Call Control Blocks Unwanted Callers on Your BlackBerry - Get It Free Through April 21st

By Adam Zeis on 20 Apr 2010 09:39 am EDT
Call Control

Call Control is a great app that blocks unwanted calls from your BlackBerry. You can manually "blacklist" numbers, and the app includes a preset list of numbers to block that is generated from user reports. Simply install the app, fire it up and you're good to go. Call Control blocks spam calls, telemarketers and more with no effort on your end. During the current promo you can grab Call Control totally free. You just need to download the lite version from BlackBerry App World, leave a review, and you'll receive a pro license - that's it! For full details check out



Nice App.....Still needing a call blocker that will block the call when I'm on a call...Alot of times, the calls come through when I'm on a call with previous apps...


Damm, i wish i didn't buy this app 2 months ago....I could of had it for free.......but it's a cool app, i got rid of all my stalkers with it


Is this only for US blackberries? Can I use this app here in Sydney Aust?


I would LOVE this. Sounds amazing. I have a few people I cannot stand call me! Ill take a pro licence ;)


Now maybe I don't have to get a new phone number. Thanks


I use it for deadbeat clients who dont pay and still bugs me for service


This is Ben from, the makers of Call Control, thanks for the write up about our promotion.

Call Control supports international users too, we've had reports from people successfully using our product all over the World, including Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Shoot us an email to if you have questions! Thanks!


This app is great now I don't have to call my cell phone company to block people saves me lots of time.


Dos this app block unwanted numbers while you are on a call?


This will be very useful for me since I have stalkers that are getting my phone number from ex-friends


Sounds like a great app but can't seem to b able to download. It keeps taking me around and around?


Easy to download and install - can't wait to block those pesky telemarketers!!


Just because I've read some of the reviews, don't forget that the instructions to get your PRO license is you have to email them your review so they can confirm you actually did it...Don't want people ranting that they never got one and didn't actually READ the Call Control website.


^thats the email you need to also send your review to


The pro cost $4.99. Still good though.


" the lite version from BlackBerry App World, leave a review, and you'll receive a pro license..."


this is an awesome app!! i really needed this one! i get so tired of unknown callers esp when i am at work!! thank you so much for this one!


sweetlittlehugs - Yes it works while you're on a call, i.e. Call Waiting.

Pathtek4 - Thanks for the reminder, we appreciate it. We're sending out license keys as fast as we can print them! Thanks to the Crackberry community for your overwhelming response!


I'm excited about this app. I have some unwanted calls still coming through, and this stops them. Take that Charter sales calls!


This app could be very helpful!


Woo Hoo. Block all those spam callers!!!!!


I use my BB for work and have to give contractors my phone number. After the job is done they keep calling for more work, even if they did poor work!!
This app will allow me to blacklist them and maybe even switch them back to whitelist and then back to blacklist if things turn sour.
thanks for the app and I look forward to the pro app.


great app.. i love it..


I have call blocker pro and I like the fact that you can turn the call blocker on/off when you want to. I don't need it running all the time nor do I need it to have a constant data connection to drain my battery. Good program for free but I'd rather have more control turning it on and off.


Just set it up and have a few instant comments:

For adding to blacklist, should be able to pick from contacts (I have some blacklist numbers added to address book so I know who they are and don't pick up the call).

When adding to blacklist, should be able to paste from clipboard.

Otherwise, so far, so good.

Wonder what happens if number is in contacts and on blacklist - is call blocked? Will try when I have some time and report back.


I have call blocker pro and I like the fact that you can turn the call blocker on/off when you want to. I don't need it running all the time nor do I need it to have a constant data connection to drain my battery. Good program for free but I'd rather have more control turning it on and off.


I have call blocker pro and I like the fact that you can turn the call blocker on/off when you want to. I don't need it running all the time nor do I need it to have a constant data connection to drain my battery. Good program for free but I'd rather have more control turning it on and off.


Finally I have a way of ignoring pesky telemarketers...ex boyfriends...and bill collectors lol. Only comment I have is to make an easier way for adding to blacklist, should be able to pick from contacts, don't cha think?


Rockafella - Good point, we'll add an "On/Off" setting for the call blocker. You can always simply Quit the application and the effect is the same.

HofstraJet - You can add numbers to the blacklist from your address book. Select the contact, hit the menu key, and then select "Add to My Blacklist". Might have to scroll to find it.

Regarding the paste request, good call! If the contact is manually added to the blacklist and is in your contacts, it will be blocked.

Hope that helps.


Nice promotion by them


Does a pretty good job on telemarketers (800 numbers). You could also report a friends number and it will get added to the list(just for fun).Y'all should try it.


Finally an app that will block all those annoying a%# people that won't quit calling me!!


Once I submitted the review it never mentioned how to get the PRO for free.. How do I/How will I get the license?


Has anyone actually gotten their pro version yet? I downloaded, posted review and emailed it to them already.


ballin!! i can finally stop getting calls from the annoying bill collectors and telemarketers


Call Block Control is just what I have been waiting for. Every Blackberry user should have this app. for all those unwanted calls. I love this application.


