taking my eyes off the road.

I'd love to win this. I'm sure once I start to show it off, my other BB obsessed friends and family will be snagging it as well.

I'm so glad someone finally developed this! My ancient Motorola work phone does this and it's great when you're on the road a lot. (I actually forward my unanswered BlackBerry calls to that phone so I can hear who is calling when I'm working.)

Enter me. I would like a program that tells me who is calling so I won't have to look at the caller ID all the time!! Excellent APP!!

Why hasn't this App be out sooner! Duh!

I think this app should be part of the OS! STOP DRIVING AND TALKING ON THE PHONE PEOPLE!

Choose me please! :)

this is an interesting app....cell use while driving is not allowed in most states, but at least you can know who's calling and decide to answer or not...with headset of course...

As a person who receives many calls while I'm working, I would definitely benefit from this application. Having this application would free me from having to interrupt my work. If it does all it claims to do, I would want it yesterday!

This sounds like an incredible app for someone who is always busy!!.. id love to win a copy if possible? THANKS CRACKBERRY!... BOLD 9700

please give me a copy...this will make screening call a lot easier for me cause im lazy and i dont even want to pick up my phone and look at the screen

This would be great to have, especially while driving around a city like Chicago. It might keep you out of a few accidents...and a few $100 tickets.