Recording phone calls just got easy with Call Recorder for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 12 Dec 2013 11:51 am EST

Ever wanted, or had the need to record telephone conversations on your BlackBerry? Doing so is now as simple as peas thanks to Call Recorder for BlackBerry 10. The simple, yet ever so useful application is native BlackBerry 10 and it works perfectly. 

Making a recording is real easy. Just launch the application, press the record button (microphone tab) and then switch over to your phone app and make the call. After you are done on the phone the app will prompt you to save, play or delete the recording and you can even rename it to whatever you like. Just keep in mind that in most cases you always need to inform the other party if you're recording a call.

Want to share the file? That's built right in. Just perform a long hold on the call you wish to share from your list and a selection of compatible accounts from your BlackBerry Hub will appear - sweet! 

The user interface is really basic. It doesn't need anything more as this is such a straight forward utility app. For just under a dollar this one is a bargain if you feel it will come in handy. A must have app for you secret agents out there! 


  • Record Calls all desired numbers on your phone, both incoming and outgoing.
  • Call Recorder for all Calls or for those contacts that you wish to record from your contacts.
  • You can play, save and share the recorded calls.
  • Call Recorder allows you to send and share the recordings via Email
  • Recordings are encrypted so that no one else cannot listen them.
  • No limit on the length of recorded calls. Record Calls as long as you want.

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Reader comments

Recording phone calls just got easy with Call Recorder for BlackBerry 10


now this is awesome. I will try this at lunch time :)

On another note: This will be great for a small business especially if you use square up or another vendor to take credit cards over the phone. You can let the party know you are "recording for quality assurance."

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In my best Uncle Grandpa voice: It just happened. I wasn't even trying to know the word. :)

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I wouldn't bother. It records audio from the mic during a call. Sure you can record, but if you want to hear the other side you need to turn on the speakerphone. What a waste of 99 cents...

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Does it need a speaker on? If so, parrot is free. No need to try this. Besides, it should be headless.

My state actually does NOT require that both parties consent to being recorded. This app would be useful when dealing with companies that give you the runaround or people who owe you money :)

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Surprised CB published an article and are promoting this app. It's a half-assed attempt at what a full call-recording app should be. But as others have mentioned, BB needs to release the API for the ear-piece mic.

"Recordings are encrypted so that no one else cannot listen them."

This doesn't seem like a good feature at all..

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For $1.99 you can get Voice Recorder App, it acts as the native voice recorder in the remember app but better and it also records calls.

Keep The Faith

Does the Voice Recorder app require speaker to be on when recording phone calls also? And is this the Toysoft one?

"Record Calls all desired numbers on your phone, both incoming and outgoing."

This is not true. You can not record a desired number. There is no way to get the caller's phone number. You either record all incoming or outgoing calls NO buts.

Highly recommended. This type of app has saved my ass in the past when engaged in court battles that involve your word against someone else's. In a jurisdiction that it is admissible in court and legal to record calls, this is a complete lifesaver. Took me all of ten seconds from reading this to make the app appear on my Z10. More valuable than any 25 day giveaway.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I tried this app for myself and it does not record incoming and outgoing calls at the same time.
In my case I can only record either incoming or outgoing calls.

Another maybe better App:
'Call Recorder from X-Reve' you can record phone calls without speaker mode- BUT the voice in the record you hear is not very loud. Better than nothing.

Does anyone know if the calls can be saved in to an SD card instead of the phone itself? I'm trying to conserve phone memory for all these great apps and games I have loaded on my device. I have an nice big 64GB SD card to use..

Hey crackberry, can you try apps before recommending them?
This simply records the microphone, doesn't record the actual call
So, if you're in a silent room with the speakerphone, it will record (as ANY other voice recording app will do), otherwise, it wont. Useless.

Flaws: to record properly mist be on speakerphone

Flaw: record volume is not adjustable

Flaw: app must be running in order for it to work.

Flaw: costs 99cents on sale! While said flaws exist!

Flaw: it's flawed!

Flaw: not able to edit recording! Delete portions of recording etc.

Flaw: sleepless in seattle.

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I'd rather use Parrot, after reading the comments here and the reviews in bbworld.

For the time being, I'll pass on this app.

Thanks to the commentors !

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"Recordings are encrypted so that no one else cannot listen them."

I suppose James you did not learn that two negatives make a positive. This statement would mean that it's encrypted so it allows others to listen to them! WHAT? Come again. Oh my. Oh you meant " Recordings are encrypted so that no one else CAN listen to them.". Oh yeah. Ok makes sense now :D.

Still a flawed app anyway!

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In addition to other issues mentioned, there is one more reason that I will wait...
I need it to be able to record "after" a call has been dialed/received. I would need it so infrequently that I'm not about to have it running all the time. If I could be on a call and then start a recording... I'd gladly pay more than .99 cents. Otherwise it's useless to me.

This is great when you are on the phone with rogers or bell. When you see something wrong on your bill you didn't agree to, you just go back to the recorded convo.

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Or when you are talking to a bank manager and she tells you, you will get that, and that turns out to be .55% less on your new GIC.It happens you know and this would make me another couple of thousand bucks.

Encrypted recordings is pointless if you need to broadcast the call on speakerphone in the first place.

Aren't there some legal ramifications of doing this? I think you have to state up front that the call is being recorded.

I'm not sure what you all are on about. I downloaded the app and it does work after a call has begun. The audio file is not encrypted. Yes, the volume is low but a little post processing brings it up sufficiently. Both sides of conversation are captured too. I'm going to give it a 3/5.

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Whoa whoa whoa... did anybody else notice that the picture at the top of the article shows active frames in landscape ??????

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xreve's build for BlackBerry call recorder app looks better and has way better reviews. was on sale for 2 bucks if I remember correctly. oh and there is also only loudspeaker recording available yet.

Thought this would be my savior and jumped the gun...paid 0.99 cents for a crappy app that doesn't do what it says it does, thanks!