ShadowShow - Send an email to us with a copy of the review and we'll email out the license key to you ASAP.

Teddyp6 - Did you receive your key from us? We've been sending them like crazy this morning.


I haven't received anything from "call control" yet.


Ok can you send me an email to and I will send you another license key? Thanks.


I left a review but where is it?


Some people are able to email a screen shot of the review or they send us a summary of the review. Either way works if you can't find the review to copy it. App World's review system is a bit slow at the moment we've heard.


I tried to leave a review but it wont take.

The product is excellent and it screens out those telemarketers.


"THE NUMBER YOU HAVE DIALED , NO LONGER EXISTS". This would be a great app to use when the office calls at odd hours.


I've been looking at this software for a bit now, like it. Thanks for offering the Free Pro license. Big Help, you guys are too cool!


Just got my key for the pro version. Thanks a lot!


I just got this application and it is great. I have been waiting for something like this for years and I can't believe I actually am using it now! Anyone who doesn't have this is a must have!!


Just downloaded the app and left a review on appworld. Hope it refreshes soon cause it seems like it's being flooded with reviews and not able to refresh or something.


Nice App, I already was able to block 3 callers that call me non-stop 3-4 times each daily.


I really need this. Man I love this place.


I love this app! It will help stop those people always calling me asking for donations.


GREAT APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS


I really like the lite app but would enjoy the full app.. plzzzz


So far so good. I like this app.


Download and setup took about one minute. I posted my review, emailed it off and had my pro license key in less than 10 minutes. This is a great app and a fantastic promotion. Thanks, Every Call!


Very nice app. Works great!!

Serenity Dawn

Finally, a calls blocker application that works!! A much needed app to get rid of those pesky unwanted callers that can't take a hint. Thanks for the download. Just sent in my review. Can't wait for the pro license =)


This would be good for telemarketers and work.


and send an e-mail to admits' e-mail address. I haven't receive the Pro reg key yet, I attached a screen shot of my installed call control lite with missing "add review" as proof that I already submitted. Hopefully I will receive my pro key soon.


i downloaded it, but it's not working. im calling from my friends phone, and it still goes through. i'm going to email support.


i downloaded it, but it's not working. im calling from my friends phone, and it still goes through. i'm going to email support.


Just what i needed to get rid of the d*mn telemarketers!


I downloaded the app and it works as described. When I go to App World to submit a review I get an error and App World shuts down. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling App World with no luck.


Posted a review it isn't showing up so I sumized what I posted and sent email and it just bounces...

Email to

this is what I summized

I posted a Review, I can't find it to cut and past but it was
something along: My number kept getting unwantted calls from vegas and
now they are gone. 5 Star Rating.....Thanks

Message I got back

Technical details of permanent failure:
Message rejected. Please visit to review our Bulk Email Senders Guidelines.

I hope you all have better luck...


Try sending an email to, not sure why Google is bouncing the email, but try that one.


Thank you Call Control & CrackBerry! You're the BEST!


this will be very useful


Between us and call control i think we broke appworld.
"problem reading data from the server and blackberry appworld must exit error type: 100002"


Getting the same error. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling App World with no luck. I sent an email to the vendor anyways and explained what is happening.


Not sure what the problem is but the promotion runs through tomorrow, so I'd suggest trying again in a couple of hours.



Are you connected over wifi? I found that this version of App World doesn't work right when you try to read reviews or log into My World when connected over wifi. Try disabling wifi and see if you have any luck. Seems to work for me every time I get that error.


I didn't get an error message when I submitted my review and I don't see it in appworld. I did it this morning. It doesn't even give an option to post another review in the app. This is frustrating.


I can get rid of this crazy broad


Using it as I type, been getting strange calls, put in the number and calls stopped!



does anybody know what the exact cause of the above error may be?
I read through the supporting PDF but
- giving full permissions
- checking if Browser has internet access
both do not make the application work.

What else can I do?


This error happens when Call Control can't connect to our servers to download the TOS user agreement. Typically if you wait a couple minutes or restart your device it'll solve itself.

Our servers are definitely up and running so I know that isn't the problem. Shoot us an email if you still can't get it to go.


Finally got my pro key. Thanks Crackberry and Everycall.


i received license key but it says do you know if you have the pro version?


i downloaded and left a review but where does the liscense key come from ? i haven't got anything..


Thank you cb and ec, this promotion is real.


no other app blocks calls, this one does!


still waiting but I'm sure they are busy!


Awsome app, works great.
Andy V.


This app is Great !!!! Finally an app that actually works !!! Thank you very much !!!


I've had a couple of nuisance calls that persist to call and never leave a message. I finally entered that number as a contact just to flag it as "no ringer" so it wouldn't annoy me further. It's one of those area code 949 calls that get so many internet complaints. I haven't gotten the call yet but I can't wait this time. Easy to install and easy to use application.


Got it and Love it. Had issues w/ app world review, but emailed call control and they took care of it imediatly. Great customer service. Thanks


Neat app. It will save me a lot of hassle from people and companies I don't want to talk to. Easy to use. I would recommend it to all my Blackberry friends! --- is what I want to post. Thanks, call control. I plan on posting as soon as access is restored. Oh, and I did email my thoughts to the admin address.


Got this app earlier today and it has been working great! Thank u so much!


going to give it a try!


Ok, I got it installed and it seems to be working. No option to test it out without blocking someone, but you can't block people on your address book so that is good. I want a full license key to really try it out!


so good. all those telemarketers are comepletly done now


Great app. I love the fact that I can block annoying people and don't have to deal with them!!!


Downloaded the app, and set it up. Submitted my review, emailed it to with screen shot. I received my license key within 10 minutes. Thanks Crackberry and Every Call.


I downloaded and left review. It has not shown up yet on Blackberry app world. Not sure why.


Thanks for the freebe, works as promsed.


I LOVE this app and really want the PRO version, but I left my comment via MYWORLD and now I can't find it and I forgot to email it to them, or what I said, and now I don't have the option to leave another review....any advise?!?


Thanks very much. This app is very useful. Crackberry is the best!


The lite version seems to be feature packed but pro is definitely the way to go!


Can't wait for my code. Awesome app.


this is indeed a really usefull app.


I installed last night and sent my email over. My activation code was in my email when I woke up this morning. You can block private and unknown number calls with the full version.


Great software. I only use my crackberry and not a home line and it keeps those pain in the butt telemarketers away. I highly recommend it.


Is there a guide for this program? It works well out of the box but I'd like to know how some of the settings work.
i.e. What does the Privacy Mode and Pickup and Hangup blocked calls do exactly if checked vs. unchecked.


Finally an app that will block all those annoying people that won't quit calling me!! Thanks!


I'm very excited about this app! I have some unwanted calls still coming through, and this will stop them.


great way to screen out those telemarketers.


This is a really helpful app. Posted my review and then couldn't find it, so I sent an email with the subject of my review and a summary of what I had written, and received my license key within 5 minutes - thanks so much!


WOW! I got my license key within 5 mins too! Awesome app, so excited!!


I've been receiving telemarketer calls for months now and of course the carrier can't help me. I am loving the ability to block those calls!


so worth getting... finally can block those damn telemarketers and spam callers!!!

had a caller as of late that keeps calling... timing could not have been more perfect to get this app!


Hi, I've left comment last night, however, I still didn't get my license code. Would you mind to send it to me again? Thanks very much.


Downloaded the app and sent the review in last night, woke up and got my key this morn. Very useful app, just wished it didn't ring before ending the call.


Helps me to keep the unwanted calls to a minimum especially since it picksup and hangs up the calls :)


I thank you so much for this app. I have someone that thinks that I am their entertainment since they aren't working and they call all times of the day and night. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I can't wait to see how this works..


It's great! Just what I needed...


Tried to submit a review on app world, but keep getting error message saying can't submit review, please try again later. This happened since yesterday


Excellent, since unwanted calls are everywhere these days.

Irish Billy

I downloaded Call Control three days ago and I only wish I could have this feature on my landline phone. Already I have taken great pleasure in placing at least two call numbers on my Blacklist. After I received one call at
2:58 am., I decided it was time to take action!!! I saw this app listed on your Crackberry site. Thank you Crackberry!

Serenity Dawn

Well, I am glad that this application works like it says it does. But, I sent in my review to them and I am STILL waiting for my license key....:(


now i can block unwanted calls and not take no more abuse.


Used the trial, wanted more. Buying process was flawless and received my validation code right away. I have a Storm2.
I ordered this application not just to block spam calls, but to block people I do not want to talk to.
When I changed my settings to "Privacy" 'only allow those on my contacts list' to ring, works great!
From time to time I set it to "hang up on blocked calls" This is wonderful.
Keep those late hour, unwanted calls from disturbing you. By using "hang up on block calls" I elminate callers who go into my voicemail and then dont leave one.
I still know they called because it leaves a log of block calls.
It does have a Black list & White list for people who are not in your contacts. I white list numbers I dont want cluttering my contacts but still want to receive calls from. You can black & white list whole area codes.
Totally brought sanity to my cell phone which is my primary phone contact.
Worth it, one of my Top 10 best Blackberry Storm Apps!


I too highly recommend "SRS Call SMS and eMail Spam Blocker" .
Calls, SMS and Email for blocking, all in one, the best solution on the market.
Spam incident out of my life.
I got rid of unnecessary and time killer call, SMS and emails.


This app is a life saver!!!!


Greate Application for blackberry


Veeeeeeeeery Nice! I want my key to the pro version.


hi there can someone email me me call control pro key..


hi there guys.. can someone email or send to me the Call Control Pro Licence Key

John John7

The app is great! I have the lite version. I wonder how amazing Pro version is...

Ibrahim Paracha

Cool app I got it installed and seems to be working.
I want a full license key to really try it out.
Thanks for such a great app.